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Big tit torture, try two

Brunette with big tits.

Welcome to Spellbook Slaves, how may I help you, oh, it’s you. Looking for another blonde with perfect tits? You didn’t really do that much damage to the last one.

Yeah, I used a variable transformer on her with a needle in each tit and I must have turned up to far.  Only a little bit over 3 on the dial.  Bitch got electrocuted.  But I’m not looking for a blonde this time, got a brunette with big tits?  Ideally one that isn’t worth much more than being a meat bag walking.  I’d feel bad if I fucked up a bitch that was worth any thing.  I mean, fucking up a bimbo is about the best thing you can do to one.  Hell shouldn’t call them a bimbo, a proper bimbo can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.  No, I want a pair of big tits that is attached to a useless body.  Got a brunette like that?

Yeah, we got one.  Actually Holly came in her self to be a volunteer.  Said she didn’t care what we did to her, just she was tired of the life she was living.

Again, did I ask for the back ground story?  No, I did not, I asked for a pair of tits attached to a useless meat bag.  How much is this one?  A grand again?

No, she isn’t as high quality as the last one, so I can let her go for $750, after tax.  It’s not like she cost me any thing.

Back in the farm house

Master, what are you going to do to me?

Master?  Did I ask you to call me that?  On the other hand I like the sound of it.  Yeah, Master, call me that.  As to what I’m going to do, well, you were cursed by the devil to have big tits.  I’m going fuck them up.

Good, then maybe I’ll feel something…

Well, I’m not going to jump right in with the needles and the electricity, did that to the last one and I only got to play for a few minutes before the bitch up and died.  I think she did that just to piss me off.  Or it could have been high voltage to the tits, either way.  Stand up and strip

Yes master.

Holly strips and has her feet tied to a spreader bar

Tit Torture
Tit Torture

Gag me master, so my pathetic noises will not disturb your work.

You are a piece of work you know that?  I may keep you around for a while.  Depends on if I fuck up with this.  I’m sort of new to the whole thing.  Well, let us get you hooked up. I’m going to wrap each tit tight, then attach the ends of the rope to these weights.  Once they are turning a nice color I’m going to work on my dart game.  Nipples are double points!  Then I might use the whip on them.  Sound like fun to you?  What? I can’t hear you, of course you have than ball gag in your mouth.  Nod your head if you want me to torture your tits meat bag.

Holly nods slowly.

You are a piece of work.  I might keep you around to practice on.

Does Holly live or die?

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At least he is honest.

Welcome to Spellbook slaves.  How may I help you?

I’m a raving loon psychopath and I’d like to fuck up a set of perfect tits.  What have you got in say a blonde?

You want a blonde with perfect tits that you want to fuck up?

Did I stutter?

No sir, you did not.  Follow me and I will let you make your choice.

Blonde with perfect tits
Blonde with perfect tits

This is Daisy Floyd, she was sold to us by a disappointed boy friend. Seem that other than her tits and ass she has no useful skills, to include giving head.

I didn’t ask for a background, but yeah, I feel like it’s my duty then to punish her for being a cock tease. Or for giving bad head. Oh, who am I kidding, I just want to fuck those tits up.  How much is the meat?

A grand even, with tax. Are you planing on snuffing  her?

Well, yeah, once I’ve had my fun of course.  Why, that a problem?

No, but we do offer a meat buy back plan, with the amount of the buy back based on it’s condition and it’s weight.   Depending on what you do to the tits we are talking around $200.

Some time later in an abandoned farm house

OK meat, look at me.

Please mister, don’t do this.  I’ll do any thing…  You don’t want to do this, I can tell.

What are you going to do?  You are a meat bag walking, you don’t have any money and I’ve been told you don’t fuck or suck worth a damn.  But you do have a nice set of tits.  It’s like the devil himself put them there, and I’m not going to let them go to waste.  Let’s get you tied up so you don’t thrash around to much.

Daisy is tied to a chair

See theses here needles?  I’m going stick the right into your nipple, pushing into those perfect bits of tit flesh that you have.  Not sticking all 5 inches in, but don’t thank me yet…

A needle is pushed into her right breast.


A needle is pushed into her left breast.



You stop screaming like that, I’ve just got started.  Now let me hook up those needles to this here thing they call an Auto Transformer. Now it doesn’t turn into a robot, but by moving this dial I can vary the voltage that goes into your tits. Sounds like fun? Want to start now?

No please mister, don’t do that…

The dial is set to a little over 1 and the transformer is turned on


Daisy spasm as the voltage hits her tender tits.

OK, that was one.  Let’s kick it up a notch, to three.

The transformer is adjusted and turned on.


OK Let us try 4 of 10.  Shall we?

The transformer is adjusted and turned on.
Daisy spasms but is silent. 
Her head rolls to one side and she slumps in her bindings. 

Damn.  Must have killed the bitch.  And I was just getting started.  Better call to have them pick up the meat.