Read the fine print

Didn’t read the fine print

Ring… Ring…
Spellbook Slaves, what can we do for you today?

You can come on down to the Fine Fox and collect the six losers of the stripper of the month contest. It starts in an hour.

Excuse me?

Yeah, I added a “Super Grand Prize” option with a $20,000 prize to the winner. What they didn’t realize is that not being the winner would be a conversion. Two girls decided that they would be happy with the normal $500 prize and didn’t sign that version of the contest contract.

How do you know that they are the losers if the contest doesn’t start for an hour?

Oh, easy, I’ve already decided 1st and 2nd which is all that matters. Simple really, did they blow me this week? If yes, they win.

OK then, do you have the names of the soon to be losers?

Ardelle Wesley,Candis Dye,Shirleen Mcadams ,Selena Berg ,Catrina Bisson and Charita Inman. I’ve got their ID with me now if that will help. Told them that I needed it for tax purposes. Explain to me how this works exactly. I got the contract off the web, and my lawyer said that any one that signed it as the contestant deserved what they get, but I don’t quite see how I get money from the deal.

Hold on, let me check.  Read off the contract number from the web site you got it from.


Yeah, OK, I see that one.  Basically it’s you, as a holder of the contract get half their sale value, after taxes are taken out.  I as the seller get the other half as my fee.  Or I could just offer you a flat amount before they are sold if you don’t want to risk it being a slow week at the slave market.

Let’s do that.  How about $500 each?

Send me a picture of them, if you can.  A phone shot will be fine.

OK looking at them, I can go 500.  No problem there.

See you in an hour to pick them up.