Off to School

Going to School

Where do you think you are going like that?

Ah, to school, you remember I’m in summer school this summer.

Where is you top?  You can’t go to school with out a top.

The new dress code says the top is optional and it’s too hot to wear one.

You look like you are a slave.

No, most of the slave girls in school don’t wear anything.


2 thoughts on “Off to School”

  1. Come to think of it, Slave student’s?
    The, “last,” official policy of Tesla High to date mandated that all students converted to slave status, “must be converted to meat by 5:01pm. on the first Friday following their conversion to slave status, unless a previously made contract or law mandated otherwise; and that in a case where a contract does mandate a student who becomes enslaved not be snuffed by the school she must be removed from the ground at the expense of the contract holder before 5:00PM. the Friday after her enslavement or she will be forfeit to the school as payment for storage fees and then snuffed.” … Ummm… if I remember correctly.

    1. Slave status due to other than the school action.

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