Horrible Things for Hotties

“This is a quick zone assignment. Given a set of electronic tools and supplies, you have 45 minutes to complete a torture for your hottie.”

<45 minutes pass, but the viewers only see short bits of the elapsed time>

“OK let’s see what our torture technicians have come up with. What have you done here, Jeff?”

“Well, I was thinking about the basics of electronics, electricity, and went with a simple stripped power cable tapped to her nipples and plugged into the wall.”

“OK let’s see it in action!”

Jeff plugs in his “torture cable”. His hottie screams for about  30 seconds then collapses, falling off her chair onto the ground, where she lies, lifeless.

“OK, unplug it now.  Looks like you snuffed your hottie, so you are not going to advance as this was a torture assignment, not a snuff assignment.  Sorry about that. Moving on.  What have you done here Lewis?

“Well, as it happens I do know a thing or two about electronics so I bread boarded a simple square wave pulse generator which leads to these two copper wires.  What I need to do for the torture is pierce her nipples with the wires, solder them shut, then turn on the generator, which will supply a high voltage, but low amperage jolt to each nipple, each jolt lasting 2 seconds,  more or less and with a 3 second delay before changing nipples.  Due to the way that I’m grounding the system, at no times does the shortest path to ground pass through her heart, plus the jolt should be low enough amperage, that even if it does pass through her heart it should not be fatal.”

“OK, let see it in action.”

With that Lewis takes the two wires from the work bench and pushes them through his hotties nipples.

“I’ve cut them at a diagonal to make them sharp, but I’m sure this hurts.  Not really part of the torture, but a nice touch any way…

After piercing her nipples, he wraps the connection wires around the nipple piercing wire, about a quarter inch away from the nipple.

OK, now I’m going to solder the wire on to the piercing wire,   I do count this a part of the torture, because, well solder melts at about 370 °F, which should raise, at least, some blisters on her nipples from the conduction of the heat over the copper wires.  Normally I would put a heat sink on the wire to prevent it from transferring the heat to other parts of the system, but in this case I want it to happen.  I’ve stuffed a rag into her mouth so I will not be distracted by her screaming while I do this.  Don’t want to mess up this part of the project.  I’ve tied her to the chair with some CAT-5 cable so she will stay in place.”

Lewis begins to solder the wires in place. His hottie thrashes about and screams into the rag in her mouth.

“OK the first one is done”

Lewis moves on to the second wire and quickly solder it shut as well.

“OK I’m cheating here a bit, I’m just going to tape the ground wires to her tits, just about an inch from her nipples…  I though about making them sharp  and pushing them into her tits, but I couldn’t think of a way to keep them in when she jumps from a jolt, so I’m making  a circle from the stripped part of the ground wire and taping that down.”

“Looks like you have it all under control.  Want to turn it on now?”

Lewis pull the rag from his hotties mouth, then flips a switch on his circuit bread board.

“It will take about 5 seconds to start the R/C time parts of the circuit to ‘warm up'”

As soon as he finishes saying that, his hottie jerks and lets out a yelp.  A few seconds later she does it again.

“OK, how long do you want this to run?  This should last until the power is turned off with no permanent physical damage to her.  I’m not going to say no mental damage, because I suspect this will break her will in less than an hour.”


And we will back to Horrible Things for Hotties after these commercial messages.

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  1. Awesome Story. And glad you’re posting again.

    Can’t wait to see what the other two contestants come up with. or the rest of the rounds.

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