Mistress Class:Math Day

Mistress in Training
Mistress in Training

All right, today we are talking populations and what that means to you as a mistress.  And, yes this will be on the test.  First up, due to the great mutation caused by the Spanish flu, white and Asian birth rates are some what changed from their historical levels, from 1.05 males per female birth to just under 0.5 males per female birth.   This has resulted in a close to 1:2 ratio of males to females among adults born after roughly 1945.

So, what does that mean?  Well, it means that for every 100 females there are only, in theory 50 males for them.  It’s actually worse than that, given that of those 50 men, 10 or 11 of them will be gay, on the average.  It’s from those 60 “extra” women that the majority of slaves are drawn from.

I say majority,  but lets look at the number.  From the 2010 census we have the following data bits.  About 25% of all marriages are slave based, in that the wife is in fact a slave.  Many of these are “SINO”, or “slave in name only”, done for a variety of reasons, taxes being high on the list.   That means out of the lucky 40 that found a man and was able to get him to marry her, 10 end up as slaves any way, at least in theory.  Add in the 35% of marriages that end in what would have been a divorce before the act, and that brings the total of “lucky” women that ended as slaves to  20, or more or less half of them.

So, lets talk about the other 60 women.  First, let’s strip of the roughly 25% that get either a slavers warrant or a mistress license.  That’s 15 that aren’t going to be slaves.  Of the remaining 45, by age 40 75% or roughly 34 of them will be enslaved.

So let’s talk about those 34 and how they got there.

About 15%, for what ever reason, volunteer to be converted.  That is 5 slaves.  Average age of a volunteer as of 2018 is 22.

Around 18% are family conversions, where a daughter is converted.  This may or may not include a wife conversion at the same time.  So that’s 6 more.

The next 27% come from person of personal contact conversion.  That’s 9 more.

The 14 others come from some sort of legal issue.  Either a conversion by a judge, for defaulting on a contract or similar type of method.  Those of you that fail this class, by virtue of the contract you signed at the start, will be part of this number.  Contract defaults of one sort or another are the majority of legal action conversions, or at least have been for the last 10 years or so.

Now let’s talk about social class and enslavement rates.  When the White Slave Act of 2000 was being debated, it was assumed, by most people, that this would result in large number of poor women being enslaved by the upper class.  This has not been the case.  The majority of SINO conversions has been from the upper third by income.  It’s a case of if they had enough money to get a prenup before the act, they simply made the wife a slave after the act was passed.  Enslavement in lieu of divorce seems so spread it self over the wealth spectrum, but it’s marginally higher in the upper half.  Volunteers seem to come from middle to upper middle class back grounds, but that isn’t to say that there have been “volunteers” that took it as a way to stay alive.   Daughter conversions seem to have two groups.  If the daughter is taken back by the family, it’s almost 100% that you are dealing with upper middle or higher.  If the daughter is sold off for cash, it’s likely that we are talking lower middle or even lower class.   It’s important to note that among Native Americans and African Americans the rate of enslavement is under 2%.  It’s lower than the baseline white rate among Asians, but not the near vanishingly small number is is among African Americans.   Of course with the 2016 changes to the act, any women that has on record a family history of being counted as “African American” or “Native American” can register herself and have next to no chance of being enslaved.

So, between the ages of 16 and 40, roughly 54% are slaves of one sort or another.

Any questions?


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  1. *A short auburn haired girl with a few freckles raises her hand* “Ummm, excuse me sir! I’m still not sure *blushes* between what ages can a parent enslave their daughter?”
    *looks down at her desk clearly embarrassed*

    1. That depends on age of consent in the state. In most states, it’s 16, but some states have a age of consent of 17 or even 18. The upper age is 24.

  2. ”Um, Sir… I don’t mean to belaber the point, but were those the minimum ages for parental conversion or the maximum ages?”

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