Hunter’s End.

Mr. West, I need to talk to you about your yearly fees.

Great.  Just what I want to talk about.  I’m being serious.   I think I want to drop the hunter’s license.  It’s just not worth it.  I know I spent a ton of cash to get it going but right now it looks like paying the 50 grand is just throwing good money after bad.

Are you sure about this?  If you change your mind it will be 200 grand to start up again.

To get my money back I need to get a little over 250 girls a year.  And that is assuming I clear $200 per slave after taxes and right now, I’m just not getting that.   .  That’s damn near one per work day and with the school work I’m doing I just don’t have the time to hunt that much.  Plus more and more places are putting up “Nudity allowed” signs, which cuts way down on the real hunting areas and bars and restaurants just aren’t calling in “crazy chicks” any more. You just don’t find that many prime women walking around in nudity forbidden areas any more.  No, let expire, I’ve got what, 45 days left on this years?  I’ll go on a few more hunts, but this is the end, at least for now.  I think the money would be better spent on working with wedding planers and getting a few more contacts with business that do contract default conversions.