Stocking the herd.

Spellbook Slaves, early morning shift.  The door chime goes off.

“Hello?  Is any one here?”

Damn it.  I was just about to face fuck a slave.

“I’ll be out in a flash”  I call out to the customer.  “And I’ll do you later” I tell the slave.

“Sorry about that, had an issue with a slave that needed attention.  How may I help you this fine morning?”

“My name is Nina Mason, and these are my daughters Ceili and Laura.  I need to sell them off today.”

Ceili is a big breasted brunette that I note has wet spots over her nipples.  That’s a bad thing because that probably means she is lactating, which 99 times out of 100 means she either pregnant or has just given birth, both of which make her not convertible.

“Ah, Ms. Mason, I’m not sure I can take Ceili, she looks to be lactating…  Let me check something”

I dive into the state slaving board’s web site, and go to the status search.  Ceili is listed as a free woman, and doesn’t have a disqualifying flag set for either pregnant or mother of a minor child.  Odd.  While I can’t do any thing about the possibility of a child that the state doesn’t have registered,  I can check for pregnancy.

“OK, can I have you ladies fill this cup with pee?  I need it to check some things. Please use that restroom and go in one at a time.”

Ceili goes in first.  A few moments later she returns. with the the pee sample.  I watched her on the CCTV set up in the restroom, and yes, it was her pee, not a smuggled in sample of some one else.   Of freaking course we have a CCTV camera in the ladies room, need to make sure that pee samples are from the female that says they are.  I would just have them pee in the front of the desk, but they are, at that point free women, normally, and there is complaints about privacy.  Like that matters.  So we have a tiny hidden camera over the toilet and every one is happy.  The women being tested think they have privacy and we have a record of them giving a sample for evidence reasons.

I label the samples and pull out two “Slave-Or-Not” kits and dip them in the pee.  All the tests come back as green, meaning they aren’t on drugs, which only matters for a volunteer, and neither of them is pregnant.

“OK, every thing looks OK from here, but I can’t but help noticing that Ceili is, well, leaking milk.  Is she lactating?”

“Yes, she is.  Doctor changed her birth control pills and she started up.”

The explains it.

“Well, as it happens we have a standing order for women that are lactating and qualify for conversion, which is quite a bit higher than she would normally bring.  Downside, if you take it is she will have a fairly short life as a Hucow.”

“Hucow? I don’t know what that means”

“Human Cow, she will be hooked up to a milk machine twice or three times a day and milked.  Once her production drops below a given level, they will sell her to a human butcher, who will, well, depending on what she looks like then, either live spit her or just snuff her and cut her up for parts.  I’ve got a standing order, for less money however, where she will be used as a wet nurse.  Once she stop producing there, they generally sell on the open market, which tends to have a longer life span attached to it.”

“What is the difference in payment?”

“Well, if I sell her to the dairy, you would get about  six grand and four and half grand if I sell her to the wet nurse company.  Either of those is quite a bit more than she would normally bring, assuming she doesn’t have any other skills that are in demand right now.”

Ms. Mason looks at the floor, then at Ceili.  “Sell her to the dairy.  What about Laura?”

“I can offer you a grand and a half for her, assuming she doesn’t have any skills I need right now.”

“So $7,500 for the pair, that’s more than I expected.”

“Can I have their ID please?  I need to scan them into the system so I can convert them to slave status.”

Both girls produce their ID and hand them over, with some reluctance “Mom, you don’t have to do this…” says Ceili

“Be quiet you, I need the money to remodel the baby’s room”

“But you heard him, they are going to kill me as soon as I dry up”.


Laura just looked glum and didn’t say any thing.

After scanning the id, and and entering the data from the test kits, “OK this is your last chance, you can back out now if you want”, I say with my finger over the enter key.

“I want to do this.  Do it”.

I press the key and few seconds later their status changes from “Free” to “Slave”.

“Do you want cash, a check or a preloaded debit card for them?”

“A card will be fine.”

I dink around with the machine and hand her a debit card with the $7,500 on it.  “You will need to call the number on the back to activate the card, but after that it’s as good as cash most places.”

Waiting on the Slaver

Waiting on the Slaver

Emily, you’re naked.

Damn Jennifer, you don’t miss a detail do you.  I’m just waiting on the slaver to come pick me up.

Did you parents convert you?  Damn…

No, I volunteering ahead of them doing it.  I heard them talking last night during their bridge game that they were going to convert “one of the girls” and roast her for the next game.

Wait, don’t your parents play bridge with mine?  Maybe I ought to volunteer as well.

Up to you, but almost anything is better than being a pig on a spit…



They Aren’t Real Part II

Tit Torture

Well, how about today we find out if you rupture a tit bag?

First things first, let get you ball gagged, don’t want to listen to you scream or beg for mercy.

OK, now goes the basic harness.   Kinda tight around the base, but not all that tight.  Now the mid tit bands.  Want these as tight as we can get them.  Oh, felt an implant give way.  Might have done some damage to it.

Now this  is a quarter inch oak dowel. I’m going to beat your tits with it until I get tired or your tits fall off.


Several minutes  passes with the tits getting hit about once every 5 seconds or so.


Well, if those implants aren’t broken now they aren’t going to break.


Converted in 3 easy steps.


Mr. Kelly is there any thing I can do to raise my grades?

Why, yes Jasmine, there are 3 things you can do.  Come by my office tomorrow and we will start talking about them.

Yes Mr. Kelly.

<The next day>

Mr. Kelly, you said there are 3 things I could do, tell me…

Well, Jasmine, you can get fucked in the ass, fucked in the cunt or you can give a blow job.  With your grades I recommend you do all three.


Or you can fail a core class.  Your call.

Well, OK, but be gentle with me, I’m close to a virgin.

<Teacher’s Lounge>

Mike!  How are you doing?  I’ve got a conversion I need you to process.


Yeah, silly cunt decided that she would fuck for grades, so I took pictures over the course of the week of fucking and sucking.  Got one in each hole, does that count?

Yes, it does.  Let me see your proof shots.  Who’s the `lucky` girl?

Jasmine Edwards.

Wait.  That name rings a bell .   Oh.  I see, yeah she’s signed up for Mistress Training.  Too bad she didn’t get to take it.


Jasmine Edwards? May I have a word with you?

Yes Mr. West! Is this about my being Mistress in Training?

Well,  No.  It’s about you fucking and sucking Mr. Anderson where he could record it.  He has asked me to have you converted under the Person of Personal Contact clause of the WSA2000.

What!  No, I did that for grades, not for, you know fun.  Doesn’t my grades count as a item of value?

No, no, they don’t.

They aren’t real…

Unreal Tits


Welcome to Spellbook Slaves!  How can I help you?

Well, I bought me a slave a while back, had some work done on her and I want to sell her off now.

When you say you had some work done?

Tits, dude.  I had big tits installed.  That was a mistake…

Why is that?

Well, she got uppity.  Started talking about “to good to be a slave” and things like that.  After a few months it got old.  So I uploaded a picture of her to one of the grading sites and it came back as “Prime plus”, which made me all sorts of happy, figured I could get my money back and then some.  Took her to Hill’s Fine Meats.  They turned her down as a live roaster and offered me $400 as a B class parts sow for her.  Seems that fake tits are a bad thing when it comes to roasting.  I’ve tried `The Torture Channel` and they only offered a flat rate of $600 for her, they don’t care about slave grade.  Both of them said I should try a local firm, and your name came up in both cases.  So here I am.  Please tell me you want her…

Do you care about what happens to her after you sell her?    Because I have a client that has bought a few slaves just because they have big tits.  But here is the deal, he’s a wack job that gets off on torturing them to death.

Look, I took her to Hill’s and TCC, do you think I care?

OK, I’ll you make an offer of $800 for her.

I’ve got over twice that much in her tits!

I’m sorry, want me to get Mr. West for you, he’s the owner…

Yes please.

Can I help you?

I hope so.  My name is Gordon McDonald  and I need to sell you a slave.  I’ve got just under two grand in her tits and I got to at least break even on her.  She got rated as prime plus.

Can I see you certificate of rating? Oh.  This is from a web site, isn’t it.  They don’t take into account fake tits.  Just a question, saline or silicone?

Silicone, it was cheaper, why?

Well, that rules out spit roast.  FDA rules on the subject are explicit, no spit roasting, live or dead, of a meat source with silicone body implants that have  not been removed.  Let me make a couple of calls.

“Lester, how is it going?”

“Yeah, that’s great.  Glad to here that,  So hey, the reason I called is I wanted to know if you are still in the market for blonds with huge tits or not?”

“You are, great.  Let me send you a pic of one that just came into my shop”

“Oh, you like that do you?”

“Three grand?  Are you sure?  OK, I’ll get her for you then”

Mr. McDonald, I’ve got a client that is willing so spend prime plus money on her.   I’ll offer you $2,500 and that is my best offer.

OK, I’ll take it.

The price of big tits.

Some time later in a “deserted” farm house.

So, Missy, tell me your name.  Mine is Lester, and yes, I’m a molester.  No, better yet, don’t tell me.  I don’t care.

Let start with some with getting you into a harness….

OK.  oh, you figured it out.  You have to keep your head back or you will choke yourself out.  Don’t want that, do you.

Lets move on with getting some middle if the breast bands on.  Now I’ve got to warn you, that’s going to turn your tits purple.  I hope you don’t mind.  Oh wait, I don’t care if you mind, in fact I hope you do care and don’t want it.

OK.  Next up is bands around the base of those melons.  Now you hold still, this is tricky.

Tits with Electrodes

…The next day…

Today, I’m going to use my  variable transformer on you.  I’ve learned that I can’t do from tit to tit, so I’m going to do it on one tit at a time.  What I do is this.  Put a needle in like so…  Then another one like this, then hook up the wires to the needle electrodes, then push this button…


Never get tired of hearing that.  No let’s push it up to 4, from 2.


Oh yes.   Let’s try 7 of 9.


Damn it, she passed out.  Hope I didn’t kill this bitch. Holly, come clean this one up and tell me if she’s alive or not,  I’m going shopping.

Tits as stars

Well, looks like you can take a 7 with out kicking the bucket…

No, please master, don’t do that again.

Oh shut you gob hole.  Today I’m going to make your tits into stars.  See, I take these here long needles and I push them through you tit like this…  And like this…  And finally like this.  See, you tit is a star.


And now the other one.   Push   and  Push  and Push.   OK I’m going to spay these down with a mixture of salt water and alcohol, don’t want them to get infected do we?







The Interview

Sonya how do you feel about nudity?

Ah, why you ask?

Because I want to send you to the Miss Eastlake contest to interview some of the contestants but their media package says that only fully nude female media are allowed to speak to the contestants.

Oh.  I see.  Is sweep week coming up?

Why, yes, yes it is.

Sigh   OK I’ll strip on TV for you.

The Interview

Hello Josh, I’m interviewing Rita Garrett, who is considered to be one of the front runners here at Miss Eastlake. She took first in the wet tee shirt contest and scored in the top 10% in the non sexual skills tests.  How do you feel about your chances here today, Rita?

Well, Sonya, I feel pretty good.  I took the wet tee shirt contest, despite some tough competition and my NS Skills were in the 90%.  Now all I have left is, of course, the sex skills test and the final interview.  And I’m not worried about those at all.  My boyfriend says that I can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, so I’m not worried about the oral and that’s 70% of the score this year.

Rita, how do you feel about the new contest conversion rules?  In the past, only the bottom 50% were converted, but now they have changed it.  How do you feel about it?

Well, as I understand it, and I’ve read the contract several times, placing 4th through 10th is a conversion as well as being in the lower 33%, so it’s actually a better chance of not being converted than before.  But I’m in  this to win it, so I’m not worried about coming 4th.


The 4th of July Roast

Getting the Fire Ready

“So, I hate to ask this, but have they decided who they are going to roast today?”

“I heard Master James talking about some porno slut named River something that he won in a contest on line.  All I know is that it’s unlikely to be any of us because we haven’t had the colon clean diet or purge drugs this week. And I don’t think they want shit in their roast.”

“Yeah, that’s true.  I’ve done the purge drugs for medical reasons. Master was saying that the only thing different about the medical purge and the purge for roasting is you do it 3 times for roasting, not just twice.  Any way are you sure they are roasting a some one, not a some thing?  I haven’t seen a Jessica of any type out here”


“Yes Master”

Roast Prep.

“I want you to go into the barn and pour purge water through the slut on the board until it comes out clear.  Got that?”

“Yes Master.  Thank you master!”

“Why `Thank you`  I’m literally sending you to deal with human shit.”

“If you are prepping some other girl that means you aren’t planning on roasting one of your current slaves”

“Figured that out did you.  Good for you.  And you’re welcome.”

Cindy Gives Thanks

“Cindy, come over here and thank me for not roasting you today.”

“Yes master. ”

“Oh yeah.  Lick the head.  Yeah, That’s the ticket.  Keep that up and you will not be on the menu for a while.

“Yes master, thank you master”

“Less talk, more lick.”

River gets roasted

“Oh my God.  They didn’t spit her at all.,  She’s going to roast alive.  Thank all that is holy they didn’t choose one of us.”

“But what about next time?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m going to fuck and suck like my life depends on it.”

“Well, that’s good, slave, because it does.  Just remember that.   Today we got lucky and I won a snuff slut, but next time it might be you, or you or you.  I love fucking the five of you, but if it turns out I like girl meat, well, we will see about it later”



Morning at Spellbook Slave.


Hello, Spellbook Slaves, how can I help you?

Why does my daughter have your card?

Because I gave it to her?  Gimme a break, tell me who you are and who you daughter is an I might have a better idea.  I hand out a lot of cards.

I’m Nicholas Hubbard and my daughter is Cheryl.  I came home this afternoon and found her passed out in her bed, sleeping off a drunk, with you card, ah, in a delicate place.

Oh, must have been the drunk girl that tried to convert herself last night.  I turned her down due to her being way over the legal limit.

Cheryl tried to turn herself into a slave?

Yep, while naked and drunk.  I wish she had been sober because the trend on her body style is going up.

But you turned her down. 

Yep.  Even a high value slave isn’t worth possible lose of my license.

I see.  Well, she’s 19 she can do what she wants and there isn’t any thing I can do about it any more.

You are aware that parents can covert their daughter up to age 24, right?

No, I didn’t know that I thought it was until 18.   You say her body type is going up in value?

Yep.  She’s 700 after taxes, easy.

Let me get back to you after I talk to my wife.

<Ring Ring>

Spellbook Slaves how can I help you?

Mr. West!  Just the  man I wanted to talk to.  This is Becky Burton, house mom at the delta-delta-delta sorority.  We met at the  university get together a few months ago.  You said to call if I needed help with my girls and I think I do.  Seems that 8 of them didn’t make grades this time around and national says we have to convert them.  If we use the school, well, I’d rather them not go that way.  But national says we can sell them to a licensed slaver after the paper work clears converting them due to contract default.

So you would rather sell them to us than use the school’s slaving service.

Yes.  The last group, from a different sorority, all got sold to either `Sucker` or to the Torture Channel.  While I don’t really care, I’m working on my own mistress license I sorta feel like that’s not the best use for these girls.

You know I’m going to sell them on and if Suckers or TTC makes me the right offer I will sell to them.

How often do you do that?

8 Delta Delta Delta girls with bad grades.

To Suckers?  Fairly often, assuming either the price is right or they have the right, ah, skills.  To TCC? Not recently, we had a bad break up around 2015 or so.  Not that I have any thing against torturing slaves, you under stand,  but they were cutting into my bottom line with a contract that gave them first refusal on all my slaves at a serious deep discount.  I declined to renew it in 2015, on the principle that I didn’t need a guaranteed sale for every slave I got if it cost me 50% of the normal sale price.  Any rate send me a photo of the converted girls and I’ll make you an offer….. 


OK.  I’m liking what I am seeing here.  I’ll make you an offer of 400 bucks each.

And what do you think they will sell for?

About a grand,  but $250 of that is federal tax.  Do you want me to come get them or not?

Oh, what the hell, come get them.

<Ding> Ah a walk in.

Welcome to Spellbook Slaves, how can I help you? Oh, excuse me.  What can I do for you Mistress?

Young Mistress

I just got my license and I want to buy a few slaves. Got any dumb sorority girl types?

Funny you should ask for that, I just got off the phone with the house mom for the Tri-delts and I’m picking up 8 ASAP.  Care to come along and get first pick?

I would very much like that.



Hunter’s End.

Mr. West, I need to talk to you about your yearly fees.

Great.  Just what I want to talk about.  I’m being serious.   I think I want to drop the hunter’s license.  It’s just not worth it.  I know I spent a ton of cash to get it going but right now it looks like paying the 50 grand is just throwing good money after bad.

Are you sure about this?  If you change your mind it will be 200 grand to start up again.

To get my money back I need to get a little over 250 girls a year.  And that is assuming I clear $200 per slave after taxes and right now, I’m just not getting that.   .  That’s damn near one per work day and with the school work I’m doing I just don’t have the time to hunt that much.  Plus more and more places are putting up “Nudity allowed” signs, which cuts way down on the real hunting areas and bars and restaurants just aren’t calling in “crazy chicks” any more. You just don’t find that many prime women walking around in nudity forbidden areas any more.  No, let expire, I’ve got what, 45 days left on this years?  I’ll go on a few more hunts, but this is the end, at least for now.  I think the money would be better spent on working with wedding planers and getting a few more contacts with business that do contract default conversions.



WSA2000 in numbers.

I know facts and figures are boring, but this is on the final test.

The sex ratios at age 18, by continent

Africa 1:2
East Eurasia 1:10
West Eurasia 1:20
North and Central America 1:15
South America 1:17
Australia 1:15

The percentage enslavement, by continent

Africa 2%
East Eurasia 25%
West Eurasia 72%
North and Central America 68%
South America 80%
Australia 70%

USA enslavement types percentages for the calendar year 2018

Family Conversion 28% ~ 3,104,100
Voluntary Conversion 23% ~ 2,549,800
PPC Conversion 25% ~ 2,771,500
Judicial/Contract default Conversion 24% ~ 2,660,700

Population by the numbers.

  • Male Population of the US – 22,125,599.
  • Female Population of the US – 309,758,386
  • Mistresses and female holders of Slaver Warrant – 46,463,757
  • Free females – includes minors under 16 – 52,658,925
  • Enslaved females – 210,635,704  ~ 11,000,000 per year ~ one every 2.8 seconds

Population changes by the numbers

  • Approximately 1,600,000 snuffed per year – one every 19 seconds – total ~ 30,400,000 over the lifetime of the WSA2000
  • Approximate deaths not due to snuff per year – 2,628,000 – one every 12 seconds
  • Approximate births per year – 3,942,000 – one every 8 seconds.
  • Approximate international migrant per year – 927,500  one every 34 seconds.
  • Approximate population growth per year – 641,500 (42,766 male)