A busy morning at Spellbook Slaves.

Car delivery

Hello How can Spellbook Slaves help you today?

I’ve got my girl friend duct taped in the back of my car, where is your store located?  My GPS is on the fritz

We are located in the strip mall on the north west corner of 41st and Yale.

OK I’ll be there in a few minutes.

Crime doesn’t pay.

<Ring Ring> Spellbook slaves, how can I help you today?

We have a problem.   Seems we had a embezzler  on on staff.  Can you do a pick up?

Ah, has she been found guilty by a court?

Nope, but we got a signed confession and a signed request for conversion instead of prosecution.

That will do.

Great, our head of security has her restrained in the boardroom.

This didn’t go as planned.

<Ring Ring> Hello, what can Spellbook Slaves do for you today?

I’ve got a couple of questions about converting my girl friend.  I’m afraid she is going to convert me, based on us having sex while she makes a video of it.

That would be a good indicator, yes.

Yeah,  but here is the problem.  I’m the one wearing the strap on.

Well, yeah, that would make you the enslaving party, not the enslaved party.  Seems straight forward to me.

Yeah, but it’s strapped to my face…

Oh.  I see.  This could be tricky.  Care to make a test case?

What do you mean?

Well, we convert your girl friend, but be ready for a court case about it.

How long will that take? 

Less than a month, there is a legal requirement that improper conversion cases be fast tracked.

Group of Girls

<ring ring> Spellbook Slaves, how may I help you?

Hi! I’m with the enslavement board for Eastlake Tesla Preparatory School and we have a set that need to be converted.  Mr. West said to call you as he is too busy with mid-terms to deal with a group.

Odd.  He normally makes time for that sort of thing.

It’s 10 girls.  We batched them up this time.  He also says he has 3 snuffs to grade today as well, so he’s swamped.”

Figures he would take the grading the snuffs over doing normal paper work.

Hey, he’s got 3 interns that should be in class, why not have them process the new slaves?

Well, it’s mid-terms so they are taking tests.

Damn it.  I hate doing this sort of thing.

Wrong bar to get naked in.

<Ring Ring>How may Spellbook Software help you?

Can you do something about a crazy bitch?

Can you expand on that?

Well, I’m the owner of the 501 meat packing company, we are a bar…

Yeah,  go on.

We’ve got a crazy bitch who keeps coming in and stripping down.

And this is a problem why?

We are a gay bar.

Oh, I see.  Well there isn’t any thing I can do and the person with the hunter’s warrant is busy right now.  Let me give him a call and see if he can make some time for you.

A thought hits me. Is she drunk?

Nope, just naked and dancing.  Badly I might add.

So much for getting her in front of Judge Harper.

Not what it seems.

Hey dude, I want to sell her off.

Are you her husband?

No, I just want to sell her.

Have you had sex with her 3 times in the last 30 days?

Yeah, sure have!

Do you have proof?

I need that?  Isn’t my word as a man good enough?

Sorry it’s not.

 That fucking bull shit.  We men run this country now and it’s bull shit that you don’t take my sworn word as a man that I’ve fucked a bitch.

Sorry, the law if very clear on this.  Not a person of personal contact with out proof.

I knew you would fuck this up.  Let me talk to the man.  As you can’t seem to get even this right.  Look I want to be a slave.  That’s the only reason I let this ass hole fuck me.

You know you can just volunteer for conversion.

I didn’t know that.  If I volunteer does this limp dick get any money?


OK what do I have to do?

Well I just fill out some forms, get a urine sample from you to make sure you are not pregnant or on drugs, then assuming all goes well you will be converted.

And limp dick here gets nothing?


Sign me up.

This is fucking bull shit.  She says she wants to be a slave, Come on let me sell you to you.  I need the money.

Shut your limp dicked pie hole.  The grown ups are talking.

Fucking bull shit.  I want your name, I’ll see you in court!

Biker Bitches.

My Man! Do me a solid and take these bitches off my hands. Look, here is the proof. It’s three times of private fucking, right?

That is it in a nut shell. All three?

Yep.  I’m the official slave maker for the club.  Once we get tired of a bitch, I fuck em in private like.

Good work if you can get it.  I’ll give you 300 each.

Make it a grand, total.

I can do that.  Cash or loaded debit card?

Cash if you can.  Large bills are OK.

Can do.