Human Milk Cows

Human Milk Cow #4

Well, well well. Mrs Jameson. Or at least you used to be Mrs. Jameson, now you are experiment number 4. How does it feel to be nothing but a test animal? And for many of the same kids you used to teach. You thought you were too smart to get caught up, but you didn’t read the contract at the gym. After missing a whole month you defaulted and were converted to being a slave.  Then the school bought you.  Know why?  It’s your tits.  The men wanted to see them and the women, for the most part, they sorta envied them.  Some of the women, of course, wanted to see them.  I don’t judge. Any rate I thought I would drop by poke you with a verbal stick then get my rocks off.  Oh, not from you, not yet anyway, but from Cow number 3.

Human Milk Cow #3

So, cow number 3, I’ve got good news and bad news for you. Go ahead and suck my cock while I tell you the news. Your production is way down. I mean less than a pint a day. I’m going to keep you around for another week or so, maybe longer, depending on how good of head you give. And not just to me, but to the all of the students in the human farming class. Yeah, even the girls. If you don’t lick cunt, learn. At the end of every week I’ll post a poll, If more than 50% say “She’s meat now” you get moved over to the ranch side of the program, where some lucky human farmer trainee will try to make you into a prime meat girl. Now there are two kinds of prime, there is the normal prime, which means you are just too hot for words, and there is meat prime, which means you have high quality meat, regardless of what you look like.  Then, after a semester of work, you will be sold for meat.  Or you can just not give head and we will jump straight to spit roasting you instead.  So what about that blow job.  Ah, yes, you might make it after all.

Cow #3. What happens to her?

  • Suck slut seems like a good thing for her. (37%, 19 Votes)
  • Spit roast the cow. (63%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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