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Why is there a girl in my closet?

Girl in closet

Debbi? Dear, why is there a girl in the closet?

Happy Birthday! Well, a month early, I mean.

But what if I don’t want her? I’ve never said I want a slave girl, you are all I really want.  You give great head and your pussy is still tight…

If you don’t want her, then snuff her.  All you have to do is just kick the stand out from under her, that is why she has a noose.

You think of every thing dear. I love you.

Love you too, now snuff her or let me know that you aren’t going to later tonight.  I mean after you fuck her ass.

You mean you bought me a slave because you didn’t want to get fucked in the ass any more?  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Well, sorta.  I also want some one to clean the house and wait on me hand and foot.  The shop says she is trained at cleaning, so I sorta want to keep her, but that’s up to you, honey.

Well, OK, I’ll let you have her to clean, but if she gives you even the slightest bit of trouble snuff the cunt.

Yes dear.

Debbi?  For my birthday I want a redhead…


Steven and Betsy Talk.

Well, “Mistress Elizabeth”, where shall we go for drinks?  I heard about a club that caters to Mistresses and their significant others, live shows and hourly slave auctions.

Oh, yes, Master Steven <giggle> let us go there.    Seriously how does married to a Mistress feel?

Just great! Now I don’t have to hide about wanting to snuff slaves.

Oh?  Even big titted blonde slaves?

Yes, of course, just like your sister.


Yeah, you didn’t think I wanted to snuff you did you?

Well, the thought did pass my mind.  My sister.  Hmmm.  Are you willing to work for that?

Depends on what work means

I mean are you willing to fuck her face 3 times in a month?   While I watch and take videos.  Videos that have a time stamp…

Oh, I get it.  You want to have me enslave your sister.  OK, I’ll do it if I can also enslave her daughter.  I’ve wanted to fuck that little piece of ass for years now.

Oh…  OK, it’s a deal then.



Meet Steven and Betsy

Snuff a bitch
Snuff a bitch

Steven? Is that you? I’m in the bathroom. Your package came, they said they were early.  I signed for it.

Ah, it’s not what you think Betsy.

I think it’s sweet that you got another blonde with big tits.  Just like me.  That’s sweet.  You want to know what else came in the mail? Remember that class I took back in July?  Well, my final grades came back and I qualify as a “Mistress” now.  I registered as one as soon as I had the final grade codes.  Aren’t you proud of me?  Oh, that’s right, you didn’t know about that class.  Want to know one of the things they taught us?  Slave transfer laws.  Did you know that if a slave is delivered, ownership goes to a “qualified member of the household sighing for the slave, unless otherwise noted on the delivery papers.”  Guess who is a qualified member of the household now?  I hope you didn’t pay to much for my snuff toy…”

Your snuff toy?

Yes, dear, I’ve knocked her out with that chloroform you thought I didn’t know about and I’m tying her up in the bath tub.  I’m going to slowly fill the tub up with cold water, until the bitch drowns.  Then I’m going out for drinks and maybe a call to my lawyer, unless you can tell me why I shouldn’t

I bought her for you, as a graduation present.  I told you it wasn’t what you thought.  I noticed what class you were taking when I looked at the credit card bill.  Granted I had to go on the school’s website to find out what the code meant, but, yes I’m proud of you dear.

Ah, that’s sweet.   Thank you Steven.  Want to watch her drown?

Will you blow me as she dies?

Of course dear.