National Ginger Association’s annual slave sale.

Ginger 1 – Patti
Ginger 2 – Bobbie
Ginger 3 – Mattie
Ginger 4 – Bethany

Afternoon shift, Spellbook Slaves

“How may I help you ladies?”

“We are with the National Ginger Association and it’s time for our annual fund raiser.  We would like to be sold as slaves, with 50% of the profit going to the  NGA.”

“I think I can do that.  I need to see some ID and you need to fill out some papers for me.”


So I take their ID and run them against the state database.  Patti Reese ,Bobbie Lowe, Mattie Benson, Bethany Stanley all come back as free women eligible for conversion.  I process their ID and pay the tax.

“OK ladies, you are now slaves.  Any hint as to where you want to be sold to?”

“As long as it’s not to a snuff movie studio or an alternate meat store, no, I don’t care” says Patti.   Mattie and Bethany both node their heads, “What she said”.

Bobbie says “I don’t care, even if it is a snuff places,   In fact I’d rather you have me snuffed as long as it’s meaningless.  I don’t want to be part of some one else’s great day, so no snuff as a part of a wedding or something like that.  Just snuff me…”

“OK I can do that.  With or with out torture?”

With Torture

“I get a choice? With then.”

I make a phone call.  “Yeah,  Forrest, this is Mike at Spellbook Slaves.  Got a special for you.  The NGA, that’s the redhead group, not ones with guns, yeah, they are having their  yearly slave sale fund raiser and one of them wants to be snuffed, in private, with torture….  I don’t know about that, let me ask”.

“How do you feel about it being  a snuff film, or is that too public?”

Bobbie shrugs “I’m just a slave, do with me as you will.”

“Ok Forrest, a snuff film is good to go.  Let’s talk price, and bear in mind this is tax deductible.  She’s a redhead, duh, with good size tits and a nice ass.  Also seems to have a death wish, but that should be a plus for you.  Seven grand?  Cool,  I’ll take that.  Make the normal payments and I’ll deliver you to your studio.”

“Well Bobbie, you just earned the NGA three and a quarter grand, after my cut and taxes are paid. Let’s see what we can do with the rest of you.  How would feel about being sold as a group to a blowjob club?”

Ginger Face Fuck

Bethany says “That would be fine, but don’t those places have a fairly high number of deaths to their girls every day”

“Not every day, at least not now anyway, but yeah, there are guys that really get off on killing a girl as she gives head.  Girls that give good enough head don’t normally get put on the “black collar” lists, but if you are a good cock sucker you can live, well, longer than Bobbie is going to.  Most leave the club by being bought by a customer that really likes the way they give head.  Want me to make a call to Suckers or not?”

The three talk among them selves for a while “It’s not like we can stop you now, but yeah, that seems like the best idea right now.”

I make another call  “Yeah, Lynette, this is Mike as Spellbook Slaves.  Got a set of gingers that want to be sold to you.  Yeah, it’s that time of year, and no you can’t get the 4th, she going to be tortured and snuffed.  Her idea really.  Yeah, these would be tax deductible  expenses.   Not sure why the National Ginger Association is a classified as a charity, but they are.  The last one went for seven grand, what about making it twenty grand for the three and call it a day.   You can do that?  Cool.   I’ll send them by as soon as my truck gets back from it’s current run.”

“So girls, I hope you know how to give good head, because, at least for a while, your life depends on it.”