Real life and the WSA2000 Blog

Real life has not treated me well this last year.  Among other things I didn’t have time to deal with the WSA2000 blog as much as I think it deserves.

I’ve changed my medication and have actually scheduled time on my tablet time keeper to write for the WSA2000 universe.  While I don’t promise that I will keep to it, I set my self up to write stories for the blog Saturdays, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays each week.  With any luck at all I will be able to do those.

Here’s an image I found that should give you an idea about where I want my mind to be at when I am writing.

Spit the bitch

Yeah, sorry, I’m getting back in touch with my inner psychopath. Time to let him out to play for a while.  No, wait, not sorry.  I need to let it run through my fingers to the key board to your eyes.


4 thoughts on “Real life and the WSA2000 Blog

  1. So… does this mean that we are in for yet another W.S.A. amendment? maybe this time, undoing some of the last amendment’s cruelty limiting provisions?

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