Converted in 3 easy steps.


Mr. Kelly is there any thing I can do to raise my grades?

Why, yes Jasmine, there are 3 things you can do.  Come by my office tomorrow and we will start talking about them.

Yes Mr. Kelly.

<The next day>

Mr. Kelly, you said there are 3 things I could do, tell me…

Well, Jasmine, you can get fucked in the ass, fucked in the cunt or you can give a blow job.  With your grades I recommend you do all three.


Or you can fail a core class.  Your call.

Well, OK, but be gentle with me, I’m close to a virgin.

<Teacher’s Lounge>

Mike!  How are you doing?  I’ve got a conversion I need you to process.


Yeah, silly cunt decided that she would fuck for grades, so I took pictures over the course of the week of fucking and sucking.  Got one in each hole, does that count?

Yes, it does.  Let me see your proof shots.  Who’s the `lucky` girl?

Jasmine Edwards.

Wait.  That name rings a bell .   Oh.  I see, yeah she’s signed up for Mistress Training.  Too bad she didn’t get to take it.


Jasmine Edwards? May I have a word with you?

Yes Mr. West! Is this about my being Mistress in Training?

Well,  No.  It’s about you fucking and sucking Mr. Anderson where he could record it.  He has asked me to have you converted under the Person of Personal Contact clause of the WSA2000.

What!  No, I did that for grades, not for, you know fun.  Doesn’t my grades count as a item of value?

No, no, they don’t.