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I’ve started up another blog.  “Torturing Teens“.  It’s some what more real, but not fully.  The photos on it, are, in fact, mine.  The text, well, that may stretch reality just a hair.

Actually, at this point, no, it doesn’t  :-)


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Collecting more white trash.

Wendy-Lou Trailer Trash.

Wendy-Lou Trailer Trash.

As I was loading up the Mccormick sluts, a full on redneck stereotype came up to the van.

Are you one of those slaver fellers?

I allowed I was.

Can you take my old lady? I don’t want no money, but I damn sure don’t want her cheating ass around any more.  I don’t rightly know what came over her, but I came home yesterday and she was blowing my drinking buddies.  Says she wasn’t fucking them, just fooling around and things got out of hand.  Randal and Fredric did allow that that was pretty much the case, but still, if I can’t trust her to not get naked and shit, well, I just don’t know.  Take her ass away.”

Free slave? Even if she’s grade C, free is free.

Sure. Bring her out and I’ll get a contract for you.

Wendy-Lou, as I found out, wasn’t grade C. Grade A. Maybe even A Prime. For free? This is just a great day so far.  Three slave, with a requirement to snuff at least one of them.  Going to be fun when I get back to the office and get them in front of a camera.  Still have 2 more pick ups before that.


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Collecting from the white trash.

Well, it seems that Triumphant High’s payment system just kicked in.  I got a list of families that were in arrears with the school and I was to collect as much of them as I could.

First up, Ms. Virginia Mccormick, a single mom and her teen age daughter Vicky.  Address was, as to be expected, a west side trailer park.

 Virginia & Vicky Mccormick

Virginia & Vicky Mccormick

Ms. Mccormick? I’m with John’s collections.  I’m here about your bill with Triumphant Schools

Are you here to take me away?

OK, this might be easier than I thought.

Yes, I am. Would you please strip. Both of you.

No, don’t take Vicky, take me. Please, I beg you, don’t take my daughter…

Sorry, you should have read your contracts. Both of you are collateral on your school loan.

No…  Please don’t

Fuck this.  I pulled my M&P 9 pistol out. “I want to see you both nude or I blow one of your heads off

To my dismay they stripped. Doesn’t matter, I’m going to snuff on any way, just matters as to which one, when and how. For reasons I don’t fully understand Triumphant had requested that I snuff ‘several’ of the collateral.

I’ll decide which one later, after I get a few more collected.

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The First Morning

    But Daaad I don’t WANT to go to school today!

    Amy don’t be ridiculous your not sick are you?

Noooo…. … But please don’t make me go. We’re…

Honey what is this all about you know you can’t just not go to school.

OH!… I know daddy but maybe I could go to a new school? Like Triumphant High or something?

   Triumphant High?! HONEY! Stop being silly and tell me what this is all about.

Well we have an assembly today and Tara says there going to talk about a whole bunch of new rules. And a new uniform!

   Honey that doesn’t sound so bad…

But DAAD, LOOK. Tara’s boy friend, he works on the school paper and they got to see uniform examples early so they could print the guidelines and pictures in today’s paper. He sent her these pictures of the uniforms. Look at the Sophmore example. It doesn’t even have a bra! I will be completely topless.

Amy stop exaggerating you won’t be completely topless, from these pictures you get to wear a collar and a tie. You know I don’t like it when you get hyperbolic.

BUT DAD MY BOOBS WILL BE LIKE… OUT! … Like for anyone to see!

Laughing Is that really all that different from what you usually wear sweet heart ? chuckle


Don’t raise your voice to your father.

But dad guys will like stare and you know wana touch me and stuff.

Is that a problem honey? What do we say when a boy asks to check your meat?

   Yes sir, how do I grade?

That’s right dear, this should just make the evaluation go faster and be more complete.

But I don’t want it to be more complete. Besides do you really want to have to buy me all new clothing?

SweetCakes, its not that much clothing and tuition at Triumphant would certainly cost more than buying you new shoes, socks, a few ties, a couple of collars, and a dozen skirts which are really only the size of a large dish towel.

BUT DAAAADYYYY!!!! I DON’T WANT TO WEAR A DISH TOWEL! I want to be a good girl!

HEY! What have I told you?

Lots of things dad.

Hey Don’t give me lip young lady.

But I wasn’t trying to give you lip, I just don’t know what…

I have always told you that a good girl does what the men around her tell her to do. So if your teachers are telling you to wear a dish towel than a dish towel is what you will wear. Are we clear?

Yes sirr…

takes a bite of cereal and reads box for a minute

Ummm… Dad…

Is this still about your school? I am getting tired of that subject Amy.

    Ummm… but dad, there are these new rules.

New rules hmmm?

Ya, like for discipline and stuff.

Good it seems like maybe you can use some. smiles

No but Dad listen Tara says Danny, that’s her boy friend. Anyway Tara says Danny told her that if you mess up the teachers can beat you as long as they don’t break anything and they can even make you give them head.

Is that so? hu, that could be fun to watch we sure didn’t have anything like that in my day.

Ya but Dad like also if we get a detention they can do almost anything to us like they can even rape us or like cut our arms off or like ANYTHING as long as they don’t kill us.

honey I am sure your exaggerating again, but even if your right; I am starting to get concerned about how worried you are over it. Are you expecting to get detentions honey?

Well… no, no Dad but it’s just that according to Tara if we get three detentions they can even snuff us, she says a teacher can even snuff us just if he needs to show a snuff for a visual aid.

Snuffing students as visual aids? Dear I think Tara is playing a trick on you. Now it’s time to go to school get your backpack and get out the door.


No, Amy I have listened, now you listen; get your perky little ass out the door. And for giving me lip you can get there on your own today, better get on your bike and get your tits a moving, I won’t be calling you out if you’re  late.


B B BUT… Yes Dad. runs

Geezze that girl. And Tara seems like she maybe a bad influence on her. Maybe I should try to find Tara’s number so I can talk to her parents and find out what kind of people they are.
On the other hand it’s probably not fair to blame the girl, my Amy Has been getting more and more emotional and hard to deal with ever since she started her bleeding. Hmmm… I know my lovely lady love and legally  wedded wove-a-woo says I shouldn’t mess with Amy’s school and their disciplinary schemas but the things Amy was saying do bear some attention.

searches for and finds his copy of the school phone directory

hmmm… oh here it is

Vice Principal:
Steve Jones:
phone number: 1-918-555-9482 fax : 1-847-255-0969

Dials phone

Yes hello? Yes I am Mr. Bradly, I would like to speak with Vice Principal Jones please.
Yes I will hold.
Yes, is this Vice Principal Jones?
You are. Good. It is nice to talk to you My name is Andrew Bradley. I am calling for what might well turn out to be a very silly reason, you see my daughter says that she heard from her friend’s, boy friend that the school was going to be making some rules and uniform changes starting today.

Your not?
Oh I see they start tomorrow not today yes that makes sence. Look I know you are a busy man but could you describe the changes for me.

Hmmm… yes that all sounds very much like what Amy said. Listen there is one thing she said which seems like it might not be true though, can a teacher really just decide to snuff a girl if it would be helpful as a visual aid to do so?
Oh WOW I see they really can… AND THE CAFETERIA?!  Hu… well go figure.
Well yes I am a little surprised.Laughs Well thank you for saying so.
laughs No lies, it sure wasn’t when I was in school! Demonstrations usually took weeks to set up unless a cheerleader became suicidal.

Look it’s been fun and I am sure you are a very busy man, but there is still one thing I need to talk to you about before I let you go.
Oh thank you sir
No but listen, I am very concerned with how nervous my daughter is about these new rules. If she wasn’t doing things she shouldn’t these rules shouldn’t scare her as much as they do.
Ya, I know the saying, “only a dumb girl isn’t nervous if the S word is heard,” but there is a difference between intelligently cautious and asking to switch schools because your afraid you might get snuffed.
I shouldn’t use the phrase  snuff? Delifed? How clean sounding.
New spin you say?
Ya o.k. sure I can see that.
In any case I was going to ask that you to please make sure the teachers and staff keep an eye on Amy and don’t let her get away with anything. If she deserves to be punished punish her.
Yes indeed that’s always been my feeling too, a girls life isn’t worth anything if it isn’t worth anything.

You know I really do like you and I think these rules are going in the right direction. Listen as long as your going to be keeping tabs on my daughter I may as well make it worth your while, If you or any of your teachers do need a demonstration model for anything please go ahead and use Amy if you would like.
Yes, as long as she would be helpful of course.
What oh yes I didn’t think I would get any money for her,
I was just thinking you guys deserve it.
Hmmm, Oh yes if it isn’t a cooking class I suppose I would like the body back.
O.k. I should let you go.
OH UMMMM WAIT! Yes glad I caught you, Should, I expect Amy back for dinner?Deep belly laugh Yes I definitely  should have clarified yes I meant on her own two feet.
Yes I understand Probably, yes, but most-likely on a bed of lettuces by Friday.
O.k. Thank you very much Mr. Jones, and have a nice day.
Yes, you too.

My it really does put one at ease to know that ones daughter goes to such a good school.


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Well this is unexpected

I’ve been running on fumes for that couple of months, what with my major cash cow, the electric company, starting to use their own in house collectors and the general up turn in the economy.  Thought I might have either close down or expand my business to be more than just conversion based collections, neither one filling me with joy.

All that just changed.  The Triumphant schools just signed me up with a big contract for their schools monthly fee system.  I’m hoping that their clients are as trusting of their preachers as popular culture makes them out to be.  If they are that means that there is going to be a crap load of signed contracts soon that are going to putting a lot of women folk at risk.

I’ve seen their ads on TV, they are making a big deal about both the low monthly cost and the fact that they have “modest” dress codes.  I know exactly who that’s going to attract, and, as a rule, that social block has, shall we say, issues, with making on time payments.  While the trailer park set doesn’t tend as high on the babe-o-meter as the south side mucks do, there is a core of fairly good looking women there, which has not been heavily harvested yet.  That’s about to change, and I’m going to driving the harvester.

The sample contract the sent me puts all females over 16 as collateral, with their value based on either their meat grade (I.e hotness), their sex skills grade or their utility rating.  The second two require 3rd party evaluation, which most of them aren’t going to have, so I’ll be going for the hot chicks first.  Add in the fact their grace period is only a week and I’m seeing a lot of collecting being done in a month or so.

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Triumphant High

I assume you have seen the news of what the public schools are doing sir?

Yes, Fred, I have.  I want you to put a full court press on getting out the information that we at Triumphant do not think that young girls are to be made into sluts and harlots at such a young age, and that our dress code is one of modesty and decorum, for both boys and girls.

Yes sir, I will.  What about our tuition policy?

Yes, let’s make it known that we have monthly payments available.

Yes sir.  Any thing else?

Yes, make sure our contacts with John’s collections is up to date.

Oh course sir.

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Dutch Hall’s rules for students for 2015

There are no changes for male students.

For female students there will be four classes of students.

Full rate students.
These students are those that the full amount of tuition is paid.  For these students the current male student rules will apply.
Work study students.
Each member of the faculty of Dutch Hall may nominate up to three female students to be work study students. These students will be treated as full rate students by other faculty, but the faculty sponsors of these students may apply what ever rules they desire for these students, both for dress code and behavior
Sponsored students.
These are students that have either reduced rate tuition or are on financial scholarships.The dress code for these students will be based on their academic standing.

Under 70%
Nude, other than that needed for safety or for protection from weather when outside the school buildings.
From 70% to 80%
A skirt, at least 4 inches above the knee may be worn, plus those items needed for safety or weather.
From 80% to 90%
A bra or similar covering may be worn, with either a skirt or shorts, both of which must be over 4″ above the knee, plus those item needed for safety and weather.
From 90% to 95%
As the 80% range, plus a shirt may be worn.
Over 95%
As Full rate students.

Punishment of sponsored students is at the discretion of the school slaver / executioner, however a sponsored student may not be killed or maimed, with out prior written permission of her parents. The student will be converted, at no expense to her parents, prior to her execution or maiming.

Slave students.
These are students that have been converted to persons of limited rights.Slave students will be treated as if Dutch Hall has full ownership rights to the student.

Their uniform will be one level less than a sponsored student, based on their academic standing.  A slave collar is required at all times.

Punishment of slave students will be at the will of the school slaver / executioner, who must honor the No Snuff / No Torture flags placed in their file by their owners, if such a flag exists.

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Dean Johnson Overreacting

Mr. Stone, we need to discuss our new school policy with regard to students.

Fuck. I knew those rules that the Eastlake school district put in were going to come back to bite me in the ass, and that Johnson was going to be the teeth. 

And we need a new set of rules why? I await your ideas on this…

Let me guess, something about the Eastlake school’s rules.

In reply to the new rules put in place by the public schools of course.

Called it, not that was really all that hard.

Johnson, why the fuck does that matter to us? Last time I checked, we were an independent private school, not under the ESD rules.

I sort of do want to know what his bugaboo is going to be.

Well, of course, but we need to stay on the cutting edge of slave treatment and importantly the treatment of free students.

Ah, he wants to see teen tits and ass. Can’t really blame him for that.  Sorta suprised, however, I would have sworn he was gay.

If I read their rules right, they don’t have a slave treatment policy, they simply snuff anyone converted, and they seem to be treating free students like we treat slaves.

Exactly, we need to stay ahead of the curve.

Sigh. Shit, if I don’t submit something to the board of directors he’s going to and that will be a disaster. For starters I’m sure that he will try a power grab, so that he has some sort of control over my actions.  Not on my watch he’s not.

Let me come up with some rules and I will submit them to the board of directors.

Never hurts to remind him who has direct access to the BoD and who doesn’t.  On the other hand, this means I actually have to think about this sort of crap.

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Eastlake School board freak out meeting.

Mr. Stone, you have been asked to appear at an emergency meeting of the Eastlake School board. I can’t but wonder why…

Might have to do with using one of the most horrible ways to kill some one on two of their students on a live feed there, Johnson

What ever. Be there at 8:00 tonight

Ok at the meeting. Reading of minutes, blah blah blah…

Mr. Stone, did you today kill two Eastlake students that were placed under your care?

No sir, I snuffed two slaves that were legally transferred to Dutch Hall. Transferred with an explicit request to snuff them.

That is one way of viewing it I suppose. Why did you use such a barbaric method?

Because that’s where the bucks are. Simple snuff really isn’t enough, even with high school girls. The breaking wheel isn’t all I have up my sleeve for next year

So you plan on ‘snuffing’ more of Eastlake’s young ladies in horrific and barbaric ways then?

Yeah, it’s sort of my job. You send them to me and I’ll snuff them, that’s the way it will work

Mr. Chairmen, I move that the current contact with Dutch Hall be terminated and the new rules I introduced last meeting take effect with the start of the spring semester


All in favor?

Any opposed?

So passed. Thank you for your time Mr. Stone

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The meeting is scheduled

Come on, Honey don’t give up. You’re going to be a high schooler next year and it’s very important you learn to do this right and handle the whole length. See there you’re getting it.

Mmmmf mm!!

Now come on! Honey you don’t just blow in the hole you have to…


God damn it of all the times

Yes hello! Who is this it better be important I was uh teaching my daughter how to play the flute!

Umm Chairman Andrews, you wanted to be alerted an hour after our girls began to be culled

Ah oh uh right the girls have been culled Michaels?

Yes Mr. Chairman. They were killed by use of a Saint Catherine’s wheel.

Snuff by that meathod is cruel and distasteful. Please call an emergency meeting of the board for tomorrow evening.

Right away mister chairman. Is there anything else I can do for you?

No Michaels, and have a good night.

Amy what part of that call sounded like me telling you to stop?

Sorry daddy.

It’s o.k. sweetie lets get back to it though.

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