The girl in red.

<Several months ago, at the Holloway home.>

“Your grades are horrible.   If you don’t bring them up I might sell you to a slaver” John Holloway says to his eldest daughter, Jordan.

But Dad, I don’t want to be converted.

“Did I ask if you wanted to be converted?  No I did not, I just warned you that if your grades don’t come up you are going to be enslaved.  I’m not paying good money to have you piss it away.  You either bring your grades up or I’ll be forced to deal with you in the manner I chose, which is having you be enslaved.  It can’t be that hard for you, after all your sister Joan has no problems with the same class load as you are taking.”

If it’s the money, why don’t you just put me in the public school system?

“No, I want you all to have a good education, which is why you all are at Dutch Hall, but I also want to see that you are applying yourself, not just hanging out with your friends and the way I see that is your grades.”

But Daddy, please?

“It’s real simple, get your grades up to at least a B average or it’s a life as a slave for you.”

<The present day, morning at the Holloway home.>

“Jordan, you latest weekly grade report is Not Good.  Low C average over all and two Ds Didn’t I warn you about this?  I’m calling a slaver to have you picked up from school”

But today is picture day, I’m wearing my red dress that you said I’m not get messed up and that’s not a final grade report.  I can bring them up with my finals, please daddy, don’t call the slaver. Please, I can bring them up.

“Nice try Jordan but even I know that you can’t bring a D average up at this point in the school cycle to a B average and you have that in two classes, and they are core classes not blow off electives, you are going to the slave pens, or what ever they do with new slaves.  Have a good life as a slave, because I have one less daughter now…”

<At Dutch Hall private school>

“I’m here from Spellbook Slaves, I’ve got a pick up order for a Jordan Holloway, she’s senior here.  Can you tell me where to find her?

“Oh, that might be tricky, most of the senior girls are out doing their photos for the yearbook now.  I think they were going to use Woodward Park for that.”

Well damn, I don’t want to make several trips all over Eastlake.  Can you check to make sure where she is?

“Yeah, let me make a couple of calls.”  The clerk I was talking to picks up her phone and calls some.  A brief conversation takes place that I really couldn’t hear “OK, yes she is with the girls taking photos out of school and the location is in Woodward Park.  Her sister Joan is in class now, if that helps any.”

Thanks, but no, I don’t have a pick up order for any one but Jordan.  If you can let the photographer know that I’ll be making a capture and that it is sanctioned, so I don’t have to deal with the police on a public capture that would be really good.

“I can do that”


“Sure you don’t want Joan, she’s nearly identical to Jordan and you wouldn’t have to go out the park to get her”

Nope, Mr. Holloway was quite clear he only wanted Jordan picked up, and it had to be today.  Something about the new moon, I didn’t follow what he was saying.

<At Woodward Park>

The Girl in Red

I hate needing to make a capture in public places.  There is just to many things that can go wrong, plus if you aren’t really clear about who you are getting, you may have to deal with the police thinking it is a kidnapping in progress, not a enslavement capture.

I’ve decided that as soon as I am sure that the target is Jordan, she gets tasered.   Yeah, it costs a few bucks for the cartridges, but it makes up it in dealing with a possible runner.  Plus I’m not buying the cartridges, so that is the boss’s problem not mine.  I arrive at the park and ah, park the van.

I see a group of girls standing around in formal dresses and gowns.  I suspect that is where I will find Jordan.    I’ve been told she is wearing a red full length dress, and, if possible, I’m not to mess the dress up beyond what a dry cleaner can fix.  Seems that her sister wants it for a formal.  I don’t understand south-side people some times.  They have money to burn but get twitchy about saving money by using hand-me-downs or shared dresses for their daughters.  What ever, they pay the bills and keep the lights on at good old Spellbook Slaves.  If they weren’t so slave happy for their wives and daughters there is a good chance that I would be out of a job and not being allowed to brutally capture young ladies and MILF types.  In an earlier time, I would be one of those guys that people would say ‘He kept to him self and was a quiet sort of guy’ when I made the nightly news.  Good thing there is a legal way to deal with that sort of fetish now.

I see a girl in a red dress.  I start moving towards her, with my taser in hand, but behind my back.  I get within 25 feet or so, and call out “Hey, Jordan!  I’ve got something for you!“.  Sure enough, the girl in red turns towards me.  Good enough for a capture, if I got the wrong girl, I’m covered as I have a capture document on me, signed by my boss and Mr. Holloway, but I would lose the element of surprise and I would have to go hunting for her.  I pull the taser from behind my back and –Zappa– let her have it.  I hit her in her arm, missing the dress, which  should make the boss and Mr. Holloway happy. She  twitches a bit then goes down like a ton of bricks.  Picture perfect tasering.  I walk up to her twitching body and slap a set of twist cuffs on her.  While she is still out I rummage through her purse and find both her state ID and her school ID.  Got that right teen in a red full length dress.  That’s good.   The other teens are all standing sorta shell shocked.  I look up at them “Go about your business, unless you want to join her.  This is a requested capture and if you try to interfere I can taser you as well.  Interfering with a requested chapter is a state felony, which means you would either be put in jail or converted yourself.  Now scram”  The crowd of teen girls all scatter, other than one who was standing alone from the group of them.  I notice that her dress is an faded off the rack blue light special, a good indicator that she might not be from the same social circle as the rest of them.  “I’m glad you got her.  She was a bitch to me and my friends” she flatly states.  “That’s nice, now go away.”  She hauls out her cell phone, takes a couple of shots of Jordan with the taser darts still in her arm and then says “Thanks.  You don’t know what this means to me” , then walks away.

Jordan starts to around after a few moments.  “Why did you taser me?  I wasn’t doing any thing wrong officer…“, she asks.  “I’m not an officer, I’m a collection agent for Spellbook Slaves and I tasered you because I didn’t want to chase you all over the park if you tried to run.  That being said let me state for the record this: Jordan Holloway, a person with right of conversion has requested that you be enslaved as of this day.  I am taking charge of you now.”  I reply.  She starts crying.   “Oh My God, daddy really did sell me to a slaver, I didn’t think he was serious…”  she sobs.    I pull her upright “Yep, he was serious about  it and I’m here to take you in“.

<At Spellbook Slaves>

OK Boss-man, I’ve got the pickup you sent me out on.  Had to go to Woodward park to get her.  Ah, I used a taser cartridge on her, to make sure she didn’t run  on me.

You are using a lot of those.  Almost 50% more than any one else.  If I didn’t know better I’d say you have a thing for seeing a young woman get stunned by electricity

What can I say.  I also don’t like to chase them down either.  Bad knees and all that”

What ever.  Oh, did her dress survive the capture?  Mr. Holloway wants it back, if possible.

Yeah, I hit her in the arm and she didn’t thrash around that much.  Got a few grass marks on it, but a dry cleaner should be able to fix it.  No tears or rips any way.  I took the liberty of removing it from her before I put her in the van.  Here it is.

That’s great, take her back to the holding cell,  It’s the new moon and those nuts at the dark temple often buy a teenager for one of their “Brides of the Dark Lord” of some thing like that on new moons.  If they do, she fits the description of the type of girl the use as a bride, so there isn’t any reason to put her in the pens.  Plus having a nude teen in the holding cell makes for a good ice breaker for some customers.  Shows what we are all about and all that.  If they don’t call by 5:00 then you can take her back to the pens.  Make sure it’s a bit cold in there so her nipples are nice and hard.  Not too cold, don’t want her freezing or any thing, just hard nipples.

<At The Dark Temple>

My dread lord, it has come time to perform a high dark mass and give a bride in death to the Dark Lord and we have no usable sacrifices.  We must obtain a new one for the Dark Lord.  We do have two harlots that will act as handmaids, just we have no bride.

Call the slaver and have them send us their youngest recent slave, one that hasn’t been a slave for more than 48 hours, I have it on highest authority that Spellbook Slaves should have one that meets our needs this day.

It shall be as you command my dread lord.

<Some time passes>

Let me examine these new bride of the Dark One.  Ah, yes, she will do nicely.  Are you a virgin by any chance my dear?

Ah, no sir, not for over a year…

Ah,I feared as much.  You can still serve the Dark One as his death bride.  Jameson! We must find a virgin of proper age and breeding to serve as the Dark One’s life bride.

I shall ask in the marketplace of flesh to find a bride to fill his needs.  I shall start tomorrow as the sun rises, if that pleases you, my dread lord…

Yes, that will do.  Send up the stone masons, we must prepare the altar for her sacrifice.

Please sir, don’t kill me, I can do much more…

The only thing that you could have done that would save your life, you cast aside.  Only the pure in body may serve as the life bride of the Dark Lord.

But sir, I have an over 90% rating in all of my holes, I can make you feel very good.  Let me show you…

You think that you can use your womanly wiles on me to prevent me from giving you to the Dark Lord?  I am stronger than you think.  I look at your temptation and cast it aside, like you cast away your purity.  I have decided that you will die as the sun sets today.  And because you tried to stop me from my sworn duties as the dread lord of the Dark Lord, I will have you suffer death on high altar.  The Dark Lord will feed on your beating heart.

A few hours later, Jordan is tied nude and spread-eagle atop the main altar in the Dark Temple.  The cult begins to chant first slowly and at a low volume, but increasing in volume as they chant faster and faster.

Take this sacrifice oh Dark Lord.  We give her unto you.  Take her as your wife. Take this sacrifice, take this sacrifice, take her as your wife.

Bring forth the handmaids!

Two nude blond slave girls are dragged to in front of the altar, where two nooses are lowered from the rafters.

The handmaidens of the dark lord

Hang them and let their death prepare the way for the bride.

With that the two hapless slaves are hauled up to slowly strangle.

Take them as your handmaids oh Dark Lord, take them, take them.” the assembled people chant.

As soon as the handmaids kick their last, the high priest picks up the bright silvered blade from the altar. “With this blade I offer this sacrifice to you as your bride in death“, holding the blade flat across his hands.

I consecrate this blade to act as your Dark Member as you take your bride in death

Jordan struggles to get free, but is unable to do so.  The high priest brings his blade up.

Bless this blade, bless this blade, bless this blade” chants the cult, faster and faster.  The high priest raises the blade above his head, then slams it down into Jordan’s chest.  He then cuts away at her ribs opening a hole big enough to expose her beating heart. He pulls the blade out, then reaches into Jordan’s chest cavity and pulls the still beating heart from her body.

Bride of the Dark Lord

Take this beating heart as you just due and take this body as your bride in death as is your rightly privilege .

“Take her!  Take Her! Take Her!” chant the cult members as Jordan dies, her eyes focused on her beating heart held above her head, the blood dripping onto her face.

As the dark mass ends, the hooded members file out of the altar chamber.  The high priest taps on man on the shoulder as he exits the room.  “Brother Holloway, I want to thank you for allowing your daughter to become this solar cycle’s dead bride of the Dark Lord.

John Holloway looks the high priest in the eye “I thank you for your words.  Maybe I can get her twin sister for the next life marriage, I think she qualifies in all respects, assuming that the Dark Lord doesn’t care about what she has had in her mouth when he judges purity.  It’s almost too bad the Jordan wasn’t pure enough, I would have liked seeing her being used as the altar for Great Rites.”

The Dark Lords cares only for purity of the womb, not of any other places

John nods his head “The next life marriage is next month, correct”

Yes, when the moon is full in the sky

“I shall attempt to make her ready.”




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