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Well it’s a new school year.  I’ve taken the job of Eastlake Finishing School’s full time slaver and executioner.  The biggest thing about this school year is that all the students or the parents (or the courts Ina few cases) have already signed their conversions papers.  All I have todo is scan their school id  click snuff or covert then do what ever I feel like to them based off of that selection. Another important part of this year is that we are a three year ‘high school’  which means I get to enslave, torture and snuff girls from 16 to 19, pretty much at will.  I didn’t do any conversion the first week because I wanted to build up a ‘buffer just in case I wanted to do a bunch at once.  I spotted one read head 16 year old that I knew I was going to convert, fuck and snuff once I started to do conversions.

Well today was the day.  I saw the soon to be ass fucked and snuffed slut walking down the hallway by my “office / torture and snuff room”.

You! The redhead slut!  Come here.   I want to convert you.  Give me your student card and strip!

The slut meekly walked over, gave me her card, which I scanned and marked for immediate snuff. “Why me? I because I want to ass fuck you while I garrote you, why else? Here in the hallway or in the snuff room?. I had to think about that. Here I think. By this time she was stripped and was getting down on her knees. “Suzy, get him hard”. Her blonde friend dropped to her knees and said “ I will fluff you if you need it I didn’t need it, but I told her to lick her soon to be dead friend’s ass to lube it up for me. Suzy ‘tossed red’s salad’ for a few minutes, then pulled back “I’m going to lick you ass while you fuck her…” Not going to turn down a rim job from a teen. I spit on my cock and pushed into red’s ass. Seems that Suzy had not only licked her ass but got spit in side as well, making for a great fuck for me. Don’t really know or care about how red felt about it. After a few strokes I pulled out my garrote and wrapped it around her throat. As I kept fucking her ass I started to tighten the cord. Just as I started to cum I pulled it fully tight, damn near cutting her throat. Needless to say she was well and fully snuffed. I pulled out of her ass, then turned around and forced my cock into Suzy’s mouth. “Clean me or die”. She went to town, licking the mix of cum and shit from my cock.

Once I was clean, I put my cock back in my slacks then looked around. There were about 20 girls watching, a good third of them fingering themselves. “Liked that did you? I can assure you that she got off easy. Some of you I’m going to torture to death, not just fuck and snuff. Take her body to the cooks and then get to class, but not you Suzy, I think I want to keep you as a personal slave for a while. Let me scan you in.

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Sorry about the long pause in posts but I should be posting more.


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Teens to Torture

Two Teens, one to sell, one to torture or snuff

After watching what seemed like an every flowing stream of sluts, I spotted a pair, one blonde and one brunette, that seemed perfect for my plan for the day.

“You two, report to my office”

I watch the cunt stream for a few more minutes, and decide that I’ve gotten enough for now.

I toss the two sluts a ball gag each.  “Gag your self, then strip.  I’m converting you two to slave status effective now.”  I grab their school ID from their pile of clothes and run both of them through the scanner, getting all the data for their conversion.
I don’t even check their names,  I don’t care, they are just slave sluts for me to play with now.

I pick up 2 long needles from my desk.  “OK here is the plan.  I’m going to pierce your tits.  Notice I didn’t say your nipples.  One each.  After I do that, I’m going to have a contest, where you give me head.  The one that wins gets sold to be a suck slave.  The one that loses gets to be a torture toy for me.  I’m going to torture her for a couple of days, then either snuff her or sell her to a BDSM theater, depending on how she seems to be dealing with the torture.  So, what do you think of this plan of mine?  Oh, wait, I don’t care what a slut thinks of what’s left of her short life.”

Pushing a needle through a tit is surprisingly blood free.  I mean there is some blood, but it’s not as much as I expect.   I’ve done it before and each time I keep expecting more blood, but I never get it.   The blonde got her right tit pierced from the top down, the brunette gets her left tit pierced from the out side in.    Both of them get a little twisting action after the needle was all the way through.  Based on their faces, this must have hurt.  Good.

“OK, I’m going to give you each 5 minutes to make me cum.  The one that makes me cum gets, well, less torture than the other.  Maybe even no more torture, depending on how good your are.  I point at the blonde.  You start, take your gag out and make me cum in your mouth.”

This, of course, is very unfair.  Unless she is a great cock sucker, all she’s going to do is get me ready to pop off in the brunette’s mouth.  That’s the plan, I’ve already decided that she’s my snuff toy.  Funny how I’ve already decided that she’s one of the 3 I’m going snuff this week.

While I was thinking this, the blond, Heidi Gordon, I see when I glance at the computer screen, moves over and starts attempting to make me cum in her mouth.   She isn’t that good of a cock sucker, to bad for her.   I reach down and twist the needle through her tit.  She gasps, allowing me to enter her throat.  I start to face fuck here, then pull back to let her try at least.  At the 5 minute mark, I pull out and move over to Sandy, the brunette.   She actually is a good cock sucker, it’s possible that she would have won even if I had started with her.   At the 4 minute mark I feel my balls tighten up and I dump cum in her mouth.  ”To bad Heidi, you get to be my play toy for a while.”  I zip up as I give “Deep Kiss” a call.  ”Got one for you.  About an 8 or so.  High pain tolerance as well.  Should last at least a year. Yeah, at the school.  I’ll keep her here until you can get her.”



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The Other Woman

The Other Woman

Josh! Got a pick up for you before you go off to get your cock sucked at the school.

I should never had told him about that aspect of working at Eastlake Finishing School. It’s not like I only work there for the blow jobs. There is the slaving any school girl I want aspect as well. More about that later.

So I arrive at the address for the pick up. There I find a woman reading a book on a couch, with one in chains at on the floor.

“Mojo slaves, here for a pick up.”

The reading woman reading the book, looks up and hands me some papers.
“I gave my husband a choice, his mistress or me. He decided on me. Take her away please”

I flipped through the papers and found photos of the husband, the husband’s signed affidavit, Susan Wellclift’s signed affidavit that she was his mistress and that he was a person of personal interest, and that he did, in fact have the right to have her converted to slave status. I ran her SSN through the state database and came back with more or less the same information.

“Well, every thing seem to be in order her, so I will be taking her away now.”

“Flog her.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said flog her. I’ll blow you if you say that she will get at least 20 strokes when you get her back to your shop.”

I’m not about to turn down a free woman blow job. She gets off the couch and on to her knees in front of me “Don’t be gentle”

Don’t have to tell me that twice. I unzip, grab her head and cram my cock into her mouth. I hold her head and just start face fucking her. I have no idea how good of a cock sucker she is, I didn’t let her do any thing but take my cock down her throat. After a few minutes, I felt my self starting to cum. I pulled out and came on her face. On her eyes to be more precise. I pushed her down, causing her to fall on to her back. “OK, I’ll flog her. Want the video sent to you afterwards?”

I drop Susan off at the shop, telling her that her flogging will happen in the morning I don’t have time to do it right today. I strip her and toss her into the holding cell, with a “Not for Sale” sign on the door.

Last Friday, we had a meeting at the EFS. Seems that we had finally gotten our “School with slaving rights” certificate from the state, upgrading us from “Contest with slaving option”, so we were dropping a lot of the conversion reasons and using just staff and faculty options. I, as the house slaver, was given a 25 a week limit, and of those, I could damage 5 and snuff 3. When they say damage, they meant torture until they had visible effects. Armed with this info, I’m standing out side my office/torture chamber door watching teen girls walk past. The idea that I could just grab one and finish her conversion any time I wanted was pretty sweet. Add in the permission to torture and/or snuff one a day, and damn, I am one happy sociopath.

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Daughter for sale

Daughter for sale

This time of year, selling off daughters and step daughters seems to be very popular. Not sure why this is, but it is. Not that I’m complaining mind you, I always like seeing the look of helplessness in a girls eyes when she realizes that her father is selling her for cold cash. Makes my cock hard some times. A few tears and I’m ready to throat fuck some one. Often the crying slut her self.  Case in point, yesterday  I got a call out to do a pick up of this pair.  I could tell from the way that they were acting, and they way that their father was acting that this wasn’t a completely spur of the moment thing.  So, I felt like I had to know more.  “So, why are you selling these two today?”

“Well, to be honest, I really don’t have that much of a reason, just it seemed like something that needed to be done.  Most of the guys at work have sold at least one, and with their sister in college, I really can’t afford to keep them around.”

“So, selling off the younger ones to keep the elder daughter in school?”

“Yeah, plus Penelope here” indicating the blonde, “isn’t really mine.  Step daughter.  Doesn’t give head, so she going off.   Allie, she’s mine, but I’ve decided that all the women that live in this house have to suck my cock when I want, and it just feels weird to have her give me head.  Makes me a feel a bit like a pervert.”

“Let me get this straight, you are selling your step daughter because she doesn’t suck cock, but you are selling your blood daughter because she does.”

“Yeah, that just about sums it up.”


Some times I wonder about my clients, but what the hell.   Bought both of them.  Allie did give better head, but they both were good enough to sell off to a suck club.  That’s a fast grand turn over.  I’m thinking I’m going to work half time at both jobs, until I get a feeling for which is going to be better for my cock and blood lust.


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Yet another cock sucking slave bride

A cock sucking slave bride

Another cock sucking slave bride

Another cock sucking slave bride

Cock sucking slave bride

Yet another cock sucking slave bride


Josh, the boss says, I’ve got a bit of an issue.  I’ve got to go out-of-town this weekend for an American Slavers Association meeting, and I just realized that Caroline Hufford’s wedding is this weekend.  Can you cover for me?  I want to warn you it’s a triple  wedding with the bridesmaids being snuffed.  Spiked.  Not even spitted, just put on spikes like the real Dracula did to Turks.  Waste of slaves, but they did pay a ton for this.  It’s like a $5,000 deal all told.  Can you handle it?

Let me get this straight.  You want me to go watch 3 Southside sluts get married, probably ending their service with them blowing their new master/husband.  Then we strip the bridesmaids, take them out behind the chapel and put them on sharpen stakes up their cunts or ass, and all sit around and drink domestic sparkling wine, which at least one person is going to call Champagne, despite it not being French. Is that the plan?

Yeah, pretty much.

Yeah, I can deal.

Pagan Priestess

Pagan Priestess

Bridesmaids going to the spikes

Bridesmaids going to the spikes

So, come Sunday, I find myself at one of the Slave Chapels, where as expected a modified version of the classic wedding happened.  Major exceptions:

1)Two of the “brides” were nude, other than their veil.  White, of course.
2)The service was done by a “Pagan Priestess of the Elder Gods”.  What ever.
3)The service ended with all three now slave-brides blowing their new master-husband.
4)They served real  Champagne, much to my surprise.
5)They stripped and snuffed the bridesmaids in a gross and painful manner.

Unlike most slave weddings I have been at, there wasn’t a general orgy at the reception, and there were no secondary conversions or snuffs.   Also, much to my surprise, none of the little “edgy” teen slut offered to blow me.  First time at a slave wedding I didn’t get blown.  Sort of a downer.  It took the three “sacrificial maids  to the elder gods” about 3 hours to die.  The edgy teen sluts were somewhat subdued with this going on.  Unlike most live spitting, which is a fast kill, this was a slow painful death.  The “pagan priestess” that did the service spent a lot of time staring at the sacrifices.  I don’t think she had ever seen it done for real, with rough oak spikes.  It sort freaked her out.  What ever.  Flake is going to end up a slave with in the year, I’ll bet large amount of money. She has that feel to her.

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Choked face fuck

Choked face fuck

Dude, you rent slaves to suck cock, right

“Yes, we do. Deep throat or face fuck $50.00, just head $40.00″

How much to choke her to death while I cum in her throat

“We don’t have a snuff option.”

I know, that’s why I want to use one of your sluts. I don’t want them to even think it’s coming.

“Well, it would be just like you bought her, cost wise.  Sex slaves sell for about $800, more or less.”

Works for me… Put her on my card“.

“You know you can only do this once to get the effect you want”

Yeah, after this I’ll just go to the suck-n-snuff places, but I want my first to be special.

“OK, our sex slaves are kept in the next building over.  Ask the slave at the desk for Cindy.  She’s starting to be a problem, in that she thinks just because she has a very high suck score that’s all she should do.  You don’t want to ass fuck her first do you?

Ass fuck?  I’m not into that kinky stuff.  I just want to face fuck her and crush her throat with my cock in it.  Nothing kinky or weird.

Dude leaves.  Comes back in about 30 minutes.  ”What should I do with the body?

Up to you, being as you bought it.

Eh, sell it to a meat place.  I don’t want it any more.  Thanks!


Well, that’s two birds with one stone.  Cindy was a free range volunteer, so the $800 is pure profit plus the $200 we got for her meat and most importantly she is out of my hair.  Win-Win.

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Trophy wife #1

Trophy wife #1

So, it’s the next day. I’m trying to recover from 4 blow jobs in 8 hours. I’m wondering if this is going be a regular thing if I do go full-time at the school. There are worse things to deal with.

The door rings, I look up and there is a drop dead gorgeous brunette coming in. She, once she gets in to the room, she pulls her top off.

So rate me“.

“A+, Live Roaster Endorsement, Prime”

And that means?

“It means that when your husband sells you, it’s highly likely that you will be dead with in the week, in some sort of painful way. There is a large market for watching women like you die in great pain.”

That’s what I thought. What would happen if I was sold here?

“We would add you to our sex slave rental stable, and you would get fucked at $150.00 a pop all day long. There is also a market for fucking women that look like you. I suspect you know that.”

Of course I know it.  I also know that my darling husband had visited slaver web sites, uploading naked photos of me and asking for bids.  Fuck shops aren’t bidding as much as the ‘kill the bitch’ shops.”

“No, they don’t.  At least not now.  A few years ago, there was a rush on buying sex slaves, but that died out.  At least the fad of doing live spits has at least slowed down.  I’ll grant that if I had bought you at my last place of work, you would be a live spit.”

Would that be ‘Hills Fine Meat’ that you used to work at?

“That would be the case.  Granted it’s possible you would have been snuffed some other way, but with your body type, you would be a spit roast 85% of the time.”

Even if I have a 95% rating on all three holes?

“Yeah, if you are in a snuff shop, they don’t really care how good you fuck, at least not unless you are being killed while you get fucked.  Why did you get tested?”

My husband, then my boyfriend,  had me and my sister tested.  He said he would marry who ever scored higher.  I beat her by 10 points on the average.  I got lots of practice when I was in Delta Delta Delta.

You were a Tri-Delt?  How did you avoid being enslaved.  That sorority gets mass converted damn near every year.

I was an officer during a year they only took the 2nd year girls, then the next year they took the pledge class. I saw the writing on the wall and got out. Just in time, because that semester they snuffed all the officers on the weekend of the homecoming game. Don’t remember what their stated reason was, but I’m sure I would have been in violation of it along with the rest. Tri-Delts taste like pork, by the way  What do I need to do to stop being a snuff pig?

“Volunteer at a non snuff shop or file a complaint against your husband for abuse.  I’d be careful about the last, because if you end up going to court, when he is found innocent, you get converted, and as a general rule, the state sell to the highest bidder, which in your case…”

Snuffed out for some one sick kicks


OK, make me a slave.  If I go home I’m a trophy wife made into a spit muffin to make a car down payment.”

Well, I don’t know about her fuck skills, much less her anal skills, but I can vouch for her cock sucking.  She’s going to make us a ton of money and I get half of it.  Good start for the day.


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Right after I snuffed Allie, one of the teachers came up to me. She was young, almost looking like a student. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun, and her white shirt was cut in such a way as to almost expose her nipples, and did show her red corset. If this is what the younger teacher were allowed to wear I approve. “I’m Harriett Kellog, and I’m the poise teacher here. I’d like you to come watch a final. It’s my rule that a girl that fails here test will be flogged. Normally I do it, but I’d like to see you do it. Plus I think you will like the test.

Poise Class at EFS

Poise Class at Eastlake Finishing School

OK then. I follow her down to her class room. It’s filled with very thick books, which look like law books. What ever. What I did notice was that the 10 girls in the room were naked, other than their knee socks and pumps.

Harriett take a seat in and picks up a list. “ Karina Grayer, you are the first to be tested. Rosalinda Launer, you will be the stress generator. Two girls get up from their chairs and come up to stand next to Harriett, who hands Karina a book.  Karina puts in on top of her head.  OK, so far, just you standard poise and balance class.  Other than being nude, I’m not sure why I would like this.  “OK Rosalinda, start the stress.“  With that, Rosalinda crawls across Harriett’s lap and starts licking Karina’s pussy.  “Don’t forget you have to keep the book on your head for 2 minutes.  For every second under that you get 2 lashes.  Rosalinda, if she makes it to 2 minutes, you get 120 lashes”. 

OK, I see why I might like this test.  After about a minute, or so Karina started to shake.  After 2 shudders the book fell off.  Karina reached down and pushed Rosalinda’s face into her pussy.  “Make me cum slut!”.  She held her there for another minute or so, shuddering every few seconds, the let go and collapsed to the ground.

Failed the poise test.

Failed the poise test.

Harriet looked down at her. “I hope that was worth it. I’m adding all that time to your flogging time. You dropped the book after 70 seconds. You acted like a slut in the presence of a man for another 80 seconds. That’s 150 seconds where you were not in poise. Josh do you want to give her the 300 her or in the death room?

The death room? Nice name for my playroom. I think I like it. “Let’s take her there”. Rosalinda snapped a collar on Karina, and started to drag her down the hall to “the death room”. By the time I get there she had strung up Karina and had several bullwhips out. “Assuming I make through this week, I’m going to Domma school with my scholarship. I’ve taken the basic torture classes here.

Torture classes? “Who taught the torture classes?” “Erik, the school slaver”. I looked at Harriett. “Is this true?” “Yes, of course. Oh. They haven’t taken their final. You are going to need to do that later this week.

Oh this is getting better and better. “Well, that is later, now we have a slut that can’t keep her poise under some minor stress. Let’s remind her of what the means.” “Well, in addtion to the flogging, I think that failure will lower her GPA to being in the lower 25%. She wasn’t one of our better students.

With that, I picked up the whip and laid the first lash across her back.  “Rosalinda, keep count for me”

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … 20, 21, 22, 23, 24,25.

After the first 25 I moved around to in front of her and laid lashes on her tits, belly and tried to hit her cunt, but she managed to protect it.

failed poise test 2After 25, I moved to her back again.  Then back to her front.  “She keeps protecting her cunt.  I can’t get a good lash into it.  “Flip her over and flog her up side down for the next 100 or so”  I looked a Rosalinda.  “I was top of the class for torture”.  “Well, get to it, flip her over so I can flog her cunt until it bleeds.  Harriett, be a dear and find out if she will be in the lower 25%, because if she is, she’s going to be a snuff toy.  Today.” As the teacher left the room I laid into the slut’s cunt.  With her being upside down, hitting her cunt was a snap.  I put 50 into it before I started back on her tits.  I know I did permanent damage to her, so if she isn’t going to be part of the bottom 25%, she is going to need plastic surgery before she will be able to fuck without pain.  As if any body cares if a slut is in pain when you fuck her.

Harriett came back, in with some papers in her hands.  “Karina was going to fail out, even if she maxed my test.  You have a snuff toy there.“  “No, I have a flogging slut.  After I get through with her I’ll have a snuff toy.  Can you fill out the papers for me.  Rosalinda, how are we going to kill this slut?”

Rosalinda sucking cock 2“Slow hang.  Do you want to face fuck me while she dies?  If you do, you need to put a dental gag on me, other wise I might bite, because my jaw is weak.”

“OK, thanks for the warning.  Find on in the toy chest and put it on.”  I finished up the 30o lashes with some speed.  Karina was not responding.  I’m not even sure if she was still alive.  Didn’t matter.  I lowered down, dragged her over to the slow hang noose, then hosted her up.  Rosalinda came over, dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth.

You know, 4 blow jobs by teenagers in one day is just about all I can take.  Karina never woke up, if she was still alive.  After I came in Rosalinda’s mouth and on her face, I went and checked Karina.  She was dead.  Rosalinda took out the dental gag, moved her jaw around.  “I’ll call the kitchen.  She be used by the food processing class for their final.  Unless they want to go with the normal ‘use the girl with the lowest grade in the class as the sow’ method.  You may have saved the life of a cook.”

Can’t have that. “No, don’t do that.  Call one of the dog food processors for her.”  Harriett cleared her throat.  “Rosalinda, I have some bad news you for you.  You are in the top 5%.  As a matter of fact you were number 3 in the class.  You aren’t going to make it out of this week.”

Can’t have that either.  “OK, I’ll take her as my personal slave.  I get one, right?”


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School Girls for Conversion

School Girls for Conversion

A slave and a snuff toy.

A slave and a snuff toy.

Just as I was getting off shift at Mojos, my mobile phone rings. Caller ID says it’s the Eastlake Finishing School. Odd. After exchanging greetings, Kathrine Haydel, the head mistress (Yes, she does give head sometimes.  Not the best in the world, but good enough to make me leave Alma’s great head.  Well, that and to get the rush of dealing with school girls as slaves and snuff toys.) asked me to come in this afternoon because their current slave master decided to quit after he found out his contract was not going to be renewed.  Seems like I’m going to be working two places for a while.  Sleep is over rated any way.

When I came into Kathrine’s office, I find two pig-tailed school girls tied up.  Yeah, going to like this job.  ”Meet Allie Minaya and Roxie Rottman.  They were found with crib notes in their History final.  Cheating on a test is an automatic conversion offense.   And we want to snuff one of them as a warning to the other girls as they go through finals week.  The other, of course, will be converted to a general slave and sold as you see fit.  On hearing that one of them would be snuffed, both started to yell and carry on, to include cursing me.  While I have fucked mothers, I haven’t fucked my mother, which is what I’m sure they meant.  I pulled a set of ball gags out of my kit and gagged them.  ”Are you sure I can’t kill both of them?  I’m not real found of being called a mother fucker by sluts.”

Kathrine tapped a pencil against her lips, in thought over my request.  ”No, I don’t think so.  One will be enough I think.”  OK then.  I look over the two teens,  one to be a slave, one to be a snuff toy.  The blonde would sell for more, which is an important point.  On the other hand I’d rather snuff a blonde than a brunette.  Rather do a redhead but that’s not an option here.   After a few moments of thought money won out.  ”OK  Roxie, you got lucky, I’m going to sell you.  Allie, you get your head cut off.”  I turn to Kathrine “You have installed the  guillotine I asked for?”  ”Yes, we just put it in.  Might as well test it out today.  I was planing on using it first on Final FaRemberingilures, but a Final Cheat will be good enough.”

School girl cock sucker

School girl cock sucker

I put a collar and leash on Allie, then cut the leg ropes off her.  I drag her out of the office and down to what will become my play room/office.  Well, I guess it’s mine now.   In there I find a  guillotine, a slow noose, a spitting machine and a chair that could be used as either a garotting chair or an electric chair.  Hanging on the wall are a dozen standing cages, plus a score of cages on the ground.  This is a real chamber of horrors.

I love it.  Just looking around here, with no one but Allie and Kathrine in it makes my cock hard.  ”So, how are we going to let the student body see this?  Kathrine laughs and points at the various way to kill a slave.  ”Notice how they are in an arc facing that blank wall?  Watch this”.  She walks over to the wall and pushes a large button that I had not noticed.  The blank wall comes up like a garage door.  Once it’s up I realize  that my play room is set up to be the stage in a theater.  The student body is filing in to the theater, at least those that have not been converted or snuffed this school year.  Kathrine ideally mentions to me “Look out there.  About a third of them are going to be enslaved at the end of this week, the final ones for this year.  They would be the bottom 25% and the top 5% of the class.  Part of their contract with us.”

And I get to sell them.  This is going to be a great job.  I walk out on the bit of the stage that is on the other side of the door. “My name is Josh Stone.  I’m the new slaver and executioner here at Eastlake Finishing School.  I’m about to snuff  Allie Minaya and Roxie Rottman will be converted and sold on the open market.  Both of these girls were caught cheating on their history finals.  Let this be a warning to you all, I have no mercy for you,  if it were up to me, all of you would be converted or snuffed, but I will follow your Head Mistress’s rules on that.  Does any one have a question for me at this time?”.  One blonde girl, with pig-tails raised her hand.  ”My name is Sharron Durgin, and Allie was my worst enemy.  Can I suck your cock while you pull the cord to kill the bitch?”

Oh, this just gets better and better.  Mojos is going to have to come up with something more than 50% profit share to keep me.  ”Of course you can.”  Sharon gets up out of her chair, and walks up, stripping out of her school uniform as she does.  She kneels down to the side of the  guillotine, waiting for my cock.  I untie Allie from the post I had tied her leash to, and lead her to the guillotine.  I push her on to the Bascule, then push it down to the bottom part of the Lunette. I lower the upper part over her neck. Sharon moves over to me saying “Kill her when you cum on my face”. With that she takes my cock into her mouth and starts to blow me.

While not the best cock sucker I’ve had, not even the best I’ve had today, she’s not bad. The fact that she’s a school girl, and that she is doing this for spite just make it all the better. I grab her had and push my cock all the way down her throat. She gags, but doesn’t try to pull up. I pump a few times and feel that I’m about to cum. Because that she had said she wanted a facial, I pull out and let fly over her face. As soon as I finish, I reach up and grab the Declic and give it a quick jerk.


God I’m going to love this job.