Hang the cow

Ding! It’s the door.

I look up, it’s a sorta thick brunette.

I want to do three things.  One,  I want to buy a brunette, with big floppy tits that is bigger than me, if you have one.

Two I want to hang the cow.

Three, I want to volunteer my body for the next spit roast you have.

“You do know that when we in the slave trade say “Spit Roast” we mean an actual spit and and an actual fire, not fucking you in the ass and face at the same time, right?”

Yes, I know that.  Look, here is $1500 in cash, do you have a cow I can snuff or not?

“Yes, we do.  Can I ask why you want to do all of this?”

My “Boyfriend” left me for a cow, so I want to snuff one.

OK, but why be snuffed yourself?

Because if I’m not good enough for any one, I might as well be meat.

Hang the cow

I’m not going to argue with her logic, warped as it may be. Normally I’d give her 700 buck back from her offer of a grand and a half, because I don’t normally rip people off, unless they pissed me off, but being as how she will not live to spend it, we will keep all of it.  Why?  Because I can.

Something the back of my head went “Click”.

“What is your ex’s name?”

Chris Fellows. 

Oh this is good.  “Did the “cow” he left you for have a tattoo on her belly?”

Yeah,  I think so.

“Then you might want to revise your plans.  Seems that Chris sold her to us this morning.”

Why would I want to change my plans then?  It’s even better if I get to hang the real cow.

“Well, for starters, he claims that he only fucked her to make it legal to enslave her, and that he wants her spit roasted this afternoon, something about bringing his real girlfriend in to see her roast.”

Don’t care, I want to hang the cow then get spit roasted.    Chris called me meatbag one too many times for me to think I have any value to him.

Later that day…


“Hello Mr. Fellows, are you wanting to sell this on also?”

No, not now any way.

“Well there has been a slight change in plans. Your first slave was bought, at a considerable premium I might add, but we do have a similar slave for you to roast. Is that OK with you?”

Well, not really, I really wanted to show Cindie here that I really loved only her.

“Well you might want to wait until you see the alternate meat on the Jessica 2000 before you say that.”

Oh my God, is that Wendy on the machine?

“Yes, that was the meats name before she was converted and selected for processing as meat.  Does that make an difference?”

Oh God yes it does.  Cindie, strip down and blow me while I watch Wendy get processed.   This is the best day of my life.

From the Jessica 2000 Wendy speaks up.  “Well you called me meatbag when we were fucking.  I knew you really wanted me as meat, not as your girlfriend.”

Wait. You call me that to.  Does that mean you want to see me snuffed as well? 

Cow Sucking Cock

Shut up and suck my cock cow.

Yes master.

Push the button I want to see that spit go into Wendy’s cunt and out her mouth.

I pushed the kill switch.  “I’ve set it for 6 inches per minute, it’s going to take a bit for her to have it come out her mouth.”


Oh it hasn’t start to hurt yet.


There we go.  The needles just pierced her nipples and will be injecting a drug cocktail that should keep her from going into shock when she is gutted.  “Oh I didn’t ask, do you want her alive or dead when she goes over the coals?”

Alive, if you can do it.

“Sure, just have to run the simple gutting, that will keep her lungs and heart in place, but remove her intestines.  Let me do that now…”

I push a couple of buttons on the Jessica.  The laser guided knives and saws slice into Wendy and neatly remove her guts.

“Well, Wendy is still alive, but she will not be for much longer.”  I check my watch.  “She’s should be barfing up any time now.”


“Right on time.  The spit should exit about ….  Now…”

Oh god, that is so hot.  Your next meat bag…  Look, take my phone.  Look in the “meat bag 3” folder, I should have proof that I am a person of personal contact with Cindie here.  I want her processed as soon as you get Wendy over the coals.

By processed, do you mean converted to slave or do you want to see her spitted as well?

Skinny Teen Slut

Spit roast the cow.   Bring me a skinny flat chested teen slut.  I want my cock sucked while the meatbag gets converted to just meat.  I don’t want my meat thing to kick in.

She will be $800.

Fine.  Run my debit card.

OK Mr. Fellows, she is all yours.

Damn Pigtails.  How old is she?  No, don’t tell me, the age in my head is good enough.

Cindie didn’t want to get on the Jessica, having seen what it did to Wendy.  “Get on the Jessica or it will be much worse for you?”

How could it be worse?


“Well you could get tazered for starters.”   Ever try to move a 300 plus cow from the floor to a Jessica 2000? It’s not as easy as it sounds.  Took 3 men to do it.   And two more applications of the stun gun to keep her down.

“And here is another way it’s going to be worse.  I’m setting the spit for one inch a minute, so it’s going to take about half an hour to go through you.  And I’m not gutting you util you are dead, so you will be going on over the gas jets alive.  Plus the I’m going to use the drug cocktail that stimulates the nerves. It’s in effect a anti-pain killer.

Oh god, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, you guys came through.  Great teen cock sucker and all my cows are dead or will be soon.  So, little one, you like girl meat?  Don’t want to give you too much, wouldn’t want you to get fat.  You see what happens to fat girls.

Yes master,  I’ve had girl meat.  My dad converted his secretary and then mom roasted her.  I promise not to get fat.  I’ll barf her up if you want.  I don’t eat much, well other than cum.  I’ll eat as much of that as I can get.

Read the fine print

Didn’t read the fine print

Ring… Ring…
Spellbook Slaves, what can we do for you today?

You can come on down to the Fine Fox and collect the six losers of the stripper of the month contest. It starts in an hour.

Excuse me?

Yeah, I added a “Super Grand Prize” option with a $20,000 prize to the winner. What they didn’t realize is that not being the winner would be a conversion. Two girls decided that they would be happy with the normal $500 prize and didn’t sign that version of the contest contract.

How do you know that they are the losers if the contest doesn’t start for an hour?

Oh, easy, I’ve already decided 1st and 2nd which is all that matters. Simple really, did they blow me this week? If yes, they win.

OK then, do you have the names of the soon to be losers?

Ardelle Wesley,Candis Dye,Shirleen Mcadams ,Selena Berg ,Catrina Bisson and Charita Inman. I’ve got their ID with me now if that will help. Told them that I needed it for tax purposes. Explain to me how this works exactly. I got the contract off the web, and my lawyer said that any one that signed it as the contestant deserved what they get, but I don’t quite see how I get money from the deal.

Hold on, let me check.  Read off the contract number from the web site you got it from.


Yeah, OK, I see that one.  Basically it’s you, as a holder of the contract get half their sale value, after taxes are taken out.  I as the seller get the other half as my fee.  Or I could just offer you a flat amount before they are sold if you don’t want to risk it being a slow week at the slave market.

Let’s do that.  How about $500 each?

Send me a picture of them, if you can.  A phone shot will be fine.

OK looking at them, I can go 500.  No problem there.

See you in an hour to pick them up.



Mistress Class:The Failures

OK, When this class period is over, you will either be a mistress or a slave. I’m going to start with I’m not really happy with this class. Exactly half of you failed and will be converted to slaves. I’m going to call names out and say left or right. I want you to go stand over by the wall on the left or right of the room as you are called.

Lucille Byrd – Left
Jeanette Gonzalez -Right
Becky Colon -Right
Johanna Adams – Left
Marta Fernandez -Right
Jessie Bates -Right
Jean Newton – Left
Florence Hammond -Left
Lila Vega – Right
Kristen Sherman – Left

Failed Mistresses

If you are on the right side of the room, congratulations, you have passed, and you are now a Mistress with all the rights that implies. You on the left, strip.  You are now slaves due to failing the class, which is a contractual violation with a conversion clause attached for forfeit.   Be glad this is a public school where only  one of you will be eaten.  If you were at some of the private mistresses schools you would all be hanging from a noose right now.   It is traditional for the top two members of the class to buy one of the failures.  That would be Becky and Jeanette.


Can I buy the slave who used to be named “Kristen”?  I want to start my stable with a fire crotch. 


Can I get the slave who was called “Lucille”?  I want a white girl and she’s about as white a white girl as they get.

Both of you can have them, just pay the man from Spellbook Slaves when he gets here.   It’s a nominal fee, but  you don’t get them for free.

This does leave on question, which one gets roasted for the graduation feast. Tell me as I call your name

  • Jeanette
  • Becky
    Yeah her. Jean I mean 
  • Marta
    Roast the bitch. Jean
  • Jessie
    My vote is Jean as well
  • Lila
    Let’s make it unanimous  Jean it is.

And she would be my choice as well.  Jean, you might have lived through failing, but assuming you were better than the rest of the class just because both of your sisters and your mother were mistresses isn’t a good idea.  Particularly when you don’t really have the head for business and to be frank lack the spark that mistresses need to survive in this world.  Plus, of course, being the only one that didn’t take me up on a blowjob to fix a bad grade offer pissed me off.  Becky blew me just to get a 95% raised to 98% just to make sure she had the highest score on that test.

So, spit roasted or parted out?  And if spit roasted, live or dead?

Why not part her out live?

Lila, do I detect a slight bit of bitterness?

Yeah, you might.  Do you know she literally drove past my house every day, yet couldn’t be bothered to take me home at any time.  Even after I licked her nasty ass cunt.  What ever you do to her,  I want it to hurt and last as long as possible, so yeah, part her out live, cauterize the stumps and let me buy her head and torso to be my personal toilet and ass wipe.

Anybody have a better idea on dealing with Jean?  No?  OK, part her out live, then, assuming she survives Lila can have her as a toy.


The night shift at Spellbook Slaves.

Public Drunk

Ring… Ring…

Hello and what can Spellbook Slaves do for you tonight?

Oh, hello Jim, what’s going on?  You have arrested 4 teens for underage drinking in public?  Yeah, so?

Oh, their parents would not pay the fine and it’s gone on to night court?  And Judge Harper is on the bench tonight?  So they have been converted already and Spellbook Slaves is on the top of the list for right of first refusal tonight…  No, what do you mean that we are 3rd on the list.  What’s wrong with them?   One of them is Amy Edwards,  Damon Edwards daughter?  You mean councilman  Edwards?  His oldest?   Why the hell didn’t he pay the fine?  Oh, he’s out of the country on a fact finding mission.   OK.  Why didn’t his wife pay the fine then?  Oh, his 3rd wife, and the girl is from the 1st marriage.    OK I can see why this is a problem.  Let me call you back…  What do you mean, I can’t call you back,  I have to decided right now? You will call the next slaver on the list if I don’t make a decision.   Ah, shit.  Boss man is will have my hide if I let prime slaves get out from under us, but I also don’t want Damon Edwards on my case.  Shit.  OK, I’ll take them.  I know what the boss will do, I just guessing about the councilman.


Ring… Ring…

Hello and what can Spellbook Slaves do for you tonight?  You want to turn your self in for conversion?

Mrs. Edwards

We can do that. Give me your name so I can start the paper work.  Did you say `Joanne Edwards`.  Ah, you wouldn’t be related to Damon Edwards would you?  Oh, your his wife.  Can I ask why you want to be converted tonight?  Oh.  You didn’t know that there wasn’t a wait before your step daughter went before a judge and you thought you could straighten it out in the morning.  Oops.   So you are going to make your self into a slave to avoid dealing with your husband.   Oh, I see, he threatened some one over hurting his little darling and you thing he will sell you to a butcher for letting her get converted.  I see.   Well, I’ll be by in an hour to get you, right after I pick up the little darling.  Yes, that’s irony for you.

Hey, boss, It’s me. Got a bit of an issue. Want the long or short version. OK Short version it is. I bought councilman Edwards oldest daughter Amy,  and his wife wants to do a voluntary conversion. Yes, Damon Edwards. Well, the daughter was part of a package of 4 drunk in public teens and Judge Harper was on the bench.  Yeah, they were converted as soon as they came in, more or less, you know what he is like.  And the Mrs. Edwards, Joanne,  is converting her self because she doesn’t want to be sold to a butcher when he gets back from where ever it is he is fact finding from.  Any rate I’ve got to pick up the teens and Mrs. Edwards.  Oh, you will pick  up the teens and get Joanne.  You want her address?  Oh, you know them personally.   Great.  OK I’ll just be here seeing if I can get in more trouble.  No, not really trying, just seems to happen that way.

Ding! The door. Odd, don’t get much traffic at this time of night. I look up, it’s a blonde with nice tits.

Can I sell myself into slavery here?

Well, this might be fun.  “Sorta.  You can volunteer for conversion, but you can’t really sell your self.  If you volunteer, no money changes hands.  It’s only when someone with selling rights sells a free woman into slavery that money changes hands.  Or of course, when a slave is sold, but that’s not what you are talking about.”

So if I want to be made a slave my parents don’t get any money?

Right.  Is that a problem?

Well, no, I just thought that if I was sold into slavery some one would get money.

If your parents wanted to, they could sell you, but if you volunteer they get, well, squat.

Good, what do I need to do?

Well you can start by giving me your name

Kate Edwards.

Oh great. Any relation to Joanne Edwards?

Yeah, I’m her step-daughter.

And why, if I may ask, are you wanting to become a slave?

Walk in Conversion

Well, it’s sorta personal. Short version, I’m a sub but Daddy wants me to become a mistress and I can’t see myself doing that. And if I wait until he gets back from Crete, it will be to late, as the class would have started and once you are in the classes he wants me in you either graduate or get snuffed. So I have to get out of his hands before he gets back next week.

OK.  Just out of curiosity how many sisters or step sisters do you have?

Just Amy.  From dad’s first marriage.

OK, you can start by stripping down and filling out this paperwork.  I’ll run your ID and get you converted as fast as possible.  Just so you will know, Amy was converted by Judge Harper tonight because your step mom fucked up.  She, Joanne that is, knowing how your dad feels about Amy, also converted herself to avoid being snuffed and eaten, so don’t be surprised to see them in the holding cell.

Experimental Failure.

Experimental Failure

Ring… Ring….

Yeah, Spellbook Slaves, can you hold?

Sorry about that.  Some one selling me his wife and step daughter

What can I do for you?

Yeah, of course I’ve heard about the hormones to increase milk flow in milk slaves,  I do keep up with the news even if I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

What do you mean you have some failures to sell?  Why would I want failures?

Oh, just the milk flow increase was a failure.  Still what’s the big deal?   Oh, I see, their tits got larger but no extra milk.  Well, that’s not that big of a deal.

Oh.  Japanese girls.  DD at least.  OK, yeah, sure  I’ll buy them off of you.


Suck like your future depended on in it.

Suck like you mean it.

Kimberly, come here please. I’ve trying to make up my mind.  I’m going to keep either you or you mother, and sell the other off into slavery.  So get on your knees and give me a blowjob.  Suck me like your future depends on it.

Greg, you can’t be for real.  I mean you can sell mom, she’s your wife, but you are my step-dad, you can’t sell me.

Kim, you are very much out of it.  Step fathers have all the rights as your natural father would have, if any one knew who he was.  I can sell you when ever I feel like it.  And if you don’t get on your knees and start sucking like you mean it, I’ll feel like that now.

OK “Daddy”  Want me to call you that?

No, I want your little teen age lips on my cock.  And take your panties off too, I want to see your cunt while you suck me.

Oh… This isn’t your first blow job is it?

I’m a cheerleader, of course it’s not.  I’ve blown the whole offensive line.

Enough talk, more lip  on cock action.

Wife or step daughter?

Greg? I’ve found those papers you had me look for… OH MY GOD What are you two doing?

Oh, good, you are here.  Strip and get on your knees.  I’m trying to decided which one of you I’m going to keep and who gets sold into slavery to pay for my next vacation.  Oh, and I just found out that Kimberly is a big of a slut as you are.   Of course she just sucking off  11 guys at a time, not like she fucked them and didn’t know who the father was.

See Kim?  You dear old mom didn’t even hesitate, she’s on her knees and nude with out any back talk.  Of course she’s been broken to being a slut for longer than you have been alive, but you knew that.  Or did you?  Did she ever tell you that you were the result of a bare back gang bang?

Ah, yeah, dear you do give good head, but there is something about Kimberly,  something about teenage cock suckers that turns me on.

Greg, don’t sell me, I’ve got a life to live.  Sell mom, she’s already broken, like you said.  I’ll suck you off when ever you want.  I’ll even let you fuck me in the ass, I know mom doesn’t like that, I heard her talking about it to her friends.

Oh, yeah, suck on it.  Got any thing to say in your defense there Jeannie?

Yeah, I think you will find that I’m much better at sex in general, even if I don’t  like it up the ass.  But if that is what it takes to keep me out of slavery, you can fuck my ass right now.  While she watches.

OK… Let me see.  I’ve got an idea on this.  I will keep the one that makes me cum.  Each of you gets 30 seconds at a time, and the one that I don’t cum in the mouth of gets sold off.

So, Kimberly you start….

Oh, yeah, yeah do that.  Deeper… Deep throat me you little cheerleader slut.  Oh, times up.  Let your mom have her turn.

Oh, Oh GOD  Do that with your throat muscles again.   Oh GOD yes, do that.   Now lick the head, lots of tongue  action.  Time to switch…

OH Kim, you are good, the jocks must love it when you drop by.  Tell me where did you suck them off at?  NO not now, wait until you mother time.   And switch….

Jeannie, god you are good at that.  But I’ve had you way too many times.

Daddy?  The first time I sucked off the team was in the bus.  All of us cheerleaders did them.   Of course we only do it in groups,   so that counts as a performance so we can’t be converted.  Is it my turn yet?

OH GOD  Yes, it it.  Let me pull out of your mom and she can tell me about her latest gang bang.


You came on my face!

And on my belly!

Yes Jeannie, I did, but after I pulled out of Jeannie’s mouth.  So I didn’t cum in either of your mouths.  Well, I said  I was going to sell off who ever I didn’t cum in, so what do I do now.  I came, but I think it was more Kimberly’s telling about being a bus slut than any thing else….

Well, I’ve got more stories to tell, if nothing else I’ve been a slut longer than she has.

Well, enough of this.  I’ve got a phone call to make.  I’m keeping my word, so I’m selling both of you off…