This never gets old

Slave #566
Slave #566

Let me tell you something that never gets old in the slaving business. Walk in conversions.  Here is who the latest went down.

Right after Jana went back to do the snuff that a client requested in walks this honey blonde with a baby face.  She stands in front of my desk and strips down.

I am bored and I think I want to be a slave.

You think? Or are you sure.  You know being a slave is forever, not just until you get tired of it. And I got to ask how old are you?

I’m 16, if that matters. It seems like the better option for me to volunteer.  My dad has been looking at me weird that last couple of weeks.  And I over heard him talking to some one about the price of slave meat.  I’m not sure if he was buying or selling, but I’d rather not take the chance. .

16 is just fine.  Any younger I have to jump through flaming hoops to convert you.  But converting your self because your bored?  Seems a bit extreme to me.

Yeah, that’s part of it, but when you get down to it, I’m only going to bored for a while, but being meat is forever and not, you know, good.  But really I’m bored with my life, but not bored with life.  Does that make sense?  I just want a change, one that I have a better chance of living in.

Why do you think you have a better chance of living?  I mean I’ve got a custom slave butcher shop as part of this shop.

Well, because last month I spent the money and got my self sex tested.  I’m over 90% on oral, anal, and in my cunt.  Didn’t do so well on hand jobs.  I’ve never done that before. 

Why did you get your self tested?  That’s a rather expensive thing to do on a whim.

Oh, it was a bet.  Me and my best 4 friends were all taking, you know, about fucking, and which one of us was making our boys happiest.  It sort of got out of control and, well, like, we decided to get tested.

And the bet was?

Oh, the loser had to go to Hill’s and ask to be parted out or spitted, what ever.  The winner got her price.  I got $400 for Laura. Bitch didn’t even make it past 60% on any thing but hand jobs. I knew she wasn’t putting out that much, but even is she was, she was a shitty fuck.  I’m sure that’s why Johnny drop her for Alice. I don’t think Laura had ever been fucked in the ass before.  And I know Alice has been fucked in the ass at least 3 times, I watched go down last month.  I was her fluffer, well, sort of 2 of the guys came in my mouth and well, they decided to not fuck her ass after that.  Bob did face fuck me later, but I don’t think he likes ass fucking.

What happened to Alice?

Oh I don’t know.  I know that Alica, not Alice, people are always getting those two confused, I mean, duh, Alice is the natural red head, Alica is the bottle blonde. How hard is it to tell them apart.  Yeah, the names are close, if you are, you know reading them, but they don’t sound any thing alike.  Any way Alica was 2nd but the cunt showed her step dad the results and after a couple of days I stopped seeing her around.  I can connect the dots.

OK then.   Let me get your information and sign some forms.  Looks like your new name is Slave 566.

Cool, I guess I’m not going to be bored much longer then.


Just because he could.

To teach a lesson
To teach a lesson

For reasons I’m not fully sure on, I’m answering the phone again.  I’m not quite sure why I have slaves working for me.  Any way, I get a call.

Do you have an in house gallows?  You know to hang some one with?

As it happens, yes, we do.  Do you have a slave you want to have snuffed?

Nope, I just want to teach my daughter a lesson.

You do know that I will have to convert her before I can hang her, right?

Oh, that’s not what I had in mind.  Do you have a blonde,  with blue or green eyes and small breasts, like some where between and A and a B cup size?

Yes, I do have one that fits that specification.  She is valued at $800, plus a taxes of $250, state and federal.  I’ll make a deal for a grand all up.

That’s a little more than I wanted to pay, but not out of the question.  Can you take card over the phone?


OK it’s a Visa.  Number is 4012888888881881 expires on 09/22 number on the back is 556.

I run the card via my web portal.  It’s approved.

OK sir, it came back approved.  Will this be a pick up or a delivery?

Neither.  Hang her.  Make a video of it and send that to me.  Better yet post it on YouPorn.

So, you want me just hang her and post her snuff video on YouPorn?

Right.  Then I can show it to my daughter to show her how little the life of a slave means.  Maybe that will stop her from being such a slut.  She’s not sure about how many times she’s let some of her boy toys fuck her this month.  I’d hate to lose her to one of those slime balls.

Well, sir I can do this for you.  You might want to tell your daughter that oral and anal don’t count for conversion reasons.  Just a thought.

I’ll do that.  Call back when the video is posted, can you do that? 

Sure either I will or one of my slaves will.


Have a nice day.

Jana!  Go take #574 our of holding and hang her.  Video it, then post it YouPorn after she is dead.  Then send her to the meat shop.  I suspect she will be parted out, but they might spit her.  Use the big rope so it takes her a while to die.

Sure boss man, I mean master, can this slave ask why?

Because a client paid to have it done. Just like if some one asked for a red head with lots of tattoo to be snuffed on camera it would be you. Unless you go do what I told you to do with out being a pain in the butt.

Master, you know we have 2 redheads with at least as much ink as I do, with bigger tits. I’m sure they would do better as snuff bunnies

What ever. Just go snuff the blonde bitch and tell me when it’s posted to YouPorn.

This slave will do as master says because your word is my command

And Jana? Cut that out. You know it’s not how I want you to act.

Yes boss man. Just keeping in practice, you know, in case I get sold to one of those kinds.

What fucking ever. Go snuff the bitch and call the call back number and tell the man that you personally snuffed his daughter surrogate.  Make sure #574 knows that the reason she is being snuffed it to teach some one a lesson and they don’t even want to see her until her snuff video is posted.

Boss, that’s just plain cruel. 

Has any one ever said I was a nice guy?  I mean other than clients?  Now go, before I decide that I need a redhead with bigger tits to work out front.

On my way boss.


Mother, Daughter and Slut

Mother, Daughter and Slut
Mother, Daughter and Slut

It’s early on Saturday morning. Been sort of slow. Slow enough that I’ve sent Jana and Kira back to their rooms. Angelika is on the phone with one of our suppliers, trying to get a gross of spits for the J2000 and having little luck. Seems their has been a run on them on the east coast. So, unlike normal, I’m the one that takes the incoming call.

Can you do a pick up?

Sure, what have you got?

Well, I’ve got my current wife, her eldest and my slut.

Your slut?  You mean you have a slave you want to sell me?

Nope, just my slut.  Little Asian thing I’ve been doing on the side.  Wife got bitchy about me not fucking her any more, and demanded her or the slut had to go, so yeah, it’s both of them.

I see.

Yeah, I figure, what the hell, I’m getting tired of the two of them, plus I don’t really feel like sending the brat to any sort of higher education.

Yeah, I can pick up the 3.  Going to need to see proof that your “slut” is some one that your have slaving rights to.

What does that mean?

Well,  either you have photographic evidence that you have had voluntary vaginal intercourse with her at least 3 times in the last 30 days, or she signs a statement that you are person of personal contact. 

You mean you need some amateur porn staring me and slut?  That’s not a problem.  The brat has been making some for some film class she is in. Ha, it’s a good thing you don’t need that for the wife, all she’s been doing for the last 6 months is being the slut’s fluffer.  Hey, she’s a damn good cock sucker, does that count for any thing?

If you have her tested and she scores over 85% there is a bonus payment.  Same for your daughter and your, ah, slut.

How do I do that and how much is it?

Well, the best local testing company is “Imo Gutture” and how much depends on what you are testing.  It really boils down to 50 bucks a hole, and 25 for testing hand jobs.  I think they have a discount if you have all 4 tested at the same time.  It’s some thing like if you have all 3 holes tested they will test hand jobs for free.

So, your talking $150 to have all of them tested as cock suckers?  That’s a bit steep, I’ll pass on that.

Jana, sucks cock for free
Jana, sucks cock for free

You don’t mind if one of my girls does the pick up do you?  She will send me a photo of them and I will make you an offer.  If you like the offer, I’ll have her transfer funds on the spot.

Sure.  Can you send that redhead with all those tats?

You mean Jana?  Sure.  Do you want her clothed or nude?

Send the bitch out with out a stitch of clothing on.  Can I fuck her?

That cost extra, which really means it will reduce the price on your slaves.  I’ll tell you what, she will suck your cock for free. 

That sounds like a plan.  When can I expect the cock sucker to get here?

Well, she’s not doing any thing right now, so I’ll send her right out.  Give me your address and she will be there as fast as traffic will allow.