Why is there a girl in my closet?

Girl in closet

Debbi? Dear, why is there a girl in the closet?

Happy Birthday! Well, a month early, I mean.

But what if I don’t want her? I’ve never said I want a slave girl, you are all I really want.  You give great head and your pussy is still tight…

If you don’t want her, then snuff her.  All you have to do is just kick the stand out from under her, that is why she has a noose.

You think of every thing dear. I love you.

Love you too, now snuff her or let me know that you aren’t going to later tonight.  I mean after you fuck her ass.

You mean you bought me a slave because you didn’t want to get fucked in the ass any more?  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Well, sorta.  I also want some one to clean the house and wait on me hand and foot.  The shop says she is trained at cleaning, so I sorta want to keep her, but that’s up to you, honey.

Well, OK, I’ll let you have her to clean, but if she gives you even the slightest bit of trouble snuff the cunt.

Yes dear.

Debbi?  For my birthday I want a redhead…


2 thoughts on “Why is there a girl in my closet?”

  1. Please don’t waste her – tenderize her a lot before you harvest her fine fem-meat. Thanks and best wishes. lens

  2. I hope he keeps her, and snuffs the red head. 🙂

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