Look what I got!

The New Toy

“Tanya! Come look at what I got!”

“I don’t want to see yet another set of shoes, Kari.”

“It’s not shoes, and I think you will like it, it cleans house and does the dishes.”

“You bought a romba and a dishwasher?”

“No silly, come into the living room”

“You bought a slave?  How could you afford that?  I mean the tax alone is $250.00”

“Well, for founders day at work they were giving out surprise gifts, ranging from $100.00 at the local taco truck to the grand prize of a slave from Spellbook Slaves.  I pulled the grand prize!”

“Why is she gagged and in bondage?”

“Well, I asked for one that wasn’t fully broke in yet, so you and I could practice on her for our mistress classes, which I also scored discounts for”