One of my duties here at Dutch Hall is that I am the go to person if a student needs punishment. Some teachers do their own, but most let me do it, plus, of course I am the one that does any executions, vs just randomly snuffing slave. Hard to tell those apart, really.

Any rate, I’m at my desk, trying to grade the written test of the intro to torture class and getting more and more irate. If these scores don’t pick up soon, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Well, yeah, I do, I’ll snuff the lowest grade in the class, but the problem is that there is a 4 way tie for last, which out of a class of 12 isn’t good. I might just go ahead and snuff the whole class. Make it a project for the advance torture class.

I interrupted from this half pleasant, half irritating chain of thought by one of our math teachers bring in a student. Ms. White never brings in students, she likes the flogger to much for that.

Yes Karen, what brings you here today?

I have a problem. Seems I caught Mary here cheating on a test

I don’t see the problem, give her a good flogging and get on with life. Unless you want her executed, which seems a little harsh for a non finals test

She is a free student. Not a slave. We have those you know. I’m going to leave the punishment of Ms. King up to you. Have fun!

Well, crap. We really don’t a fixed policy on dealing with a free female student that violates the rules. I’ve also been told that I am to have nothing to do with the male students discipline, that was the dean of students problem. Well, lets go ahead and kick this up stairs.

Dean Johnson? Yeah this Josh, I’ve got a discipline problem that doesn’t fall under my normal authority.

Ok, what is the student’s name? I’ll pull his record and figure out his points and what to do with him based on that and his current offense.

Not a he, she. Mary King

A female student? Not my problem. As I recall, you are the dean of discipline for our young ladies.

But she is a free student, not a slave. We don’t have any thing in place for that…

Well, I suggest you figure something out then Have fun with that!

Why is every one telling me to have fun when I can’t have fun with this one. At least not like I normally have fun any way.

I look through the standards for students and I finally find what I’m looking for. Seems I have three options and all of them require me to deal with the Kings. Might as well get it out of the way.

I call the contact number and get a secretary. I tell her I need to speak with Mr. King and it’s rather urgent.

Once he is online

Mr King, this Josh Stone at Dutch Hall. We have a problem with your daughter Mary. She was caught cheating on a test and we only have a limited number of responses to this and I need to know which one you want us to take

Oh. I see. What are those options?

Well, we can expel her from the school, with a 1 academic year ban on reentry, you can approve us to treat her as if she was an enslaved student for this offense, or you can convert her to being a slave. In the case of a conversion, that would be the only punishment, because legally she could not be held responsible for her actions as a free women.

Well, having her expelled really isn’t an option, not this time a year. What would be her punishment if she was a slave?

She would stripped, put in rather strict devise bondage, then after some period of time in the bondage, I would apply 10 to 20 lashes with a bull whip.

Long pause on the phone. I can tell he is thinking this over.

OK, I can’t take her out of school, so how about this. You put her in the bondage, but wait on the whipping until I get down there. When I get there I will decide on the conversion or letting her take her lumps as a free women.

A "free" student

A “free” student

OK Mary, your dad wants to at least start on punishing as if you were enslaved. Strip down now while I get out a device for you.

I find a platform with two vertical posts. She kneels on the platform, while I bind her arms and knees to the posts. This leaves her back exposed for the whip, plus it’s more than a little uncomfortable. Makes it ideal for this exercise in discipline.

I go back to my desk and ponder my failing students. Of the 12, 8 have failing scores, and the passing ones have Ds. Not good. I decide to snuff the lowest 4 tomorrow during class, and give a pop quiz after that. Any that fail that quiz will be held over for the next class, and will be tortured to death by the advanced class. That will take care of that.

20 or 30 minutes later, Mr. King arrives. He is lead into my office/torture chamber by one of the office aids, who sees Mary in bondage and gets a case of the big eyes

I’ve been thinking, lets go ahead an give her the whip he says, with out any form of greetings or other pleasantries.

I nod and stand up, grabbing the whip off my desk
OK, listen up Mary, this is how it’s going to go down. I’m going to whip you. After every stroke, you need to count it out. If you don’t count it out, that stroke doesn’t count. If you lose count, we start over at one. Got it?

Yes sir. Daddy, please…

We never find out what she was asking her father because I laid the first lash across her back.

Needless to say, she stopped talking and screamed. I waited a few seconds

You didn’t count that one. It doesn’t count

I looked up at Mr. King who was watching this, with sort of glazed eyed, but he didn’t say any thing. I shrugged and put the 2nd lash into Mary.

Three, oh God
Four, Please Daddy do something
Five, ahhh Please
Seven – AHHHHH
Ten Oh God, oh God I’ll never cheat again, please stop!

I paused and looked at Mr. West.

Would I be a bad person if I told you that I’m rather turned on by this?

Well, yeah, you are a bad person for getting turned on by watching your daughter get a brutal whipping, but I’ve got no room to talk, I’m a professional bad person and I’m the one doing the whipping. Because I am, after all, a bad person, an evil thought floats to the top of my mind.

Would you like a young lady to help you out with that turned on thing? Like one of her class mates?

His eyes snap up from watching his daughter sobbing in her bondage and lock on with me.

Oh God yes…

Picking up the inter school phone I make a call

Karen? Yeah, this Josh. Can you send a slave student down here? Seems Mr. West needs a little relief.

A slave student cocksucker.

A slave student cocksucker.

A few minutes later a cute little brunette comes into the room

Master Stone? Mistress White told me to come here. How my I serve you?

I love a well trained slave. Said slave is staring at Mary, again getting a case of the big eyes.

Well, it seems that Mr. West here has a problem that you can help out with by sucking his cock while I finish whipping Mary.

Several things happened after I said that. The first is the slave girl went over to the Mr.West and dropped to her knees. The second was Mr. West unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. The third was Mary letting out a wail.

I flipped her lightly with the tip of the whip.

Be quiet. You dad is getting his cock sucked. Now I’m going to start whipping you again. 10 more stokes, same rules as before.

Oh God, please don’t, I’ll be good, I promise. AHHHH

Got to give her credit, she did count it out as soon as she could.

A cum covered slave cocksucker

A cum covered slave cocksucker

I gave her the last nine strokes slightly slower than the first set of them, keeping an eye on Mr. West and his cock sucker. He had her head in both hands and looked like he hadn’t had a blow job in years. Which might be the case. Damn sure hadn’t had one by a trained sex slave the same age as his daughter.

After I finished the whipping, I got the bottle of spray anapestic and lightly misted Mary’s back with it

This should help with the pain. I’ll take you out of you bindings in a few minutes.

I look over at Mr. West and I see he is finishing up with his blow job.

Mr. Stone,was it, you mentioned a 3rd option for Mary? I think we will be taking that on. I think that converting her to a slave would be the perfect thing to do.

You know that if I convert her, she will take the same sex skills training the other slaves take,right

I was rather hoping that was the case…

Her Special Day

Let me introduce my self. My name is William Wood and I run “Her Special Day”, which is a marriage service that specializes in slave weddings. Let me tell you about my latest wedding.

I get an email from a Michael Coleman, who wants to talk to me about his up coming blessed day.

I have some rather unusual requests. Or maybe not in your line of work. I actually am planing on two weddings. I’m going to marry Susan Anderson, enslave her, then hang her, thereby getting her inheritance, then marry Margaret Roberts, my actual girl friend.

Do either of these two women know what your actual plan is?

Well, Margaret know, and Susan know that I plan on enslaving her. She doesn’t know about the hanging bit, of course. I’m sure she has some idea that something may be up, because I insisted that Margaret be her maid of honor. I’d like to have this 2 weeks from now, is that going to be a problem?

No not at all

Fast forward two weeks.

Maid sucks, bride dresses

Maid sucks, bride dresses

I arrive at the wedding venue and find a rather unusual sight. Michael is watching his bride to be get dressed while getting a blow job.

Ah, you are here. There has been a slight alteration of plans. I would like to enslave Margaret now, to act as our house hold slave. I think you will find every thing you need to make me a Person of Personal Contact on this.
He hands me his smart phone, and sure enough, there are more than 3 sexual acts in the last month. Being the smart sort of slaver I am, I had assumed some thing like this would happen and had the forms all ready done for Margaret. I got them out and tried to handed them to Michael.

Any other changes? And sign here, please.

I was not successful in handing the paper to him because at that exact moment, he started to cum in Margaret’s throat. He grabbed her head and was face fucking her quite hard.

Take it bitch. Take it like the cock sucking whore you are!

Susan looked up from getting into her dress

“I’m glad she is good at that, I hate it. Lets make a deal, you fuck me in my pussy, and fuck her in her mouth and ass when you want that sort of sex”

Michael sort of grunted what might be thought of as an agreement to this, while signing the enslavement papers for both women. The one for Susan had a blank time field, I would fill that in and register the conversion as soon as they were actually married.

No, William there has been no change in plans, I assume you have made all the preparations?

I nod and point up at the rafter, where a noose was hanging just out of sight. I would untie the piece of rope holding it up, causing it to drop to head level. As soon as Susan was placed in it, I would activate the winch and pull her off the ground, for the edification and enjoyment of all present.

Hanging a Bride

Hanging a Bride

The wedding went off with out any problems. At the point the minister pronounced them man and wife, I entered the time and registered the conversion with the state. What did I do before smart phones? I also triggered the dropping of the noose, so it would ready when the turned around.

The happy couple turned around and Susan let out a gasp when she saw the noose hanging down.

I assume that is for me. I should have guessed that you would do something like this. Well, if you think I going to cower or act like some simple girl, you have another think coming.

With that she marched down the aisle, grabbed the noose and put it around her neck, then nodded at me. I stepped up to her and put a pair of hand cuffs on her then I pushed the button and pulled her slowly off the ground, stopping when her feet were about 18 inches off the ground.

Michael, mean while had grabbed Margaret and was face fucking her.

Take it, take like the whore you are. And when I’m done, you are going to take it from ever man here, because you are a cock sucking whore. You must be crazy to think I would marry you, I know all about you going out and sucking off every Tom, Dick and Harry that wanted in your whore mouth. Take you cock sucking whore!!!

A line actually started to form leading up to Michael and Margaret. I shrugged and got in line. It’s been a while since I’ve been part of a blow bang, so I thought it was time. I was the 4th after Michael. At this point she wasn’t sucking cock so much as letting us fuck her mouth and throat, so I can’t really say how good of a cock sucker she is, but fucking her throat was just great. I looked up and Susan had died at some point, I suspect while Michael was still abusing Margaret. She at least died knowing that her opponent didn’t get the big prize either.

So, you want to snuff this one as well?

Michael stopped and thought about that.

I don’t think so. I think I’m going to sell her to one of those suck clubs. That seems like the best plan to me

So, that is how the last wedding I arranged went Like I said, I provide for Her Special Day.

A virgins first blowjob

I’m horny and I have snuffed a slut this week. Need to do some thing about that. I walk out in the hall as the bell rings for a class change. I see a cute little strawberry blonde. “That will do”.

You, come here pointing at my victim.

Yes, mister Stone?

My office. Now, be on your knees when I get there.
I watch the girls streaming by, and don’t see any others that I want.
So, what is you name and status?
My name is Kanisha Angers and I am a slave sir
Do you know who I am?
Yes sir, you are the man that signed my slave papers in Liechtenstein on that school trip. You are why I am a slave
Do you know what I do here?
I have heard that you torture and kill girls some times
Yes, that’s right. Do you know why?
No sir
Well there is several reasons. First is I like to. Really really like to make girls like you suffer, then die. Also, well a lot of people like to watch girls get snuffed, so we have both a live cam of most things that happen in this room, plus we sell them on the internet. Also, well there isn’t any way to put this nicely, but some parents request that we torture or even snuff their girls. Lets see what your record shows.

I pull up her record on the school database. Marked for no skin marking, and that the parents want the body back, ideally for a BBQ, however there isn’t any specific requests for snuffing her this year, they just don’t care if we do. Parents can request that their slave-daughters not be snuffed, and even not tortured and I must follow those requests. Of course this costs the parents part of the scholarship money. A slave that is no-snuff no-torture only gets a 25% scholarship.

Well the good news is that your parents care enough about you to not request you be snuffed and that no torture that marks the skin be done. The bad news is that they don’t care if you are snuffed and the reason why they don’t want your skin marked is because they are going to BBQ you if you do get snuffed.

She does not respond well to this.

Ok, lets find out if you go to your next class or to the meat cooler. I want you to give me a blow job. If it the best on I have had this month, you go to class. If not, well, I cut your throat as I cum.

Spoiler alert! One of the girls I have as a personal student in the Advanced Torture class has a 99.5% rating at oral sex. Given that they never give a 100% you can assume that she is close to perfect in head. And, surprise, she blew me last Friday, so it’s not looking good for little Kanisha.

But sir, Mr. Stone, I’ve never sucked a man. We haven’t gotten to doing stuff like that in sex studies and I didn’t have a boy friend before, you know, Liechtenstein

Well you better hope you are a natural born cock sucker then… Get to it.

About to have a Bad Day

About to have a Bad Day

I pull out my rapidly harding cock. She takes the head in to her mouth and sort of licks around on it. Not a bad thing, and the fact that I’m getting her oral cherry is nice as well. She must have seen a blow job video or something because she grabs my ass with both hands and starts bobbing her head up and down on my cock. Doesn’t really know what she is doing, but she is trying. I pull her head off for a second

Are you a virgin?
Yes sir

With that I push my cock back into her hot little virgin mouth and start face fucking her. She gags a little. I hold her head down with my cock at the top of her throat. I feel her starting to gasp for air. It feels great. I push a little more into her throat… She is really having a hard time breathing. I briefly think about just letting her choke on my cock, but that is pretty tricky to pull off. However thinking about it pushes me over the edge and I cum, and I cum hard.

While not the best face fuck I’ve had this month, not the worse either. She deserves a more or less pain free death. I pull out of her mouth, smile down at her. She smiles back up at me

Did I?
I always like doing virgin sacrifices.

With that I pull my knife across her throat and step out of the way of her blood as it sprays from her neck.

A few moments later, I call the cooking class to come pick up the meat and cool it while I make a phone call

Hello? Mrs. Angers? Yes, this is Mr. Stone at Dutch Hall. You need to come down to the school and pick up your meat. Yes I mean you daughter. What? Yes I am the one that snuffed her. Yes I do have a recording of it. I will have a copy of the raw footage for you when you pick up the meat. 4 cameras, all angles. Do you want a copy of it after it is edited? Ok, I’ll have that sent to you when the film class has made it.

About Dutch Hall

Dutch Hall is a private high school in Eastlake Oklahoma. It has a student body of around 600, 400 female, 200 male. Of the female student body, roughly 325 aren’t really students but slaves. It used to be that we only enslaved members of the 2 upper classes, but with school sponsored trips to Liechtenstein being part of intro week now, all 4 classes are eligible for conversion.

About a third of the student-slaves live on campus, with the other two thirds living at home with slave collars. If the collar detects via GPS that the slave is not on the school grounds during school hours, a mild shock is administered. If, if after 30 minutes has elapsed and the slave is still not on campus a much stronger shock is administered. One hour after this shock, if the collar does not detect that it is on campus, a small shaped charge is detonated, blowing the slaves head off. If this happens, the family of the slave is contractually obligated to pay to Dutch Hall the full value of the slave, or provide a replacement slave of equal or greater value. Trust me, you don’t want to violate a contract with a slave owning institution. Doing so is a good way to lose wives and daughters or pay a very hefty fine.

Not that some people don’t actually take advantage of this.

Slave with Collar

Slave with Collar

My name is James Torres and I am here to give you my wife as a slave.

He’s an oily looking man and she looks like a trophy wife. Of course right now she looks a bit shocked, what with her loving husband casually giving her up as a slave.

I’m afraid I really can’t do that, our charter doesn’t make us a general slaving company.

Please go to this URL, he says, handing me a piece of paper.

I do. There is an attractive girl, one of our student slaves I assume, wearing one of our collars.
I assume you added the nipple clamps?
Yes, I did. All the women other than my wife in my compound wear them at all times. Even my step daughters. Just a moment… Darling, smile for the man…”

The last bit he says into his phone.

“Please watch the web cam, it should be of interest in a few seconds”

I watch, then I see the collar detonate. There being no sound on this web came it’s a bit surreal, A silent flash of light, then blood spraying into the air and the headless body of an attractive teen girl falling out of sight.

“I think our contract requires you to take my wife now”

The harsh facts of life.

The phone rings. It’s too damn early for phone calls.

“John’s Collections. How may I help you?”

I work at, well now own, John’s Collections. I’m also the only one that works here now. My name is not John, and I don’t do normal debt collections. If I get called on a collection notice, I’m leaving with your wife or daughter, or both. People should read their loan applications better. Or their utility bills or any thing else that requires you to make monthly payments. Most of them include a clause that puts your women folk at risk. Any way, back to this damn call. Sounds like a prank call, what with it being what sounds like a teen girl, and giggles in the back ground.

So, do you take girls off to be slaves and stuff?

Yeah, if some one is late on their bill or like that.

Well, what if, like, a someone wants to be ah, converted?
Ok, now I’m sure it’s a prank call.

Well, yeah, I can take voluntary conversion, why you want to be converted?

Yeah, all four of us do… I hear giggles in the back ground.

OK let’s see how much of slave law, as done in Oklahoma these girls know. This might not be bad after all.

Ok, then I want you to say your name, then say “I want to be a slave”. Can you do that for me?

I hear giggles in the back ground. I turn on the record function on the phone.

My name is Felice Edwardson and I want to be a slave
Well, got one at least. A different voice.
My name is Kirby Breck and I want to be a slave…
Celsa Varga…
Etha Spiess….

And then the phone goes dead. No big deal, this is the 21st century and phones calls tell more than they should.

OK got all four. I type their names (took a while to get the spelling right on some) into the state slave commission web site and find that they are all, in fact legal for conversion. I make a few entries and upload the recording I just made. Doing a reverse on the caller ID I find that it is a cell phone registered to a Felice Edwardson. Gotcha. I go to a web site that PI and registered debt collectors can sign up for and find the billing address of that account. It’s in south side, of course. That just cost me fifty bucks, but I’m betting that it will pay off with 4 slaves.

So I gather my slaving kit and go out to my white panel van.

After dealing with the semi-nightmare that south side traffic is near rush hour I arrive at the address I got.

After ringing the door, it’s opened by a cute blond.

Felice? I’m with John’s collections…

Wow, you came out.. Heh girls, the slave dude came out…

From the back I hear “is he cute?” Felice looks at me and says
Sorta, in that older guy sort of way
“Well, invite him in…”

I come in once invited and follow Felice back to the den.

4 to go

4 to go

Sorry that you had to come out for nothing, but we will show you our tits if you would like…”

That will do for a start

Well, it’s all you are getting… Giggles…

I don’t think so… Felice Edwardson,Kirby Breck,Celsa Varga,Etha Spiess, you have verbally indicated to a licensed slaver that you wish to be converted to a person of limited rights, which was duly recorded and registered with the Oklahoma slaving commission, with the audio of your request registered with the commission. At this time you are now provisionally person of limited rights, pending verification of you status with regard to pregnancy or drug use. I am allowed to use any level of force to take your conversion.

They look a bit shocked. I pull out my multi stop taser
Don’t me use this…

Of course an X3 only has 3 shots, but I do have a single shot back up if it comes to that.

With my left hand I pull my recorder out and play back their call.
Girls, you done fucked up

School trips

Josh, how would you like to go on a class trip with selected 9th and 10th grade girls to Liechtenstein?

Odd, I don’t normally get asked to go on school trips, much less on ones out of country

May I ask why me? I’m not saying I don’t want to go, but isn’t it a bit, well, out of my normal scope of duties?

You see, my normal scope of duties is being the in house slaver, torture instructor and executioner. Yeah, it’s my job to enslave, torture, teach other people how to torture, and kill school girls. It’s just the right job for some one that before the White Slave Act of 2000 would have been, most likely, a serial killer.

I should introduce my self. My name is Josh Stone. I’ve been working in various parts of the slave trade since 2001, when I got a job as a meat grader at Hill’s Fine Meat. I lost that job after I, completely by accident, graded the boss’s daughter as A-Prime and had her live spitted for a rush job we had. Really, it was an accident, she got picked up on a bar sweep and I wasn’t looking too closely at faces, just bodies and she did have a hot one. Live and learn. After that I had a bit of trouble getting a job in the meat side of the slave trade and drifted around. I ended up here, at Dutch Hall prep school, a very exclusive private school in Eastlake Oklahoma. A private school that gave out scholarships to families that were willing to have their daughters enslaved and signed over to us. Once enslaved, well, about 20-25% of each class year got snuffed each year, 100% got tortured to one degree or another and most of the senior class got sold off as sex slaves at the end of their 12th grade, that being what they had spent the last couple of years doing, being trained to be sex slaves, or at least sexually trained slaves.

A key point was that we only could enslave juniors and seniors, due to the age of consent being 16. Yeah, I know, calling it “age of consent” seems a bit off, but that is what the WSA2000 called it, and you can’t enslave a teen below that age.

Well, the primary reason is that Liechtenstein has signed a treaty of cross recognition of slave status with the US and that the age of consent in Liechtenstein is 14. Freshmen and sophomores are no longer going to be off limits. But we need to send some one with a valid federal slaver’s warrant to to over see their conversion in Liechtenstein

Well that explains that.

Ok, sure. How many girls are we talking about here?

Oh, about 150
Isn’t that damn near all the 9th and 10th grade girls?
It’s about 85%. About the same as the junior class girls that normally get converted. Of course the percentage of slaves in the senior class is a little lower…

Well, yeah killing off 25% or so of the junior class girls will do that to the senior class.

Well, OK then, when do I leave?