Current trends.

I ran I poll. Got 55+ replies. Let me give you an idea what story lines seem to wanted, and what I’m going to do about them.

Consensual level seems to be split right down the middle. So, it’s going to be a mix of con/non-con/semi-con, with a slight leaning toward semi-con

Where seems to be by a long shot in schools, followed by meat shops. So, I’m going to mix it up a bit with the Weald High stuff, plus I’m going to be doing Dutch Hall/University of Eastlake stuff. Janny should be doing more Tesla high stuff, and based on her latest post, there is going to be a lot of snuffed students. Eastlake Prime is going to be talking more about the meat side of the business, and while it’s not in the poll, will be come to be the niche seller of faux gay boys, i.e. thin flat chested girls that are going to end up a sex slaves for gay bars.

If you have any sort of thing that you would like to see, within the WSA2000 universe, please comment here about it.

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Teacher Bulliten

From the desk of Principal John Klien , Aug./16/2015:


Good morning teachers,

As you all know today will be the first day of the new school rules. I will take this opportunity to remind you that it is important to in-force all rules upon all students both male and female.

The school board has informed The administration that our school has become over crowded. We currently have 4,264 Students: 986 Boys, 3276 Girls and we are expected to receive approximately 200 additional students throughout the year. We have 100 teachers, so that is 43 students per/teacher, which means 43 students / class. The Eastlake School Board has determined that this is an unacceptable student to teacher ratio. The board has there-for asked us to reduce our student load by 800 students by the end of the first semester. I as principle want to achieve that goal within the next two weeks. Not only will reducing the student body within a shortened time frame save the school thousands of dollars, but by doing it while the new rules are still new we can allow these culls to act as examples to the boys and girls alike as to what will be expected of them going forward. Remember 800 students is only 8 students per teacher so don’t feel over whelmed. Please note that this request does not authorize teachers or staff to snuff, de-life, or otherwise end female students in any way that does not comply with the district’s new rules.

The schools vending machines are now being sponsored the BustUP corporation of Japan, who are also helping to subsidize our school A.V. system. All cookie products in the vending machines will be phased out and replaced with BustUp’s F-Cup Cookie line of products. Current gum products will also be phased out and replaced with BustUp’s BustUp gum product line. Please encourage students to try the new products which will be sold in generic packaging. Female teachers should note that these products may increase breast size. Male teachers should be advised that these products may induce muscle growth, mood swings and possibly testicular shrinkage, eat at your own risk. I would personally request that teachers not mention any of the above side effects to either male or female students as the companies continued sponsorship is dependent on our sales rates, Thank you.

mandatory deadline: Teachers please remember that second semester lesson plans are due at the end of next month(Oct. / 31 / 2015) failure to turn in lesson plans by this date will result in docked pay.


Finally: athletic department be aware, The district has decided to change the Gym uniform and will now be using the Japanese gym uniform model. You will be provided with Gray Tee-shirts with school logo and name, which will be given to each student. Athletic staff will also be provided with 1,000 long athletic shorts to be given to Male students, and 4,000 spandex bikini style bottoms to be given out to female students. Please use examples below if necessary to give students full uniforms as appropriate to their genders.

Male Gym Uniform(Full)


Female Gym Uniform(Full)

Gym teachers be advised, no additional uniforms will be provided for the winter months.


That’s all for this week.                                                                                                                                                                   Be productive, be educational, and remember try to have fun.


Principal, John Klien

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Ass and Mouth

Ass and mouth girl

Ass and mouth girl

Hello, this is Eastlake Prime, how may I help you?

Do you take volunteers?  And if you do, can you come and pick me up?

Yes, to both.  Can you please state your name and the request, so I can record it that you have requested conversion.  It’s part of the less paper work legal system Oklahoma is using now.

My name is Brittny Billingsley, I am a free women of the state of Oklahoma and I wish to be converted to a person of limited rights.

Great!  I assume the address attached to your phone number billing record is correct?  If it is I should be there in less than 20 minutes. 

Do I need to hand cuff my self or any thing?

No, but being nude would help.

It takes less time than normal to get to the address given.  For once, Southside traffic didn’t suck.   I ring the bell and Brittny opens the door.  Oh boy.  Trim red head.  While not the classic “Meat Score A” she’s hot enough that I’m going to get a good mark up on her.

I heard that there is some thing called “Right of first refusal” for volunteers.  Does that still exists?

Yes, it does.   Can you sign here and here on my tablet.  Once you tap “OK”, assuming you pass your drug screen and pregnancy  test you will be a person of limited rights.   Go ahead and tab to the second page and enter who you want the right of first refusal to be given to…..  OK thanks.   Can I get you to fill this cup to the red line?

Even though she’s nude, she still went to the bath room to fill the cup.  What ever.  It’s not like I’m that into water sports any way.  I check her right of first and much to my surprise it’s “Ass and Mouth Club, LLC”.  She returns and I dip the magic wand into the pee.  It comes back green.  It’s amazing how fast they have created an field test for this.  Checks pregnancy, and most of the drugs that will disqualify you from being converted.  Does it in like 30 seconds.  While not 100% accurate, the failure is towards false positives, not false negatives, so it’s damn near unheard of getting some one to test as green and then end up not being the case.  Still has issues with women eating poppy seed bagels and poppy seed cake, but all drug tests have that.

Ah, Brittny, I noticed that you selected Ass and Mouth as your owner of choice.  Are you aware what they will do with you there?

Well, yes, of course.  Not have cock in cunt sex with me.   Don’t get me wrong, I like sex, I just don’t like it in my cunt.  I really like to give head and I’d rather take it up the ass than then in the cunt.  Hah, I’m a gay man in a woman’s body I guess.  No, that’s not right, I don’t feel like a man, I just don’t like being fucked like a woman.

Tell you what, their club is open right now, and it’s between here and my office, want me to just take you to them?  If they buy you, every thing is cool, if not, well, I take you to the office and sell you to the first person who wants you.


Alphonso, I have a slave that requested to be sold to you.  Seems she would rather take in the ass or mouth than in the cunt, as she put it.   She’s a hot little red head, so there is going to be a bit of an up-charge, based on her theoretical meat score.

Is this her?  How much you want?  If we aren’t talking crazy numbers I’ll take her.




Deal.  So you got an sisters or cousins that look like you?   What’s your name sweet ass?  No, don’t tell me, that’s it now.  Your name is Sweet Ass.  Now run over to the man by the bar and tell him that you are a new faux boy and to set you up, while I deal with paying for you.




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Ex Trophy Wife, new fuck hole.

Pick up

Pick up

Mr Cox? Yeah, this is Matt Patton, I bought a trophy wife slave from you about six months ago. Can you come pick her up?

Well, you under stand that I’m not going to buy her back at the price you paid.

No, I mean I got pissed at her and hung her ass. I’d like you to come get her. Use her in that meat department or what ever it is you do with dead slaves.

OK I can do that.  Do you think you are in the market for a new slave at this time.

Nah, I’m good for a while.  With Dutch Hall whoring out their students I really am getting all the tight teen pussy I want.

Shit.  Need to see what I can do about that.  With out pissing off the local Slaver’s Association, which seems to be all about the student slave thing.

OK, I’ll be by. Are you going to want to reserve any of her meat?

What? Eat her? I didn’t do that when she was alive, why would I want to eat her dead.

~- On the phone with the Slaver’s Association -~

 Look John, I under stand that you seem to think that the school whores are cutting into your sales, but you got to look at the bigger picture…

What bigger picture?  The private schools have found a loop hole that lets them treat even free women students like whores.  I’ve been flat out told that a customer didn’t want a new slave because he could get fresh tight teen pussy when ever he wanted.

I understand.  We are talking to both the Oklahoma legislature and the Eastlake city government about raising the brothel fees, the whore tax and some restrictions on who can be used in a brothel based on a non-employment contract.  Wheels are turning, you just got to wait it out.

~- The Next Week -~

Fuck hole

Fuck hole

Mr Cox? Yeah, this is Matt Patton. I’ve been doing some thinking, plus my accountant is bitching at me about my spending at Dutch Hall. Seems those $75 a time add up.  Plus I’ve been hearing that prices are about to go up and the just plain teens are about to get pulled from the night time list. You got a skinny, like under A cup blond, ideally with a pixie cut?

I think I have at least one that might meet your need.  Do you want me to bring the best candidate by your house, or do you want to come here and make your own choice.   I want to warn you, that while skinny A cup slaves aren’t as expensive as A or higher grade slaves, they are going up in price, due to a fad of making them “faux gay boys”  A B cup might be cheaper.

Nope, I want a small titted girl.  And go ahead and bring her by.


OK Matt, this is Stephanie.  She’s just over 18 and was sold by her step-father.  Current asking price is $850, and that includes the federal and state taxes.

OK, but you are wrong on one point.  Her name is fuck hole.  I’ve decided that treating them like they were some sort of wife isn’t what I really want.  What I want is a fuck hole.  I’ll take her.

OK then.  Fuck hole has been rated at 85% for vaginal sex, 90% at oral and 90% at anal.

Did I say fuck holes?  No, I’m not buying into that whole “gay sex is great” thing.  If they want to fuck fake boys in the ass, great, but that’s not what I’m about.  Cock in Cunt.  That’s what I’m about.


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The new order

Mr Stone, could you report to the English III-a Class please.

I can’t say I’m real fond of some the things that Ms. Wright has added to the school. For example using “push to talk” wifi apps on smart phones. Means she can get a hold of some one with relative ease. And, of course, with GPS in a smart phones, well, she knows where I am. Bummer.

Uniform Violation

Uniform Violation

As soon as I arrive in the classroom I find most of the class sitting, but 7, all seniors it looks like, standing by to wall, totally nude. Ms Wright hands me a list

Would you please check these students class standing as of this morning.

Tammy Clark,Dolores Rivera,Gladys Burke,Naomi Schneider,Esther Bowman,Evelyn Sutton and Megan Allison. I check the data base via my smart phone. Why she couldn’t do that I don’t know. I check. Bit of a pain. OK, got the data.

They are all Sponsored students, and except for Megan, have scores in the mid 90s. Mega has a 68%, but has a couple of test pending that are messing with her numbers.  Yeah, she had 4 sick days and has not made up the tests, but they are currently counted as 0. I suspect she will be a mid 80, low 90 rate after she takes those test next retest day.

OK Ms Allison, you may return to your desk. Mr. Stone, please convert the rest of these students for dress code violation.

Excuse me? I thought it was school policy to allow students to dress to below their allowed level.

I mean seriously, what the hell?  I thought the whole idea was to get more male students by making much more likely to have topless or nude students walking about.

That was my predecessor’s policy. Mine is to have the dress code followed to the letter. They all have tablets that allow them to access their school record, updated daily. They should arrive at 1st hour dressed as their school standing demands. I intend to make an example of these, “pour encourager les autres“. I will be checking a random class at 1st hour one or more times a week, until I am sure that proper discipline is in place.

You know I have to have legal notify their parents and wait on their response before I can convert for dress code violations.

Yes, of course.  Be on your way and take these young — ladies — with you.

5 working days later

Ms. Wright?  This is Mr. Stone.  Of your 6, 2 had decided to make them full rate students and have paid up, in full.  Mr. Bowman requested a single room, with service slave and requested that, if possible Esther be assigned Tammy Clark as her slave, having been told by Mr. Clark that he wasn’t going to pay to prevent Tammy from being converted.  Mr Rivera requested that Dolores stay in her current room, which is a double, and he would pay the differential for at least this term, and would make final decision after it is over.  She was only a 75% rate, so it’s not like it’s that major a jump in his cost.  Evelyn Sutton’s parents were not reachable.   Gladys Burke’s step father stated and I quote “Hang or Spit the bitch, I’m dumping her slut mother next month any way”.

So, out of the 4 that are being converted, we have one pre-sold as a service slave, one put on “must snuff” status and 2 that are simply slave students.  Very well.  Unless they are in either of the Mistresses certificate course, keep them in their current class.  The two that aren’t having major status changes of course.  Ms Clark goes to the service training, and well, there isn’t a training track to be snuffed.

Do you have a method of snuffing Gladys?

I think a nice slow hang will be nice.  I’ll call an assembly for it Friday.   Contact  Mr. Burke and find out if he wants to witness the hanging and if so, if he cares to have a sex slave service him during the event.  Release all of them but Ms. Burke and Ms Clark.  Have Ms. Clark sent to the service training section and, of course keep Ms. Burke in one of those small cages that your delightful protege seems to like making.

It’s sort of weird hearing Ms. Wright calling Linda “delightful” because they meet with Linda pulling Mr. Wright very tight on our “Hollywood” rack.  Of course they seem to be study buddies in the Accredited Mistresses class.  Of course Linda has spent some time on that rack as well.  We call it the Hollywood rack for a reason.  While it can be painful, and possibly even pull an arm out of socket, you can’t pull it hard enough to make it a lethal toy.   We know, we have tried.  Several times in fact.  Best was both arms out of socket, never got it tight enough to pull a leg out of socket, much less pull them apart.  Now, the robo-rack, yeah, that quad 2000 watt electrical motors can rip even a strong slave apart if you turn the dials too fast or too far.  Not surprised, it’s a know fact that 4 horses can do that, been done a lot in history and lot more for snuff shows of late.   A 2000 watt motor is a little over 2 and half horse power.

The other down side of using a smart phone as a glorified walkie-talkie is that unless you hit the right combo of buttons when the other side contacts you, you are on speaker phone.   Linda, as it happened heard the whole exchange.

Tammy is going to be a service slave to Esther?   Yeah, I know how she’s going to service her.  Tammy has been lusting after Esther for years, like 8th grade or so.  Esther is a “tried lez once, don’t like it” straight girl.   Tammy, on the other hand is, what the word for bi-sexual but really just into sex?

Pansexual I think is the current term.

Does that include robots?  Or, more accurately a life size male “real doll” that can do missionary sex until the power gets turned off.  I saw her use “RoboDick” for almost 3 straight hours.

Linda, have I ever explained what TMI means?  That was, in fact Too Much Information.

I take it you don’t want to see the video that the film class made then.  For a couple of weeks it was our gold seller.  To be honest, I don’t see the attraction, it could be the first 5 minutes on loop, with a slightly different sound track looped in.

No, Linda I do not want to see uncanny valley missionary sex, much less 3 hours of it.  That idea is, to be honest, making me not horny this morning.  And that’s freaking rare, as you should know.

So it’s OK if I go blow one of the metal worker guys to show me some more welding tricks while I make up another cage that I have an idea for?

Linda, you are a free woman, well more or less.   You have an as yet not tested by the courts contract with me, but to the rest of the world you are a free woman.  You don’t have to ask me if you can suck off any one.  For that matter you don’t have as to fuck some one, but please, until you get your certificate, make sure no one can PPC convert you.

Not likely.  You are the only one I fuck, and we only do that twice a month.  The other times you use my mouth or we do butt sex.

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Welcome to the new Vo-Ag class

New Goat

New Goat

Isn’t that Alison Newton’s mom?

Yeah, what’s going on?

Will every one take their seats please and I will explain.  As you returning students know, my name is Mr. Curry.  I’m the head of the vo-ag department here at Weald High.  And as you might have noticed there has been some changes in the type of live stock we will be working with.  While we will still be spending some time with the traditional pig, chickens and cattle, we are going to spending the majority of our time on “Alternate Meats Sources”.   And yes, as you noticed the hairless goat on the milking station used to be Sheri Newton, Alison and Melody’s  mother.  Now, she is just another type of live stock that we will be learning about.

Now over the summer, I spoke with her husband, Phillip, who agreed to sell her to the school as part of the project.  I have started the process of inducing lactation in her.  She is now just one of the milk goats of the school, granted the 1st hairless one.  We will be learning about hairless goats, long pigs, pony girls and pet girls over the course of the class.  And, yes, for you guys giggling  in the back of the class, that means we will be learning how to train a pet girl to please her master.  While I couldn’t quite, get the board to approve having a sex slave training class, pet girl slipped under the radar.   While our current supply of slaves is fairly low, the school will be holding a fund-raiser/live stock buyout later in the month, which should help in that matter.   I’ve also made arrangements with some of the custom shops in Eastlake to let us use their facilities if we don’t get enough stock to use our own.  But I’m sure that the citizens of Weald will come through for the school, as they so often do.

What I’m not saying is that the fix is in, and about 30 young ladies are going to be sold to the school.  Plus several wives and a mistress or two.  Add in the fact that I’ve already decided which of the dozen or so girls in this class are going to be converted due to “bad grades” and we will have plenty to work with.    That’s above and beyond those that actually have bad grades, of course.

What I didn’t mention about the Newton family was that Alison and her sister Melody had also been sold to the school and were going to be the class long pigs or pony girls.  Phillip Newton, it seems, wanted to have his secretary as a play toy, but she told he that unless he divorced Sheri, his wife, no deal.   He explained all of this to me over a six-pack or so of beer.  The next morning I showed up at his house with the papers.  Megan, his new live in play toy might want to be careful if he gets tired of her.  I used one of those “meat grading” apps on her and she’s grade A, maybe A+.  I don’t think she knows what her value on the slave market is, and she has just made her self convertible, at the whim of Phillip.

Now, I want to give out some information about this class. We will, of course, be learning about using “Persons of limited rights” as “Alternate Meat Sources” to use the legal terms, but we will also be learning about their use as pets. I also want to draw attention to the grading scale. Male students that score below 75% at the end of the class will be required to retake the class if they want credit for the class. Female students that score under 75% at the end of the class or have a running average of under 60% at any time after the first grading period will be converted to persons of limited rights, and it is highly likely used as live stock in this class.

You can’t do that! I’ve checked the rules on conversion and public schools that don’t have a court system can’t just convert girls.

Yes, you are right, however your parents can. And I have signed waivers for all of you. Oh, and dropping the class? That will give you a running average of 0, per general school rules. That means if you think you can avoid possible conversion by dropping out of this class, in about 3 weeks, when the first grading period is complete, you will be converted.

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Just a quick note

First day in the Glory Hole

First day in the Glory Hole

The look on the face of some what sheltered girls not in what would be called the sex slave track the first time they are exposed to the glory hole training section is just priceless.

Of course, what they don’t know is that they are being recorded and their reaction is part of their grade.  This poor girl is going to get to spend some extra time in the glory hole until she react better.   Off course, the fact that Dutch Hall make quite a lot of cash out of our “public access” to our young ladies in training.  Purely beside the point.

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Delivery service.

Is this here one of those places where you can have your women made into meat?

Yes, that is one of the services I provide.

Good. I’ve got my middle one out in the back of the car and I’d like her made into parts for a BBQ. I’m from Weald, and the Lakeside BBQ just had what they called ‘Long Pig’ on their menu and damn it was tasty. I’ve got my own smoker and a special rub I use, so I’d like to try it my self. Then I looked on those interweb sites about prices and they just aren’t right. Then it it hit me. Fannie ain’t doing the family no good, so I looked it up and sure enough, I got the rights to make her into livestock. I was going to take her to that “Spellbook Slaves” guy, but I got told that you do custom butchering on site, with some special services. Want to help me get her out of the car?

Delivered Daughter

Delivered Daughter

And what do you mean by “special services?” I ask as I follow him out to his car.

Well, I’ve heard that those sex slave types don’t have a gag reflex or nothing. I’d like one to polish my knob while I watch you process Fannie.

OK, thinking this over, there is the tax, he wants to rent a sex slave and there is the custom butchering fee.

Yeah, I can do that for you. How about $450 for a combo deal. That includes the fed’s tax on making a slave, use of my best cock sucker and a rush job on processing your livestock.

Four Fifty? Hell, that’s less than getting a whole hog done up. And I get my rocks off? Hell yeah.

Fannie is a cute redhead, who’s hog tied in the back seat of his car.  She’ been crying and this is obviously not her idea.  Being treated like a hog of for a smoker BBQ seldom is.  She’s thrashing around, and I’d just a soon not deal with that.   That’s why they invented tasers.   Once’s she’s under control, I help Mr. Potter carry her into the “specialty meat” section of my shop.

Blow job in the Abattoir

Blow job in the Abattoir

I hit the intercom “Julia, report to the Abattoir.”  I always enjoy calling slaves into the abattoir, they never know what is about to happen to them.

Julia, this is Mr. Potter and that is his daughter Fannie.  One of you is going to give Mr. Potter the blow job of his life and the other one is going to be converted to chops, steaks and a pair of rack of ribs.  Which one do you want?

With out saying a word Julia goes over to the client and drops to her knees “May I suck your cock master?  Or would you like your daughter to?

Are y’all being serious?  I’ve got a choice here?

Yes.  For the price you are paying you get one slave blow job and one slave converted to meat.  Your choice.

Well, it just wouldn’t feel right getting my rocks off on Fannie, so go ahead and process her.  I’ll let Julia here polish the old stick shift.

I’m not going to say it out loud, because, well it’s my business to snuff teen age girls, but it never stop to amaze me the number of fathers and step fathers that want their daughters snuffed, while they watch and often getting sexual serviced at the same time, but find the idea of fucking or having their cock sucked by their daughter “wrong”.

While Julia starts giving him his blow job, I’ve stripped Fannie, hooked her feet to the meat hook and raised her up over the blood drain. “Mr. Potter… This is the moment of truth. I’m about to cut her throat. Are you sure this is what you want?

Oh, yeah, cut that slut pig….

A rapid yank of the knife over her throat and Ms. Fannie Potter, one time daughter becomes, in a few moments, Fannie Potter, soon to be meat for a weekend BBQ.  As she is bleeding out I hear her father obliviously in the middle of orgasm…  “Oh….   Yeahhhhhh”.

As I lower Fannie’s body down on to the actual butcher table and start the process of parting her out a money making idea hits me.  “Normally Julia would sell for $700.  For an even grand I’ll let you take her home with you, as well as Fannie’s parts.  How does that sound?

Not sure how the wife would deal with that.

Tell her to deal with it or be the next batch of meat.

Oh, yeah.  I can do that.  Yeah, why not, I’ve got me some mad money on me.

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Weald, Oklahoma.

Is this John’s Collections?

Yes, it is.  May I have your account number?

They rattle off a number.  I type it into the account database.  Eastern Oklahoma Hotel and Motel Owners Association.  The hell? I’ve never had an thing to do with them.  Oh.  I see, one of the accounts that “John” set up for free back when he was just starting up.  This might be a bit dicey.  A lot of those accounts are just freaking strange.

What can I do for you?

Well, “Slow Inn” in Weald just called us.  Seem they had a jumper.  Left with out paying.

That’s not the sort of collections I do.

Oh, we know that.  He left a woman in the room.  Tied up, blindfolded in the closet. The Weald police says she’s not listed as a kidnapped woman, so they think she was traveling with him.  Can you come out and do that conversion for debt thing?

Isn’t Weald way the hell out on Grand Lake?

Yeah, but it’s right up the turnpike from Eastlake.  Only 90 minutes or so.  Let me send you a pic of the girl.

My phone dings while I’m checking routes to Weald.  “90 minutes of so” means a little over 2 hours, at best.  I check the photo sent.  Might as well, I’ve driven farther for less.

OK I’ll be out in a few hours.  Where is she going to be?

Well, after the police checked her out, the put her back in the closet, so she will be at the Slow Inn

In case you ever are in Eastlake, all the major roads leaving the town, and a couple of the ring roads are turnpikes.  This is not the case of the capital city.  There is more than a little heartburn about this by Eastlakers talking to OKC folk.   The Eastlake to Missouri turnpike has the largest McBurgers in the world.  Even bigger than the one in Moscow.  This should tell you something about this highway.

Completely true by the way, if you change the names to the real world names.  Just a fun fact.  Has nothing to do with the story line.  It’s in the same town as the Oklahoma  insane asylum, where the criminally insane go.  That might enter the story line.  Maybe.

I avoid the siren’s call of the McBurgers and find my way to the Slow Inn in Weald, Oklahoma.  It’s right on the lake.  There is a classic mom and pop sort of motel. Their is a BBQ place next to them.  Sort of nice to see one that has pig and cows on the sign, not women.  While the White Slave Act of 2000 is 15 years old, it’s still a big city sort of thing, more or less.

The on duty manager in the Slow Inn must have been waiting on me. “Are you from that slaver company?

Yes, I’m from John’s Collections.

Well let me take you to get Tracy.

Who is Tracy?

Tracy Smith, the girl that got left behind. The police checked her records, and are sure she’s not a kidnapped girl, so she’s part of Abel Duncan’s assets, being as how she was traveling with him. She keep saying he’ll be back and this all a mistake, but it’s been well over 24 hours now.  We’ve tried calling the number he gave us, but after the 1st call, we get the “you have been blocked” number.  I don’t think he coming back for her.

Well, if she thinks he’s going to be back as her only defense, yeah, she’s a female asset, depending on the contract he signed.  “Look, before we get to far along here, let me see the room contract Mr. Duncan signed.”

The manager spends way more time going through paper work than I would have thought it would take for a motel of this size.  He finally hands me one.   It’s a standard post 2009 boilerplate hotel/motel room contract that, does, in fact list “free females traveling with the undersigned” as possible assets.  “Good thing you are using a post 2009 contract form, otherwise this would be a waste of time“.

Left for payment

Left for payment

Well, follow me. I do. Tracy I find with her arms tied over her head to the closet rode, blindfolded with a white blindfold on, and her panties around her ankles.  “The police put her back like this?“.

Well, yeah, that’s how they found her.

This says something about the Weald police force.  What, I’m not sure, but is says something.  Because she more or less in the right position for an auto-grader app to work on,  I aim my smart phone at her a fire up the app, making sure to check the “legs not fully visible” option.  Comes back with a B+ rating.  Checking the state spot market for slaves of unknown skills with a B+ rating she’s valued at just shy of $600, less the  $200 tax fee.  That means I’ll offer them $200 to start with, then go as high as $300.  Less than that, assuming she doesn’t have a high value skill and I’m losing money.

Then it dawns on me who I’m dealing with.  While I’m going to go out of my way to rip off a motel owner, I’m damn sure not going to give them a windfall.  And to be brutal about it the mom-n-pop hotel/motels are the worse about over charge/under service.  Let’s see what I can do based on the actual debt owed, not the possible value of the collateral.

So, how much is the room rate due?”

$75.00, plus tax, plus some stuff on the mini bar.   Comes to 98 even.

OK, I’ll cover that in exchange for Tracy.  Do you need to get approval from your boss for this?

Nope, they said this was my problem, because I’m the one that didn’t get a card read from him first.  You’re paying cash, right?  Otherwise I have to deal with credit cards and that’s a hassle when the machine is down.

I pull a hundred out of my wallet “Keep the two bucks.”

As I’m leading Tracy out to the van, a couple of guys come out of the BBQ place.

So, is that the girl that got used to pay the room rate?

Sure is.  Why, you in the market?

Well, maybe.  We haven’t ever done a long pig, and might like to try it, if the price is right.

Well, I can let you have her for $300, but there is also a $200 federal tax so $500 walk way price.

$500?  Hell, that’s less than a whole hog, assuming you get a organic one.  Yeah, we’ll take her.

You understand she Grade B

What does that mean?

Short version?  Not super hot.  That seems to matter a lot to people buying slave to spit roast.  Part of the whole experience is watching her get spitted and like that.

That matters?  Hell that explains why every time we look into the long pig market prices seem so way out of line.  I’ve assumed that the “meat rating” was based on, you know meat, not what the, ah, livestock, looked like.  Explains a lot.  Well, hell that doesn’t matter to us, we’re just going to butcher her like a hog and put her in the smoker.  We don’t do whole hog spit roasts, least wise not ones bigger than 20 lb or so.  Not much money in those around here.  Let me go get some money out of the cash box and well be done.

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A first, for me.

Ass and Mouth use only

Ass and Mouth use only

Hello, I’m Steven Wade, Mr. Wood of “Her Special Day” recommended you to help out with a problem. I’m having. Well, we are having that is. This is Kimberli Mccaskill, and I’d like to have her as a slave.

Well, that’s not a problem, all I need is proof that you have had consensual vaginal sex with her, at least 3 times in the last 30 days. Selfies on a smart phone with time date stamps would count as proof, just in case.

Well, yeah, that’s the problem. I don’t fuck her that way. I’m well, not really gay, because I do have sex, sort of, with women, but only their mouths or asses. And only skinny asses at that. I tried the other hole once and I just can’t do that again.

Ah, Sorry, the law is fairly clear, it’s got to be vaginal sex to count. Now she can volunteer, then I can sell her to you.

Kimberli spoke up “Oh, we tried that. Seems I piss dirty. Got to stay thin some how… I’ve heard that I can sign a statement saying he is a person of contact.

Not in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, you have to sign a statement that he has had vaginal sex with you with in the last 30 days. And, unfortunately because you have told me that is not the case, I can’t take your statement. Not risking losing my license.

Is their any thing you can do?  I’m willing to do anything to be made Steven’s slave.

Steven grumbled under his breath.  Any thing but not snort a couple of grams of coke when ever you can you mean.

Hm.  Let me look at some contract options.  What is your relationship, other than butt buddies?

Steven “That’s not a very nice way of putting it.  I’m one of her managers.  I’m set up photos shoots and modeling gigs in the Ozark region.

Opps.  Shouldn’t insult clients.  “Sorry for that.  I, to be honest couldn’t think of a term that quite covered your sexual relation ship.  But Ms. Mccaskill is under a contract to you, one that includes short term work for hire, correct?”

Yes, that would more or less be what a manager does for a model. It’s a little more complex than that, but yeah, that covers it.

OK then, all we have to do is set up a codicil to your contract that includes a conversion on violation clause. I suggest a morality clause.

A morality clause? Are you aware we a dealing with a drugged out sex crazed model?

Yes. Exactly. You want her to straighten out her life, hence the morality clause to her contract, because no lady wants to be converted to being property, so of course she would stop her sinful behavior. As long as you can say that with a more or less straight face, it would work. Might not want to include the standard no drugs part of that clause, the feds have taken to getting weird on conversions based on drug use, because slaves are allowed drugs. There have been several conversions over turned and drug convictions followed. In more than once case, both sides got busted.  I really don’t think that is the way to go with her.  Hell, her being tossed out a rehab made the gossip rags.

Well, if we can’t do that, what good is it then?

OK, what’s the one thing you aren’t doing to her that most manager types would be doing, or at least trying to do? Let me give you a hint, it’s why you aren’t a person of personal contact. You must have a strong feeling about women having vaginal sex with men.  So you are going to make sure Kimberli stays pure until she finds that special man that will marry her.

Sounds like one of purity pledges that some kids sign.

It is, but it’s got teeth to back it up, unlike most of those that teenagers sign.

But I really don’t want to have normal sex. I like it up the butt.

You just told me you would do any thing.

I was thinking of a blow job….

Ah, yeah, well,  due to a lot of high level court cases and traditions set even back before the WSA2000 was passed, oral sex isn’t really sex.  At least not legally in most states.   Which is why strippers can suck off clients in some states but not fuck them.  That’s the case here, as of last year. 

So this isn’t going to work then.

Are you a virgin?  I mean the traditional “have not had vaginal intercourse with a male” meaning of virgin here, just to be clear.

No, I just don’t like it as much as having my other holes used.

Look, the law is fairly clear, all you would need to be is have consensual sex that included you being  penetrated by a penis at some point in the exchange.  I wouldn’t even have to cum

You wouldn’t?

Well, yeah, I figure the fastest way would be have you sign the contract, leave my shop, come back in have sex with me, then have Steven catch us in the act.  Or you can have some other random dude fuck you.  It just would be faster and have all the needed video proof if it came to that if you did it some place with time stamped video.  As it happens part of my shop has that.  Not this area, as it happens, but the part where I take walk in conversions does.  It’s up to you.

She will do it.

I will?

Look, you want to be my slave right?  My fake gay love toy?  This is the only way.

OK, I’ll do it.

I went over to my work station, pulled up a couple of my standard contracts, add the various names and what constituted a morality violation and printed them out. Kimberli and Steven signed them, I notarized the documents, filed them with the state and sent them on their way.

About an hour later Kimberli came into the office and went over to the conversion area.

I’ve got to have you. Fuck me!

Oh, I couldn’t do that you are a client.

I don’t care.  Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before….

I couldn’t keep the charade going much longer.  She was bent over with her mini skirt pulled up and didn’t have any any panties on.  She was wet, or as I suspected more accurately lubed up.  I unzipped and pushed into her and started to pump.  As to be expected of a close to virgin of her body build she was fairly tight, but I could tell she wasn’t really fucking back, so it wasn’t as good as I expected the first time I got to fuck a super model would be.  After pumping for a 45 seconds or so, Steven burst into the door.

Kimberli!  How could you do this?  Why?

Because I want a real man that fucks me like a woman you little gay bastard

That wasn’t in the script, or not the one that I had in my mind.  I was still balls deep in her and was giving serious thought to really fucking her until I came, but decide that I would keep to my word, so I pulled out.  Steven rushed over and pulled her away.

I am forced it enforce the morality clause in your contract.  Mr Cox, please make the necessary notifications to the state agencies.  Please send your bill to my office…

I go to the workstation, which still had Kimberli’s page open, made a few check marks.  Filled in a few time stamps and pushed enter.  A few seconds later a “Conversion approved and registered” message came back.

OK Mr. Wade, she has been converted and registered to you.

Steven nodded, pull out his cell phone and made a call “Vaughn? Yeah, it’s me, Steven. I’ve got Kimberli converted. When do you want to do that ass and face fucking gang bang? I’m thinking she a bit long in the tooth to be a runway model now, but I figure we can get a few years out of her as a fake gay fuck toy. Next week? Great see you in Dallas.

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