A Teacher Mistress.

Student Teacher meeting.

Mr. West! Have you seen what Mrs. Hanson is wearing today?

No, I haven’t.  Why? 

Go to her room NOW.  You will love it.

I’m always suspicious of my students when they want to send me out of the room, but class hadn’t started and they seem to think I would like it.

The Hell.

Vivian, what the hell are you doing?

I’m just wearing my after school clothes today.  I passed my Mistress class last week and I thought I would see how it worked here in school.

That’s a bit much for a social studies teacher…  And why do you have a nude student in cuffs?  I don’t recall there being any slaves in your 1st hour class.

There aren’t.  This is Linda Wheeler, a for now, free student.  I’ve been giving her demerits all week, and she just blows them off.  3-5 hours of detention doesn’t seem to phase her.  So I’ve changed my policy.  Had it approved by the dean and the board.  At my option, students will be stripped and given 10 lashes with my cane.

So you are going to be flogging free women for trivial offenses.  That’s skirting the edge of the assault and battery laws in this state.

Oh like you don’t orally rape several girls a week.


They have the option of escalating the demerit up the chain if they think it’s unfair or not provable.  And just like you offer your sleazy blow jobs for grades system, I’m offering stripes for grades.  I’ll raise the score on any test by one point per stripe they allow me to put on them with this cane.  Or one like it any way, I’ve already broken two today.

I looked around the room.  About half of the girls in her class were sitting on the edge of the seat or other wise looking in pain.

So Vivian, how many have you flogged today?

So far?  Nine

Nine?  It’s not even first hour yet.  How could you get nine demerits in home room and before school?

Well, most of them were for not taking me seriously and making comments about my mode of dress today.

The Hell woman.  I’ve made comments about your mode of dress, as you put it today.

Yes, and if you were a female students you would be flogged for it.

This is not going to end well.  Of course with her being a Mistress  it’s going to take an actual court case to convert her.   Breaking the contract isn’t going to do it.  Oh shit.  Need to talk to the dean and then, if I’m really, really unlucky the board.  Neither of these things gives me a good feel.

<In the dean’s office>

Ah, sir, have you seen Vivian Hanson today?

Nope, but you are the 4th staff member and I don’t know how many students have commented on her, ah, mode of dress.

Do you know she is in her room flogging free women for basically being teen age snarky girls?  One parent decides to sue the school and, and well, it will not be pretty.

I don’t think so.  For starters any legal action would go in front of the Neutral  Board of Arbitration.  I approved her new policy and the board passed it with out comment.  It’s no worse, when you get down to it, than the oral sex for demerits that most of the men and some of the women teachers use.  Yes, she looks a bit, unusual in her mistress gear, but if she was one of you students you wouldn’t blink an eye at it, that’s what mistresses wear.  She is a mistress and seems like she is acting like one.  I’ll make a bet with you that after a week she will have the best behaved class in the school.  Get over it and get over the fact that some one other than a skinny teen is wearing mistress garb. 

Yeah, but…

No Buts.  If a student really doesn’t want to take the flogging they can go in front of the NBA.  If the the arbitrators find for the student, Ms. Hanson gets a fine.  No chance of conversion, of course, due to her status as a mistress.

What if the board finds for Ms. Hanson?

That will be decided case by case.  They do have the authority to invoke a full contract default, which I don’t need to tell you what that could involve.

Yeah, that could result in any thing, up to an including converting all the female members of the family.

OK, you’re the boss.  Have fun with this summer semester I think it’s going to be a hot one.