Stocking the herd.

Spellbook Slaves, early morning shift.  The door chime goes off.

“Hello?  Is any one here?”

Damn it.  I was just about to face fuck a slave.

“I’ll be out in a flash”  I call out to the customer.  “And I’ll do you later” I tell the slave.

“Sorry about that, had an issue with a slave that needed attention.  How may I help you this fine morning?”

“My name is Nina Mason, and these are my daughters Ceili and Laura.  I need to sell them off today.”

Ceili is a big breasted brunette that I note has wet spots over her nipples.  That’s a bad thing because that probably means she is lactating, which 99 times out of 100 means she either pregnant or has just given birth, both of which make her not convertible.

“Ah, Ms. Mason, I’m not sure I can take Ceili, she looks to be lactating…  Let me check something”

I dive into the state slaving board’s web site, and go to the status search.  Ceili is listed as a free woman, and doesn’t have a disqualifying flag set for either pregnant or mother of a minor child.  Odd.  While I can’t do any thing about the possibility of a child that the state doesn’t have registered,  I can check for pregnancy.

“OK, can I have you ladies fill this cup with pee?  I need it to check some things. Please use that restroom and go in one at a time.”

Ceili goes in first.  A few moments later she returns. with the the pee sample.  I watched her on the CCTV set up in the restroom, and yes, it was her pee, not a smuggled in sample of some one else.   Of freaking course we have a CCTV camera in the ladies room, need to make sure that pee samples are from the female that says they are.  I would just have them pee in the front of the desk, but they are, at that point free women, normally, and there is complaints about privacy.  Like that matters.  So we have a tiny hidden camera over the toilet and every one is happy.  The women being tested think they have privacy and we have a record of them giving a sample for evidence reasons.

I label the samples and pull out two “Slave-Or-Not” kits and dip them in the pee.  All the tests come back as green, meaning they aren’t on drugs, which only matters for a volunteer, and neither of them is pregnant.

“OK, every thing looks OK from here, but I can’t but help noticing that Ceili is, well, leaking milk.  Is she lactating?”

“Yes, she is.  Doctor changed her birth control pills and she started up.”

The explains it.

“Well, as it happens we have a standing order for women that are lactating and qualify for conversion, which is quite a bit higher than she would normally bring.  Downside, if you take it is she will have a fairly short life as a Hucow.”

“Hucow? I don’t know what that means”

“Human Cow, she will be hooked up to a milk machine twice or three times a day and milked.  Once her production drops below a given level, they will sell her to a human butcher, who will, well, depending on what she looks like then, either live spit her or just snuff her and cut her up for parts.  I’ve got a standing order, for less money however, where she will be used as a wet nurse.  Once she stop producing there, they generally sell on the open market, which tends to have a longer life span attached to it.”

“What is the difference in payment?”

“Well, if I sell her to the dairy, you would get about  six grand and four and half grand if I sell her to the wet nurse company.  Either of those is quite a bit more than she would normally bring, assuming she doesn’t have any other skills that are in demand right now.”

Ms. Mason looks at the floor, then at Ceili.  “Sell her to the dairy.  What about Laura?”

“I can offer you a grand and a half for her, assuming she doesn’t have any skills I need right now.”

“So $7,500 for the pair, that’s more than I expected.”

“Can I have their ID please?  I need to scan them into the system so I can convert them to slave status.”

Both girls produce their ID and hand them over, with some reluctance “Mom, you don’t have to do this…” says Ceili

“Be quiet you, I need the money to remodel the baby’s room”

“But you heard him, they are going to kill me as soon as I dry up”.


Laura just looked glum and didn’t say any thing.

After scanning the id, and and entering the data from the test kits, “OK this is your last chance, you can back out now if you want”, I say with my finger over the enter key.

“I want to do this.  Do it”.

I press the key and few seconds later their status changes from “Free” to “Slave”.

“Do you want cash, a check or a preloaded debit card for them?”

“A card will be fine.”

I dink around with the machine and hand her a debit card with the $7,500 on it.  “You will need to call the number on the back to activate the card, but after that it’s as good as cash most places.”