Mother, Daughter and Slut

Mother, Daughter and Slut
Mother, Daughter and Slut

It’s early on Saturday morning. Been sort of slow. Slow enough that I’ve sent Jana and Kira back to their rooms. Angelika is on the phone with one of our suppliers, trying to get a gross of spits for the J2000 and having little luck. Seems their has been a run on them on the east coast. So, unlike normal, I’m the one that takes the incoming call.

Can you do a pick up?

Sure, what have you got?

Well, I’ve got my current wife, her eldest and my slut.

Your slut?  You mean you have a slave you want to sell me?

Nope, just my slut.  Little Asian thing I’ve been doing on the side.  Wife got bitchy about me not fucking her any more, and demanded her or the slut had to go, so yeah, it’s both of them.

I see.

Yeah, I figure, what the hell, I’m getting tired of the two of them, plus I don’t really feel like sending the brat to any sort of higher education.

Yeah, I can pick up the 3.  Going to need to see proof that your “slut” is some one that your have slaving rights to.

What does that mean?

Well,  either you have photographic evidence that you have had voluntary vaginal intercourse with her at least 3 times in the last 30 days, or she signs a statement that you are person of personal contact. 

You mean you need some amateur porn staring me and slut?  That’s not a problem.  The brat has been making some for some film class she is in. Ha, it’s a good thing you don’t need that for the wife, all she’s been doing for the last 6 months is being the slut’s fluffer.  Hey, she’s a damn good cock sucker, does that count for any thing?

If you have her tested and she scores over 85% there is a bonus payment.  Same for your daughter and your, ah, slut.

How do I do that and how much is it?

Well, the best local testing company is “Imo Gutture” and how much depends on what you are testing.  It really boils down to 50 bucks a hole, and 25 for testing hand jobs.  I think they have a discount if you have all 4 tested at the same time.  It’s some thing like if you have all 3 holes tested they will test hand jobs for free.

So, your talking $150 to have all of them tested as cock suckers?  That’s a bit steep, I’ll pass on that.

Jana, sucks cock for free
Jana, sucks cock for free

You don’t mind if one of my girls does the pick up do you?  She will send me a photo of them and I will make you an offer.  If you like the offer, I’ll have her transfer funds on the spot.

Sure.  Can you send that redhead with all those tats?

You mean Jana?  Sure.  Do you want her clothed or nude?

Send the bitch out with out a stitch of clothing on.  Can I fuck her?

That cost extra, which really means it will reduce the price on your slaves.  I’ll tell you what, she will suck your cock for free. 

That sounds like a plan.  When can I expect the cock sucker to get here?

Well, she’s not doing any thing right now, so I’ll send her right out.  Give me your address and she will be there as fast as traffic will allow.

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