Fun fact.

Tulsa, which is what Eastlake is based on is the second most dangerous city in the US for women. Broken Arrow, one of Tulsa’s suburbs is number 10 in “Overall Crime vs. Crime Against Women”

These factoids are going to figure in the story lines some how. The fact that Oklahoma has the highest rate of female incarnation in the country (it’s twice the national average) will also fit in. One change I’m making is about the number of female African Americans being incarcerated due to the fact that the mutation didn’t seem to affect Africans (and thus by extension African Americans) to the same extent that it affected whites and Asians. See background for that.

Several of the real world anti human trafficking organizations say that Oklahoma is a crossroads for the trafficking,well that just makes it all the better. In the real world, in 2000 congress passed The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA). In our universe, well, we got the White Slave Act of 2000.

In other news, the Tesla’s story goes up later today, and the Angers family snuff goes up early on the 16th, once all the votes are in. The poll ends at midnight on the 15th. So far live roasting with being spitted is leading but only by 3 votes.

Tesla wants our help part one

I really should stay out of the faculty lounge if I want to avoid, well, faculty.

Josh! Just the man I was looking for!

Fuck, it’s Simmons, the principle. My immunity to repercussions for being rude might not apply to him. Fuck, let’s see what he wants.

Yes sir, what can I do for you today, sir?

If he doesn’t know that it’s sorta an insult to use “sir” more than once in a sentence in some parts of the military, well, it won’t hurt me. And if he does, there isn’t a lot he can do about it. Win-win really.

I just got off the phone with the principle and senior class advisor at Tesla High and they need our help.

Tesla High is part of the Eastlake school district, and as such, should not need our help. It’s also what passes for the rich kids school for the public schools.

Now what? Which team are we getting this time?

None. Not as such. They had a little altercation this morning, 3 students got into a tussle on the bus, then 2 of them assaulted the teacher that tried to break up the fight. They, I mean their faculty, decided that just enslaving the guilty parties wasn’t enough, so they are going to transfer them to us, as slave-students, with a “must snuff” ticket.

Let add a bit about slave student-slave tickets. They come in several versions, mainly dealing with torture and snuffing. Torture options are no torture, may torture, should torture, please torture, and must torture. Snuff options are the same but there isn’t a should snuff option. There isn’t a lot of difference between “please” and “must” other than I have an option of not torturing or snuffing a slave if it’s only a “please”, but I need to have a good reason why. As a rule, I really only refuse “please snuff” request, as if I don’t feel like doing the torture my self, I will let Linda and her classmates play with the slave for a while. My normal reason, for what it’s worth, of why I don’t snuff a slave is that I want to use it as a sex toy for a while. I don’t get that option with “must snuff/torture”. Our base line slave contract is set to “may torture/may snuff”. Parents or other owners have to explicitly request one of the other options. The transfer bit is something that the legal department of the Eastlake school district came up with to allow Eastlake public school (or any other school or school system) students that had been enslave to be sent to use with out needing a slaver to collect taxes or fees on the transaction. I strongly suspect that this loophole is going to be closed, if not at the federal level, the state level. Governments don’t like it when you mess with their taxes.

So why are they sending them to us? I know they have both a gallows and a Jessica 3000 at Tesla, I don’t see why they have come here. Not that I mind, of course, just curious…

Video and DVDs. They don’t have the option of making a video or as high a quality of DVD/blue ray as we do. They really want a video of these two being killed, so they can show it to the whole school system as a warning. Plus they want a percentage of the gross on the sales, of course.

OK, I’ll see what I can come up with. I assume you want something graphic

Of course

The Angers family

I’m in the facility lounge, drinking a cup of tea. I left Linda in charge of the advanced torture class, with a “free student” that was tardy more times than she should of been. Her parents agreed to letting us treat her like a slave for this offense, but drew the line at snuffing her. I see Johnson, the school dean bearing down on me. Worse luck, he is between me and the door, so I really can’t avoid him.

Josh! Got a question for you… Did you snuff a slaved named Kanisha Angers? I got a call from her father.

Damn, like I keep a list. Oh, wait, I do, it’s on the state database.

Let me check

I access the state database with the app on my smart phone. Yeah, there she is. Seeing the date reminded me, she was the Virgin that I snuffed after she gave me her first (and only) blow job

Looks like I did, right after she blew me. Was just a random snuff by the way, and a while ago. I sent a video of the snuff and an edited version to it’s parents right after. Why is he complaining about it? I spoke with the mother and she seemed to be OK with it.

Oh no, quite the opposite, he wants to have both of his other daughter converted with a “Please snuff” rider attached. I just wanted to know if you have time to snuff one of them this week and the other in 30 days or so.

Do I have time? Of fucking course I have time, I will always make time to snuff a teenager.

I think I can fit it in my schedule. Time to get back to class then.

Back in my classroom/office/torture chamber I find Linda flogging the crap out of one Betty Barnes’s tits. I smell that she use the branding iron on her as well. Betty yells out “30 mistress, will you give me more?”

Linda stops and looks at her.
No, I think that is enough slut. Put you skirt and shirt back on and crawl back to class. Leave your bra and panties here.

That sorta new. Not the no bra and panties part, the crawl back to class part. I approve of this.

I hope you are recording this

Of course all 5 standard cameras and had a steady cam on her back when I branded her with “I was late. Really like the letter inserts for the branding iron in case you didn’t know.

Glad you like it. We are having two slave come in today.
Barbara Angers and her sister Carol. They have a “Please snuff” rider on their conversion papers with the school. I snuffed the youngest of them, Kanisha, a while ago and it seems their parents want them snuffed as well.

Right then my phone rings with the outside line showing up
Dutch Hall, this is Master Stone office, how may I help you? one of the students answers.

I will have to ask him, please hold

Master Stone, this is Mr. Angers, he has converted his wife and wants to know if we can snuff her at the same time as we do the first of his daughters

Ah. mother daughter snuffing. Haven’t done one of those since I left Hill’s

Sure, just tell him it will be $200.00 to do the wife. Get his credit card info and run it.

Slave gets the info and ends the call.

Next day, Johnson brings in 3 nude slaves, two teenaged and one adult.

These are the Angers. I understand you have made an arrangement with Mr. Angers.

Yep, snuff one of the daughters today, as well as the wife, then do the other one some time next month. You may go now.

As an aside, my contract specifies that I answer to the board and the board only. I can be as rude to the other staff and faculty as I want with out fear of repercussion. Johnson has already found out, directly from the board, that if it comes down to a “Him or Me” sort of thing from him, he is the one that will be let go. Purely a matter of money, in that I make money for the school and he cost money.

The dean looks put out, but leaves, like the toady he is. Have I mentioned I don’t like him? I don’t.

Looking at the soon to be meat, Ms. Angers, the wife is a bottle blonde in pretty good shape. Natural tits, just a little middle age spread. Would rate her at B+, maybe A back at Hill’s. The daughters, on the other hand are both A with live roaster endorsement. The one I assume to be the eldest might even be A Prime.

OK, I have received a request by your owner to have two you snuffed today and the other in 30 days. That would be you and you, pointing at Mrs. Angers and the A prime daughter.

How do I snuff Mrs Angers and her eldest daughter? Choose two

  • Roasted alive, with out a spit (46%, 12 Votes)
  • Slow hanging (31%, 8 Votes)
  • Spitted, the roasted (31%, 8 Votes)
  • Beheading (19%, 5 Votes)
  • Bucket Drowning (19%, 5 Votes)
  • Garrote (12%, 3 Votes)
  • Slit throat (12%, 3 Votes)
  • Quick, long drop hanging (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Other, answer in the comments. (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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Admin poll

To avoid burnout I would like to know what readers want, so I can direct my energy towards that. Select your favorite or top two favorites.

Which story line do you want to see more of?

  • Dutch Hall (43%, 10 Votes)
  • John's Collections (26%, 6 Votes)
  • Her Special Day (26%, 6 Votes)
  • Eastlake Prime Slaves (26%, 6 Votes)
  • Behind the scenes at The Torture Channel (22%, 5 Votes)
  • Stop writing and take down this blog you freak. (4%, 1 Votes)
  • Other and I will leave answer in comments (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 23

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Dutch Hall seem to be the leader, so that is where I will spend most of my time. The others will get their share, however.

It’s a living

My name is Richard Miller and I’m a graduate of the UCLA film school. I work as video camera operator for TTC, or The Torture Channel. This is not where I saw myself working after graduation, but, as I found out, becoming the next breakout indie film maker is harder than it looks. In the meanwhile, paying bills and generally getting by is important. At least I don’t have to worry about being converted if I miss a student loan payment, like some of my classmates do.

Speaking of which, in a bit of deliberate irony, TTC makes a habit of buying up girls from film schools that fall behind on their loan payments. Once bought, they are given a series of test, and spend some time working with production crews. Those that score well on their test and seem to work well are made asset slaves and get to work behind the camera. Those that don’t do well in these tests, well they work in front of the camera.

So, any way, this morning I’m filming yet another torture scene. After a while they sort of all blur together. I recognize a voice. Vonnie Degrave, one of the people I did my final class project with. Vonnie was a bit flaky then, I can’t imagine that TTC would hire her.

Ah. They didn’t. Looks like she never got over that habit of not keeping current on bills. You would think that after 14 years of female slavery, and at least 8 years of conversion as the normal result of missing debt payments women would learn. Seems, at least in Vonnie’s case, she didn’t. Sucks to be her.

So, they put her in a spider gag. That’s a ring gag with 4 or 6 curving spikes on the outside of it. Very popular in some circles. Then they start to cover her body in clamps, putting them quite deep into her flesh. After they are all put on, a line is tied to each one, making what is called a zipper. How this works is that after the clamps have been on long enough for the victim to get, if not used to them, a little numb, they are all pulled off in one fast motion. Most girls I’ve seen this done to seem to think the pulling off hurts more that them just being on them. Don’t know never had it done to me, and if I have any thing to say about it, will never know. I do know that doing zippers is currently real high on the popularity charts, so I’ve filmed at least a dozen in the last year.

So, the “director” of this little vignette looks over the papers. “Hey, it says here she went to your school, know her Rich?”

“Yeah, in fact she was on of my project team mates. A bit of a flake.”

“Well, it time you got some ‘director’ experience then. I’ll run the camera, you pull the zipper off of her. I’ll give you director’s credit for this one.”

That’s actually a big deal. TTC is all about your credits. Makes a difference come promotion time and what shows you work on. This would be my first non cameraman credits. Granted a 2 minute torture scene wouldn’t make my career, but having it wouldn’t hurt. At least not here.

Vonnie looks up at me, and is trying to say something to me, but can’t because of the spider gag. She sort of makes a sound that you might call mewing.

I look down on her, grab the cord and yank as fucking hard as I can.

She screams, really freaking loud.

“That’s for making us get an 80% in the final project, bitch.”

Girls Football, no I mean soccer

Josh! I have heard that you have turned into quite the sports fan!

I hate Johnson, the school dean.

No, actually I still hate sports.

Well, that’s to bad. Collect up you team of killers and head over to Tesla. I’ve got a bet with the head of their girl’s athletic department, about their girl’s soccer team.

Fuck. Soccer is, in my arrogant opinion, the most boring sport in the world to watch at the amateur level. At least it’s girl’s soccer, not boy’s.

Let me guess, our team vs theirs

Nope! Their team vs taking her out on a date.

Wait. She is betting her whole soccer team, and if she wins, instead of getting our team, you have to take her on a date? What the actual fuck? Care to revise and extend your remarks?

Oh, it’s easy. She’s the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. After we took their cheerleaders, she called me up and asked me out on a dinner date. I made a joke about only on a bet. She made the counter offer of her soccer team vs a date. I took her up on it.

You know, in the minds of most of the people of Eastlake, schools like Dutch Hall are looked at with some suspicion, due to our open slaving policy. The public might want to have a look see at the Eastlake Public Schools as well. Or maybe it’s a case of willful blindness. Not my problem, other that, in this case I “get” to watch a bunch of trim, athletic teenage girls run up and down a field for some period of time. Meh, could be worse.

I walk into the Advance Torture class, where I should have been, not in the faculty lounge, and find about half the class standing around a slave who is tied to a chair, ball gagged. Odd, she wasn’t there when I left to get some tea.

Ah, girls? Where did she come from?

Linda, my star pupil (and the pupil most likely to be freed before the end of the year, but don’t tell her that) pipes up from her desk.

Oh, she’s from Master Johnson’s office. Was sent down here to get you for something. I told her that you weren’t here, and that if she waited for you school policy was that she be restrained. The ball gag was Jan’s idea.

That isn’t school policy.

School policy?

Well, class policy, if you want to be nit-picky about it. I added it to the policy list last week

Ok then. I should read over your class policy document some time I suspect…

Yeah. Good thing for her shes not from a teacher, then she would have to be nude and in strict bondage while she waited.

Yep, I’ve got to read that book. Untie her and send her on her way. Dean Johnson found me in the lounge. Linda, Jan and, let see, Felicia. If you have plans for this afternoon, cancel them and meet me here, in full hunter’s gear after school. We are going to watch a soccer game, and, with any luck, collect the Tesla High girl’s soccer team.

So, me and my team get to the Tesla High School’s minor sports field and spend about 2 hours talking about class, which student they want to torture or snuff next and, in theory, watching this game.

Dutch Hall wins, 2 to 1. Yeah Team!

Well, it sucks to be a Tesla soccer player today.

We walk over to their bench.

OK, girls, I have a warrant for your conversion to person of limited rights status due to your obvious lack of “School Spirit”, a convertible offense in the Eastlake school district. I am allowed to use what ever level of force I want to take you for conversion. And I’ve got 3 hunters with bean bag rounds that love to shoot slave candidates that resist. Go on. Make Our Day

A young woman, the coach for soccer, I assume, asked to see the warrant. I hand it over.

This can’t be right… Oh, I see. That Bitch. Well, I’m not letting my girls go off to be slaves at Dutch Hall with out someone to look after them.

I don’t think you understand, you don’t have a choice…

I do. I volunteer to be a slave with them. At least for a while I can watch over them. You can’t sell them off for at least 18 months if that document is right

Well, that would not apply to you in any case because you aren’t listed in that warrant. Plus school slaves can, and often are, be taken by administration for their personal use. Not to mention there is nothing to stop us from torturing or worse school slaves. Are you sure you want to do this?

Linda speaks up

Master Stone, that might not be a bad idea. A dorm mother for Tesla girls might help with some of the issues we might have. We really need one after “Master” Simmons made off with the cheerleader coach.

Simmons is the vice principle. A toad among men.

Be careful there Linda, I heard the quote marks, but yeah, that sounds like an idea. Jan, commit these girls conversion then you and Felicia take them to the transport. Linda, do the paperwork and wiz quiz for our new dorm mother here. Hmm. I have two open slave slots right now. Register her as mine, not the schools, that way Simmons or Johnson can’t grab her. Oh yeah, transfer yourself to me as well. I don’t want to lose you to dumb shit.

This is more like it.

Well, business has picked up a little bit. Had a couple of wives sold to me, and a half dozen daughters or step daughters sold to me. I’ve resold most of my stock, so I’ve got a positive cash flow. Still haven’t had any one want to do a slave meat conversion, but from what I have read, that’s not real popular right now. What bothers me is that after the my first walk in. I haven’t had a volunteer. This makes me sad.

I look up. A skinny redhead wearing a sleeveless shirt that says “Mouth, Vagina, Asshole. I’m not just a pretty face” and a pair of blue panties is walking in. As far as I can tell that is all she is wearing.

Just as an aside, she, in fact, does have a pretty face.

She walks up to the “stand here” spot on the floor and loudly says “My name is Kimberly Wilson, I am a free woman and I want to be made into a sex slave”.

I type her information in. She can convert her self. I give her the preg-n-drug test cup. She very carefully fills it right there in front of me. After she hands it back to me she pulls off her panties, leaving the shirt on, and drops to her knees. I run the test and she’s clean. I go to the state database and register her conversions. After doing this, I walk around in front of the counter, pull out my cock and ram it into her open mouth.
Kimberly Wilson, at this time, ah, you have been converted, ohhh, to a person of limited rights. Ohh. You can be used sexually in any manner you owner wants.

I pull out of her mouth, yank her up and bend her over the counter and push into her cunt. She hot, wet and tight. She pushes back at me.
I, ohh, Kimberly Wilson, understand that I am nothing but a set of holes for my master, and that.. Ahhh.. I can be used any way he sees fit…. Ohhhh

This why I got into this business!

A simple sweet slut wedding.

A couple comes into the shop. This is different, normally all I get is the groom.

Hello, how may I help you?

She takes the lead, and starts talking about what she wants in of a cake, the type of decorations, music, the standard sort of wedding stuff. I can do this, but it’s not what I normally start with.

Ah, you do know that “Her Special Day” is a slave wedding service, right?

Yes, of course, I’m going to be enslaved right before the reception so I can legally give head to as many guys that want a bride blow job as possible. You would not believe what the other wedding services said about when I got to that in the plans. I can’t believe that it’s still illegal to suck cock in public. So, about the cake…


Josh, I need you to go to the Dutch Hall vs Tesla High School football game tonight.

Fuck. I hate football. I really hate high school football

Why the fuck do I need to do that?

Because the Eastlake school board has added ‘lack of school spirit’ to their offenses with a fine over $50.00.

Ah. That is the magic number for making it possible to convert a free woman by a court. And the Eastlake ‘School Court’ is recognized as a court that can do judicial conversions.

And the principle of Tesla and I have a bet about the game. The losing school gives up their cheerleading squad as slaves to the winning school. They are claiming that if the team loses it’s because the cheerleaders didn’t have enough school spirit. We also included the cheerleader couch in the bet.

So the girls are going to transfer here?

No, we get them a slaves, not student-slaves. The student slaves rules will not apply to them. Have fun. Don’t forget to cheer on our team. Wouldn’t want to see our cheerleaders hung from the goal posts.

So, I find my self at freaking high school football game, where I actually care who wins. Haven’t done that, well, ever. Been to games, didn’t care who won. Last time, the losing team’s cheerleaders were going to be taken by Hill’s Fine Meats, but it was either team, so I didn’t care. All I had to do was do a meat rating of the losers. Not the case this time. 3 of the cheerleaders on our squad are in my advanced torture class and I would just as soon not lose them. Plus getting more slaves free and clear is always good.

Well, the Dutch Hall Warriors won, by a score of 21 to 7. Sucks to be a Tesla cheerleader. I grab my students to help with controlling the girls we were bout to convert and head over to the home team’s locker room. We are armed with 12 gage shotguns with bean bag rounds, plus I have a taser.

I come in to the cheerleader’s room and find them all topless and blowing kisses at us. Odd.

OK, we are here to take your conversions, as you have been found guilty of not having enough school spirit and sentenced to conversions. We are allowed to use what ever level of force need it make this conversion.

The blowing off kisses stopped.

But… It’s not home coming. I thought that only applied to home coming. We won home coming and snuffed half of Central’s cheerleader on the field… This came from the lady I assumed was the cheerleader couch.

Don’t know about that, all I know is that there was a bet between the principles of our two schools. You lost. Don’t make use use bean bag rounds on you.

One of the Tesla girls stands up and yells, “There is only four of them…


Linda, my best student, fires her 12 gage right into the belly of the attempted revolt leader, who needless to say drops to the ground.

Nice shot Miss Scott. You get 2 merits. As I recall that puts you only 3 from manumission, Linda. She nods and looks pleased.

Turning back to the Tesla girls

I assume the we aren’t going to need to shotgun the rest of you…

No, we will go… that was the coach, obviously having her spirit broken.

Linda, put that attempted escapee in bondage, the rest of you lead these slaves to the transport and secure them.

I decide to put the ring leader in her place.

OK slave, let me explain what is about to happen. Linda is going to pull you up into the position known as Strappado. This was made famous by the Spanish inquisition. If used too long it will dislocate both arms. While you in this position, you are going to suck my cock. If I find that you a a useless cocksucker I’m going to snuff you. If you are only moderately skillful, I’m going to have Linda yank your arms out of socket and leave them dislocated over night, so it would be in you best interest to do as good a job sucking my cock as possible.

Well I’ll give her this, despite having been bean bagged and being in one of the more painful bondage positions she gives good head. After a few minutes of her licking the head of my cock and taking it as deep into her mouth as was possible in her condition I decide to fuck her throat, so I grab her had and start skull fucking her. She adjusts to this change and makes her throat muscles swallow when I am at my deepest. She very good at this.

Linda, she’s almost as good at this as you. I guess the stereotype about cheerleaders being good cocksuckers has some basis in fact.

Linda snorts. Well, you did threaten to snuff her ass if she wasn’t any good. I’m sure she is doing as best as she can right now

Yeah. Set up a skill test for these girls some time next week

This is great, got a dozen teens slaves and an adult slave that the normal rules don’t apply to. They are fair game for what ever I feel like doing with them. Life is good.


You know when I decided to snuff the whole of the intro to torture class because they were all failing?

Well, I did it. Killed off the lowest 4 just to attract their attention, then gave a pop quiz on methods of torture thought to used by the late Roman Empire. They all eight failed. Had the advanced torture class snuff them as a class project. All of this was live streamed, and as per normal, edited and released as a downloadable show with in 48 hours, courtesy of our film studies classes.

The live stream had way higher than normal hits, and the download is currently our number one seller. All in all seemed like a win-win situation to me.

Dutch Hall administration, on the other had seemed a little upset. Like yelling in faculty meeting level upset. Talking about dropping my contract level upset.

Why? With me snuffing those 12, plus the other 3 that had been snuffed this month, we hit our deliberate snuff limit of 15 per month. When we hit our limit that triggers an audit of the school’s slave program by the state. Administration doesn’t like it when we get audited, even if it’s just a top level audit.

TL;DR, I’ve had my at will snuffing privileges pulled for 45 days. I will still act as the school executioner, of course, and “some leeway will be allowed if a slave dies while under going elective torture”.

Oh. I see what they did there. Officially I had to be censured for triggering an audit. Unofficially I was being rewarded for increasing sales of snuff videos, in that I’ve been told that I’m supposed to stop with the more or less painless snuffs and only do what I really like, torture snuffs.

It’s going to suck to be a slave that I take an interest in for the next 45 days or so.