Turned down volunteer

Too Drunk.

Hey, you’re a slaver dude, right?

Yes I am, can I help you?

Take me as a slave.

No can do.  You are way over the legal limit.  I might in the morning when you are sober.

Ah, man, I’m fine, I know what I’m saying, I want to be a slave.  Your cute for an older guy, I would totally be your slave…  Come on, do it, you know you want to.

You really want to be a slave?

Oh yeah, slave me daddy.

OK, come by my office in the morning.  Here, let me put my card where you can find it…


Ringing day.

Mom!  You have to let me get a nipple piercing, it’s a school rule.  See right here…

At least one of the following must be pierced with a ring suitable for clipping an ID type tag to: left nipple, left labia lip, left nostril, left ear, left eyebrow. The order listed is the order of preference for the piercing.

I see where it says left ear, that will do for you.

But I don’t want an ID tag hanging from my ear like I was a cow.

What happens if you don’t get a piercing?

Demerits, at a rate of one a week!  That means after 5 weeks I could be converted to being a slave!  You don’t want that do you.

Hmm.  We have been needing cash…


Just joking dear. Let me call you father about this.

<On the phone>

OK dear, you get your wish, but your father wants us both to be pierced

Milf with nipple rings
Teen with nipple rings