Hillsburg Prep Mistress Class, intro session.

OK, everyone take a seat.

Let me start with roll call.   This is more so I know names than any thing else.

Linda Long… Rachel Morgan… Nicole Watson… Marie Johnson… Evelyn King… Beverly Sanders… Tammy Hughes… Maria Davis… Christine Cox… Anna Collins… Joyce Martin… Anne Robinson… Nancy Flores… Elizabeth Henderson… Stephanie Brooks… Betty Williams… Shirley Anderson… Diane Green… Carol Miller… Lillian Gray

OK if I did NOT call your name raise your hand…

Nobody?  good.

Student Mistress Wear
Student Mistress Wear

OK, let’s start with some basics and the good news for you.

Your uniform is a black leather,pleather or PVC mini skirt. Any thing else is your option.  Yes, that means you can go topless if you want.  You may also carry a small whip or ridding crop.  I expect you to be in uniform this afternoon.   Yes, this afternoon.

Classes other than this one are optional, but have no fear, other subjects will be covered.  Must attend classes are 8:30, 10:30 and 2:30 each and every day.  Optional classes are 9:30 and 1:30.  There will be a optional block starting 2 hours before school and 4 hours after school.  I, or a qualified assistant, will be available during those hours.  Office hours are the 4 hours post school and lunch, if your parents want to contact me.

No member of the staff or faculty other than my self can assign you a demerit, however I will take the feelings and wants of other faculty into account when handing out demerits.

Now the bad news.  State law requires that there be at least a 20% rate of students who don’t pass.   My rules are simple, 20% of you are going to fail.   That will be based on your final grades,  the bottom 20% will fail and be converted.  This assumes that some one doesn’t fail one of the must pass tests.   In that case one less student will be selected for conversion based on grades.

So, here are your first assignments.

Get a uniform by the 2:30 class today.  This is a must pass test.  It will be pass/fail.

Have an at least 2 page report on the history of the White Slave Movement in the US by the 10:30 class tomorrow.  Use either the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers or The Chicago Manual of Style for layout. While not required for this document, I expect you to learn and use LaTeX as much as possible for written assignments.  This paper will be graded on both content and style and will be 5% of your grade for this class.

For the 2:30 class tomorrow have a plan of conversion for at least 3, one of which must be a close friend or relative.

Any questions?