They aren’t real…

Unreal Tits


Welcome to Spellbook Slaves!  How can I help you?

Well, I bought me a slave a while back, had some work done on her and I want to sell her off now.

When you say you had some work done?

Tits, dude.  I had big tits installed.  That was a mistake…

Why is that?

Well, she got uppity.  Started talking about “to good to be a slave” and things like that.  After a few months it got old.  So I uploaded a picture of her to one of the grading sites and it came back as “Prime plus”, which made me all sorts of happy, figured I could get my money back and then some.  Took her to Hill’s Fine Meats.  They turned her down as a live roaster and offered me $400 as a B class parts sow for her.  Seems that fake tits are a bad thing when it comes to roasting.  I’ve tried `The Torture Channel` and they only offered a flat rate of $600 for her, they don’t care about slave grade.  Both of them said I should try a local firm, and your name came up in both cases.  So here I am.  Please tell me you want her…

Do you care about what happens to her after you sell her?    Because I have a client that has bought a few slaves just because they have big tits.  But here is the deal, he’s a wack job that gets off on torturing them to death.

Look, I took her to Hill’s and TCC, do you think I care?

OK, I’ll you make an offer of $800 for her.

I’ve got over twice that much in her tits!

I’m sorry, want me to get Mr. West for you, he’s the owner…

Yes please.

Can I help you?

I hope so.  My name is Gordon McDonald  and I need to sell you a slave.  I’ve got just under two grand in her tits and I got to at least break even on her.  She got rated as prime plus.

Can I see you certificate of rating? Oh.  This is from a web site, isn’t it.  They don’t take into account fake tits.  Just a question, saline or silicone?

Silicone, it was cheaper, why?

Well, that rules out spit roast.  FDA rules on the subject are explicit, no spit roasting, live or dead, of a meat source with silicone body implants that have  not been removed.  Let me make a couple of calls.

“Lester, how is it going?”

“Yeah, that’s great.  Glad to here that,  So hey, the reason I called is I wanted to know if you are still in the market for blonds with huge tits or not?”

“You are, great.  Let me send you a pic of one that just came into my shop”

“Oh, you like that do you?”

“Three grand?  Are you sure?  OK, I’ll get her for you then”

Mr. McDonald, I’ve got a client that is willing so spend prime plus money on her.   I’ll offer you $2,500 and that is my best offer.

OK, I’ll take it.

The price of big tits.

Some time later in a “deserted” farm house.

So, Missy, tell me your name.  Mine is Lester, and yes, I’m a molester.  No, better yet, don’t tell me.  I don’t care.

Let start with some with getting you into a harness….

OK.  oh, you figured it out.  You have to keep your head back or you will choke yourself out.  Don’t want that, do you.

Lets move on with getting some middle if the breast bands on.  Now I’ve got to warn you, that’s going to turn your tits purple.  I hope you don’t mind.  Oh wait, I don’t care if you mind, in fact I hope you do care and don’t want it.

OK.  Next up is bands around the base of those melons.  Now you hold still, this is tricky.

Tits with Electrodes

…The next day…

Today, I’m going to use my  variable transformer on you.  I’ve learned that I can’t do from tit to tit, so I’m going to do it on one tit at a time.  What I do is this.  Put a needle in like so…  Then another one like this, then hook up the wires to the needle electrodes, then push this button…


Never get tired of hearing that.  No let’s push it up to 4, from 2.


Oh yes.   Let’s try 7 of 9.


Damn it, she passed out.  Hope I didn’t kill this bitch. Holly, come clean this one up and tell me if she’s alive or not,  I’m going shopping.

Tits as stars

Well, looks like you can take a 7 with out kicking the bucket…

No, please master, don’t do that again.

Oh shut you gob hole.  Today I’m going to make your tits into stars.  See, I take these here long needles and I push them through you tit like this…  And like this…  And finally like this.  See, you tit is a star.


And now the other one.   Push   and  Push  and Push.   OK I’m going to spay these down with a mixture of salt water and alcohol, don’t want them to get infected do we?