The Dark Temple. Part 1

A year and a day ago
The Temple of Our Dark Lord, Eastlake Oklahoma.

Do you, Brittany Barber, agree to serve as our Dark Lord’s earthly vessel and to further act as our Dark Lord’s Host on Earths wife,  so long as you shall be barren of our Dark Lord’s spawn?

I Do.

Do you, Brittany Barber , agree to be used in what ever manner our Dark Lord and his Host on Earth shall see fit, until such time as you are no longer barren of our Dark Lord’s spawn?

I Do.

Do you, Brittany Barber, agree that your body is but a toy of our Dark Lord and has no value other than that the Dark Lord or His Host on Earth assigns to it, and that it may be used in any way that pleases the Dark Lord, his Host on Earth, until you carry the Dark Lord’s spawn?

I Do.

Do you, Brittany Barber, agree that you are entering into a state of a sacred connection to the Dark Lord and His Host on Earth and that your womb is for their sacred use only, until you carry the Dark Lord’s spawn?

I Do.

Do you, Brittany Barber, agree that your mouth and anus are for the amusement of the Dark Lord and his Host on Earth, to be used in any way they see fit. not limiting their use to only themselves if they deem it just and right?

I Do.

To The Dark Lord.
To The Dark Lord.

Do you, Brittany Barber , agree that these vows you are taking today are of your own free will and shall be reviewed in a year and a day or when you carry the Dark Lord’s spawn?

I Do.

Sacrifice the harlots to the our Dark Lord.

By the lives of the harlots snuffed out as a sacrifice to Our Dark Lord, and by your agreements I declare you to be the vessel of Our Dark Lord and the earthly wife of His Host on Earth.

So “Host on Earth” how does it feel to be a married man?

Cut it out Fred. There isn’t any one around.

Still, what’s up with this latest bit of foolish.

She wouldn’t fuck me until I put a ring on it.  She also “found”  the bit in “The Dark Book” that the bride of The Dark Lord would rule the temple once she had been taken with the spawn of the Dark Lord.  So we agreed that only I and, of course our Dank Lordy would fuck her, but I had control over her as if she was a slave.  Given that DL is, well, lets face it, at best a ghost and I’ve had a vasectomy, she isn’t going to carry the Dark Lord’s spawn any time, unless she can get pregnant from oral and anal sex.   Speaking of which, I’m adding something new to the Great Rite, while I’m ass fucking the altar, I want the leadership to face fuck “the Altar”.

Every Great Rite?


3 Times a week?

Yeah, don’t want you dick sucked 3 times a week?   Oh.  Any questions?

Yeah, can we afford that?  Slaves to act as altars aren’t cheep.

Yeah, we can.  The Altar for the Great Rite doesn’t have to be a slave unless we are making it a full sacrifice.  I expect the membership to start providing altars from approved wives and over 18 daughters.  I, of course, will start this new path with my new wife.

Another teen “turned in”

The scene:  A typical upper middle class home in South-side Eastlake.  Two women, both in their mid to late 40’s are talking to each other over a cup of tea.  “Georgia, Where is Samantha?  I haven’t seen her around for a couple of days?” asks Michelle Stokes, the older of the two.  “Well, Michelle, I turned her in.  They even gave me a debit card with $400 loaded on it.  I should have done that years ago.  She was just to willful of a child, and once she turned 18 there was no end to her “I’m an adult now, you can’t tell me what to do.”

“Turned her in?  You mean you sold her as a slave?”

“Well”, replied Georgia, “I had to do something with her and the police said there wasn’t any thing they could do, and the family court said she was too old to foster out.  Both of them, the police sergeant and the court clerk I spoke with recommended these people Spellbook S&G as the fix to my problem.”

Michelle nodded  “I might want to talk to them about Erika, she is getting to be to big for her britches.  Like you said, picked up an attitude when she turned 18, not that she was all that polite of a child start with.   Do you have these Spellbook people’s number or a card?”

Selling the Daughter off.

Later that day, same kitchen:

“Erika, I had a nice talk with Georgia Baldwin this morning, you know, Samantha’s mother?  Seems the reason we haven’t seen Samantha is because Georgia sold her.  For only $400, the silly goose.  I checked around on the internet and found that Samantha should have sold for closer to $700, maybe more.  At any rate, $700 is what I’m looking at for you.”

“Mom, you can’t mean that”.

Oh yes, I can.  Now strip down so the men in the living room can take you away.

What happens to Erika?

  • Spit roasted live. (53%, 46 Votes)
  • Sold as a sex toy (30%, 26 Votes)
  • Sold as a general use slave (17%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 87

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