The SC&C is announced.

OK every one, take your seats and shut up.   There is a new Student Contract and Code which I need to go over.   First of all, boys, mistresses, slaves and registered not-white, please go to the library as a free study hour.  The rest of you girls, this will apply to you.

Terri Cooper, let’s see how you would do under the new rules.  Come up here and stand by the black board.

You are 18 right?  OK, let’s start with what you are wearing.

Well, jeans.  Not a skirt, so that’s a start.  And a turtle neck sweater.  Take both of those off.  Yes, right now.

OK.   Ankle length socks.  Panties don’t match the socks and you are wearing a bra that fastens in the back, and I don’t think you are a D  Are you?  OK take the socks and the bra off.  Or better yet leave the socks on and take the panties off.   I need to check your pubic hair length.

OK.  Let’s measure your cunt hairs.  Oh, just a little over a half inch.  Need to trim that.   That will be a total of 6 demerits tomorrow if you wore this again.

So, just so you know, that would also be 2 violations, which after 5, you go before the student conversion board who will evaluate your violations and recommend conversion if needed be.

Now about demerits.   They can be assigned by any faculty or staff, and yes that includes the service staff and the custodial staff.  Each member of the staff or faculty will have a posted list of options to remove a demerits.   I’ll give you the short version for me right now.   I like to spank bare asses and I like blowjobs, so each demerit will earn you 10 swats with a cane on your ass or a 5 minute blowjob.  If I cum in your mouth that counts for two demerits by the way.

Calm down.  Yes, I can do this.  No, telling the school board will not help, they know it’s an option.   Also, just for the record, notice that “Failure to cheerfully obey instructions” bit in the code?  Yeah, if my instructions are to suck my cock, that counts.

One more thing.  This is a contract that you will be signing to stay in school, and it has a conversion clause attached to it, so if you violate the contract you are not only risking yourself, but every female that can be converted in your family or household, so just think, “Is not sucking cock worth risking my mother or sister’s freedom”, because that is what is at stake now.