Suck like your future depended on in it.

Suck like you mean it.

Kimberly, come here please. I’ve trying to make up my mind.  I’m going to keep either you or you mother, and sell the other off into slavery.  So get on your knees and give me a blowjob.  Suck me like your future depends on it.

Greg, you can’t be for real.  I mean you can sell mom, she’s your wife, but you are my step-dad, you can’t sell me.

Kim, you are very much out of it.  Step fathers have all the rights as your natural father would have, if any one knew who he was.  I can sell you when ever I feel like it.  And if you don’t get on your knees and start sucking like you mean it, I’ll feel like that now.

OK “Daddy”  Want me to call you that?

No, I want your little teen age lips on my cock.  And take your panties off too, I want to see your cunt while you suck me.

Oh… This isn’t your first blow job is it?

I’m a cheerleader, of course it’s not.  I’ve blown the whole offensive line.

Enough talk, more lip  on cock action.

Wife or step daughter?

Greg? I’ve found those papers you had me look for… OH MY GOD What are you two doing?

Oh, good, you are here.  Strip and get on your knees.  I’m trying to decided which one of you I’m going to keep and who gets sold into slavery to pay for my next vacation.  Oh, and I just found out that Kimberly is a big of a slut as you are.   Of course she just sucking off  11 guys at a time, not like she fucked them and didn’t know who the father was.

See Kim?  You dear old mom didn’t even hesitate, she’s on her knees and nude with out any back talk.  Of course she’s been broken to being a slut for longer than you have been alive, but you knew that.  Or did you?  Did she ever tell you that you were the result of a bare back gang bang?

Ah, yeah, dear you do give good head, but there is something about Kimberly,  something about teenage cock suckers that turns me on.

Greg, don’t sell me, I’ve got a life to live.  Sell mom, she’s already broken, like you said.  I’ll suck you off when ever you want.  I’ll even let you fuck me in the ass, I know mom doesn’t like that, I heard her talking about it to her friends.

Oh, yeah, suck on it.  Got any thing to say in your defense there Jeannie?

Yeah, I think you will find that I’m much better at sex in general, even if I don’t  like it up the ass.  But if that is what it takes to keep me out of slavery, you can fuck my ass right now.  While she watches.

OK… Let me see.  I’ve got an idea on this.  I will keep the one that makes me cum.  Each of you gets 30 seconds at a time, and the one that I don’t cum in the mouth of gets sold off.

So, Kimberly you start….

Oh, yeah, yeah do that.  Deeper… Deep throat me you little cheerleader slut.  Oh, times up.  Let your mom have her turn.

Oh, Oh GOD  Do that with your throat muscles again.   Oh GOD yes, do that.   Now lick the head, lots of tongue  action.  Time to switch…

OH Kim, you are good, the jocks must love it when you drop by.  Tell me where did you suck them off at?  NO not now, wait until you mother time.   And switch….

Jeannie, god you are good at that.  But I’ve had you way too many times.

Daddy?  The first time I sucked off the team was in the bus.  All of us cheerleaders did them.   Of course we only do it in groups,   so that counts as a performance so we can’t be converted.  Is it my turn yet?

OH GOD  Yes, it it.  Let me pull out of your mom and she can tell me about her latest gang bang.


You came on my face!

And on my belly!

Yes Jeannie, I did, but after I pulled out of Jeannie’s mouth.  So I didn’t cum in either of your mouths.  Well, I said  I was going to sell off who ever I didn’t cum in, so what do I do now.  I came, but I think it was more Kimberly’s telling about being a bus slut than any thing else….

Well, I’ve got more stories to tell, if nothing else I’ve been a slut longer than she has.

Well, enough of this.  I’ve got a phone call to make.  I’m keeping my word, so I’m selling both of you off…




2 thoughts on “Suck like your future depended on in it.”

  1. This is GREAT! I am glad that your back.
    My, “one thought,” is…. but who is left to suck him off now!
    If I could hold two thougths at once my other one might be, “Won’t those boys on the bus be lonely now…” :-p

    1. In reply to your thoughts
      1) Cock suckers can be bought fairly cheaply.
      2) The other cheerleaders, of course. Until they get converted, which leads to the pep club members next.

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