Point of view

The original White slave act of 2000 (WSA2000) stories had, as their primary point of view character Mike West, who is the owner of Spellbook Slaves. Mike will show up now and again, however these stories primary point of view character was a minor character in the originals, Josh Stone, a worker at Hill’s Fine Meat. Mdjdo Inc. aka “Moje dcera je dívka otroka” aka “Mojo’s”, a start up white slavery company, part time, while working more at the Eastlake Finishing School, as the in house slaver, torturer and executioner.

Mojo’s is a boutique slaving company, specialized in daughter, step-daughter, nieces under control and to a lesser extent wife and long term ‘significant other’ conversions.

Eastlake Finishing School offers a all expensive paid scholarship to a college of her choice to any young woman that manages to graduate with out being converted to slave status.  With the current set up that’s about 1 in 3.

Another set of recurring characters will be the staff of the Eastlake Grand Hotel.

The Eastlake Grand Hotel is a full service hotel for the traveling man. How full service depends on the man, and what they ask for. So far, no one has asked for something that they couldn’t do. For the right price, of course.

A location in Eastlake Southside will be prominent in these stories.

Southside Eastlake is the land of the WASP,Yuppies and Money, both Old and New. Southsiders have a somewhat different view of white slavery than the other citizens of Eastlake. The majority of slaves in Eastlake come from the Southside. It’s often seen as just a slightly different version of the classic “Trophy wife” or sending a slightly troublesome daughter or step daughter off to boarding school. Not to mention a cheaper way to divorce.

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