Blow for bucks.

Blow for Bucks.

“Welcome to “Blow for Bucks”, the game show where five blowjobs in fifteen minutes can gain you fifty thousand dollars.”

“Well, Mark, who is the first player today?”

“John, we have  Sarah Moody, a house wife from Eastlake.  According to her husband this is a great chance to make the most of her limited skill set.”

“Well, we will see about that, now.  Let me go over the rules for Blow for Bucks.  It’s simple, the player starts with a line of 5 men, all fully erect, and has to make each one cum in her mouth, using nothing but her mouth.  She has fifteen minutes to do this, which really is pushing the clock.  If she finishes, she gets fifty grand.  If she fails she is sold into slavery.  The worse she does on the line up, in terms of number finished determines  what sort of slavery she is sold into.  Now, what she doesn’t know is  while all of the men have taken Viagra, at one might also be on Effexor, which has the nasty side effect of causing delayed orgasms in men.”

“And there is the starting bell John.  She’s really going to town on the first guy, deep throating like a pro.   You know if he’s the one on Effexor, she’s going to be a spit roast, because let me tell you, it will take all 15 minutes to get him off.  Oops, spoke to soon, looks like he’s not the one.  She’s moved on to the 2nd, and is doing the butterfly lick and now she’s back to deep throating.

“Well, Mark she’s not getting him off as fast as the first one, this could be the ringer.  Let’s go to the close up to see.  No, that’s either a lot of spit or some precum dribbling off her chin.   And there he goes, that’s 2 down in in 4 minutes, moving on to number 3.”

“Well, John, I’ve got Floyd Moody, Sarah’s husband with me now.  How do you feel about your wife blowing some 5 men in 15 minutes?”

“Mark, to be honest, I’m more than a little turned on by it.  I know she can do it, she’s done it several times before, including the tape that they wanted us to send in.  The little whore is a quite good cock sucker, I’ll give her that”.

“Little whore?  That an odd thing to call your wife…”

“Well, if the overpriced shoe fits, wear them suckers.  What she doesn’t know is she going to be slaved out regardless of if she wins or not.  If she win, I’ll get the 50 Grand and her sale price will go way up as a winner, I’ve seen the numbers, and if she doesn’t well, she graded as A prime, so I’ll get that much at least.”

“Well, that’s a surprise twist I didn’t see coming, How is the soon to be slave doing now John?”

“Well, Mark, she’s finished number 3 and is moving on to number 4, she’s got 8 minutes on the clock left.  If this was a fair game she might just make it.  Tell Floyd about the possible ringer there.”

“You don’t need to tell me about it, I know about the Effexor, that’s part of the reason she’s doing it this, instead of one of the whip shows, I know she can take 50 lashes in 10 minutes, I’ve done that, this is my dream, seeing her degrade herself for a lost cause.”

“Well, it must be number 5 or she’s damn good with the deep throat, she just finished the 4th guy and has 5 minutes on the clock.”

“4 minutes 30”

“4 minutes”

“3 minutes 30”

“3 minutes”

“2 minutes 30”

“2 minutes.  Looks like she’s in trouble.  Look at her head bob, there Mark.”

“I see it there John, she’s down to 30 seconds…   15 seconds …. 10 seconds…   Wait!  She done it!, he just blasted across her face!  What do you think about that Floyd?”

“Well,  I’m glad I get the 50 thousand,  and I’ve already got a bidding war going on for her, looks like her slave price is going to add at least another 8 grand, I’d call this a win-win.  I need to make a call to Spellbook Slaves!”

Blow for Bucks

Welcome to the 2nd heat in Blow for Bucks today!  I’ve just been informed that the ringer was not in the first group, which make this next one almost a given that she is going to lose.  So the question is does she fail early enough, like on the 1st or 2nd cock, to earn a spit, or does she make it to the just be sold as a failed suck slave.   Who do we have this time, Mark?”

“Well, John, we’ve got Jacqueline Ryan, a single student at Eastlake University.  In her tryout tape, she did 5 guys in less than 10 minutes, so if there isn’t a Effexor ringer in the batch, she should do well. And the bell just went off.  She’s on the first guy and doing the lot of tongue on the head of the cock thing.  I always like that.”

“Me too Mark, me too.  Wait, she doing deep throat now, this could be a game changer.”

“Well, Mark, she’s 3 minutes in now, and still on the first one.  Not sure what to say, other than “I think we found the ringer”,  Effexor might make your brain chemistry right, but it does it to your balls.”

“Well, technically it would be to the whole system, not just the balls.  They are still studying the effect as to find a way around it, John”

Did you just `mansplain`  ` I can’t cum ` to me there Mark?”

“<laughs>I guess I did<laughs>”

“Any rate, balls or system or both, she’s still on the first guy and is about 4 and half minutes in, it’s not looking good for Jacqueline, there Mark.  Care to take a side bet on her making it?”

“Right now, with her being 5 minutes in on the first guy?  I don’t think so there John.”

“She’s moving on to the second guy,  and has signaled that she will  return to the first after she finishes him.  Is that a legal move Mark?”

“I’m not sure, John.  They have stopped the clock and she has been told to stop sucking while the judges decide if that is legal.  And it’s been ruled not legal, she has to return to the first guy with the clock set at 6 minutes in.”

“You know Mark, I feel for the guys that aren’t on Effexor in the line up, I mean this is just asking for blue-balls.”

“Well, it’s a little know fact that the fluffers that got them hard will finish the job if need be.”

“Well, it was a little known fact, everybody knows it now.”

“Well, yeah, it’s not like it’s a state secret that they have fluffers for this show.
And she spent half the time of the first guy.  Either she sucks at sucking or he’s on Effexor.”

“Seven minutes left”

Six and minutes and 30 seconds.  Wonder how she’s going to taste after being spit roasted?”

“Bit early to say that, she might,  Wait she, no, she just stopped for a breath, she’s back on the guy.  Doesn’t look good for her”

“Six minutes left and she hasn’t gotten the first guy off yet.  If he’s not the Effexor ringer, I don’t know about her skills.  They look OK from here, but you got to wonder, I mean nine minutes, more or less of deep throat and he hasn’t gotten off yet?  It’s not like she’s doing the slow edging thing with him, she wants him to get off and he’s primed to go.”

“Five minutes left”

“Four minutes 30”

“Four minutes.  There is no way she’s getting out of this free, and alive might be a question for her.”

“Three and half, but look at her go, I haven’t seen a head bob like that this side of a Russian Porno.”

“Three minutes”

“Two and half”

“Two minutes on the clock”

“90 seconds”

“1 minutes”

“30 seconds”

“And that is it.  Jacqueline is a slave, the only question is where they are going to sell her to.”

“Oh, wait!  Is that Sarah Moody coming on the stage?  She’s going to be the relief for the other guys.  What a trooper!”

Snuffed for Bucks

“I’ve just been given a notice from the production staff, that Austin Baker, Jacqueline’s first and only cocks-man, was not on Effexor, he just and I quote here “did square roots in my head, I can do that for hours” , so yeah, she sucked at sucking.  I’ve also got a notice that The Snuff Channel bought her and is going to snuff her live on stage while Sarah brings off the men that  Jacqueline could not.  Looks like a simple noose slow snuff.   Want to make a bet about Sarah bringing off the guys before Jacqueline snuffs out?”

Well, no not really, but let’s be honest, a girl in college that can’t suck to save her life, do we really need to keep her alive?  I don’t thinks so, and I, for one, am damn glad to see her get the noose she so powerfully earned tonight.