Ringing day.

Mom!  You have to let me get a nipple piercing, it’s a school rule.  See right here…

At least one of the following must be pierced with a ring suitable for clipping an ID type tag to: left nipple, left labia lip, left nostril, left ear, left eyebrow. The order listed is the order of preference for the piercing.

I see where it says left ear, that will do for you.

But I don’t want an ID tag hanging from my ear like I was a cow.

What happens if you don’t get a piercing?

Demerits, at a rate of one a week!  That means after 5 weeks I could be converted to being a slave!  You don’t want that do you.

Hmm.  We have been needing cash…


Just joking dear. Let me call you father about this.

<On the phone>

OK dear, you get your wish, but your father wants us both to be pierced

Milf with nipple rings
Teen with nipple rings