Grade A

So I’m sitting at the desk at Spellbook Slaves, sorta bored, nothing going on for the last 30-45 minutes or so, when a tall well built man walks in.  He approaches my desk and loudly proclaims “I want a Grade A slave”.  I could hear the capital letters.

“What are you looking for in your slave?”

“That doesn’t matter, I want a Grade A slave”

“Well it does matter.  Grade A has several meanings.  There is Grade A roaster, which really means ‘Hot chick I’d like to see snuffed by running a spit from pussy to mouth’.  Or some other violent means of snuffing.

Grade A Roaster
Grade A Roaster

Then there is Grade A appearance, which overlaps with Grade A roaster, but has a slightly different view of breast size and possibly BMI.

Grade A Appearance
Grade A Appearance


Then you have Grade A sex toys, which is for those that scored well in their sex tests.  And a related rating of ‘Grade A cocksuckers’, which should be self explanatory.

Grade A Cocksucker

And there is Grade A utility slave, which would be a highly trained slave in other than sex.

Grade A Utility
Grade A Utility

Then there is “Real Meat Grade A, which is a grade assigned to slaves that really would make good meat, normally a plumper slave.

Grade A Real Meat Girls
Grade A Real Meat Girls

Of course other than “Roaster” and “Real Meat” there can be some overlap.  Of course the more overlap the higher the cost.  A 10 out of 10 that has good sex skill and/or cock sucking skills mixed with a high utility score is going to cost a lot more than one that is just Grade A Real Meat.  So what are you looking for in a slave?”

“Whichever one you have that looks the hottest.  I want to show her off next weekend for my office party.”

“So that would be Grade A roaster or Grade A appearance.  We have several in stock for both.”

“Hmm.  Let me see the Grade A Roasters.  They are saying that they are roasting a slave at the party and I might want to volunteer her for it.”

Grade A Roaster Lineup.
Grade A Roaster Lineup.

“I’ll take the one on the right. Reminds me of a girl that I dated.  Bigger tits however.”

“You’ve selected Kali Williams.  She was converted by her husband ‘Because she can’t suck to save her life.’  Seems like that was the case as she’s likely to become a live roaster.”

“Yeah if she can’t suck cock might as well spit the bitch.  How much?”

“$1000 with tax.  That the current going rate for a grade A live roaster”

“Hmm.  Last party the dude that volunteered a slave got promoted a week later.  Not sure if it’s policy but I’ll take the chance.”

New year at Spellbook Slaves.

OK, I’m holding this meeting to let y’all know how last year went and how I think we can do better this year.  We averaged about 17 slaves a day intake and had about the same out go.  We had an average churn time of 5 days.  All those are good numbers, given the size of our market area, but I think, with a little work, we can raise the intake to 20 a day or more.  These are the ways that I think we can work on to make those numbers happen.

  1. Start being more aggressive about school buys.  I’m talking about all the schools, the Eastlake school weekly sales, the private school fund raisers and paying attention to sorority sales from all 3 universities.  Granted I don’t expect much from the religious schools, but it’s not unheard of.  John and Josh, I’m assigning you to the school beat, so to speak.  I expect one of you to make it to the weekly sales by Eastlake district and try to get as many of the university and private school sales as possible.  As fair as quality of the slaves go, I want any body that would be rated as ‘Grade B’ or better or has a real meat grade of ‘A’ or better, and yes, I know those two scales don’t have a lot in common.  Don’t get into bidding wars, but you need to be active about getting the buy.  If you have time you might check the school website for girls with a 4 demerits and make a preemptive call to their parents.
  2. I’m going to try to raise our profile in South Side.  I know that we get a lot of Southerners coming in for doing one form of family conversion or another, but I want to increase that.  I’ve set up a deal to have a kiosk on a couple of the golf courses during week ends,  both for sales and buys.  Fred and Philip,  you get that duty.
  3. Weddings.   I know they haven’t been in our wheelhouse before, but I think we can expand into that market, both by supplying slaves for the happy couple and for making the bride into a slave-wife.  I’ve got some feelers out to several of the ‘normal’ wedding planners about sub contracting the slave aspect of a modern day wedding.  Linda and Roberta, you get that duty.  I’ll give you the contact information after this meeting.
  4. Contract conversions.  I want a full court press on getting every one of those contracts do be handled by us.  I’m talking collections, gyms, the whole shebang.    I’ll be leading this one, but I expect I’ll be handing out stuff on an ad-hock basis for follow up work.

Staffing.  I’m planing on expanding staff.  I’m mainly looking at getting more of the Mistresses that graduate each semester on as staff.  I’m also going to increase the number of Mistress Trainees interns from the current 4 to maybe 8 or 10, depending on the quality of students.  Tesla will provide most of those, but that’s mainly due to the fact that I have day to day contact with the mittens there.  I’ll be expanding to the other schools, but I suspect that I might run into some problems with that, well, because the Mistress trainers at the other schools will be doing the same thing.

<Later that day at the Harkinson house. Megan is talking to her sister Joanne.  Joanne is getting married to Dillon Staton today.  Megan is to be Joanne’s maid of honor.  As they are talking  Megan pulls out a small 9mm pistol and points it at Joanne>

“Well, Joanne didn’t think I would get to do this as your maid of honor, but then again, well, let’s just say that this is a day I’ve been waiting for most of my life.  I’m sorry but I’m have to tell you that there has been a change in plans for your wedding.  Rather major changes, to say the least.  Listen to what I have to say or I shoot you. OK?”

“What are you doing?  What do you mean changes?  Where did you get that gun?  Tell me what’s going on please, why are you doing this?”

“Why?  Because I’ve always been in your shadow.  You got the grades in school with out needing to work for them, you got the boys to do things for you, you even got engaged to a man we both had our eyes on.  Did you know that Dillon and I were having an affair, even after he proposed to you?  That’s where I came up with this plan.   I suggested making you a slave to Dillon and he went for it.  Here is the thing.  I know you two have signed the marriage license, which is all it takes to give Dillon the right to convert you.    Right after it was signed, he went to Spellbook Slaves and had you converted.  That added $500 to the cost of the wedding, but all  in all it will be worth it.  Now here is the important thing, either you let me put you in bondage so we can have a nice friendly slave wedding or I put a bullet in your brain.  Because you are a slave, I can do that because I have the permission of your owner.  So what is it going to be sister mine?  Life as a slave or dead on your wedding day?  Or should I say our wedding day.  After the big public slave wedding you are having, Dillon and I are getting married.  Seems that a slave wedding isn’t legally binding.”

“No, don’t shoot me, I’ll be good, just don’t kill me, please…”

< Joanne puts on her wedding dress, then Megan ties up Joanne >


“Now doesn’t that look sweet.? The black ropes really set off your wedding dress.  Now let me gag you so you don’t make any more bothersome noises.”

<Megan pulls out her phone>

“Dillon, honey?  Yeah I’ve got her all ready to go for you.  I’m sorry but I tied her legs together, so you are going to need to come and get her, she can’t walk out the door on her own.   … Yes, I used the black rope you gave me.  Looks really good over her wedding dress. …  Yes of course I gagged her.  Didn’t really want to hear her whine about this. … You say that you have hired those slavers to come pick her up and transport her to the wedding site  How much did that cost?  … Free as long as it less than 2 hours use of the van? Great, I’ll wait here for them.  Love you too.”  <Megan puts her phone away>  “Looks like you are getting the full treatment, being transported to the chapel in a proper slaver’s van.  Being manhandled like you were a side of beef.  You should thank me, because I didn’t ask Dillon to snuff you after the service, because I bet he would if I had asked.  You never did ask me about those night school classes I took.  Turns out that I’m a Mistress now.  That means I don’t have to worry about being converted if Dillon gets a strange idea about having two sisters as slaves.  No, we will just have a quiet small little justice of the peace ceremony and take you with us on our honeymoon.   Really, being a Mistress is just like what it must have been like before the White Slave Act was passed.  Granted you have to pass the course, and failure to do so will result in your conversion, but all and all it’s totally worth it.  I would recommend that you get your certificate, but they don’t take slaves.  Sorry about that.”



A night shift at Spellbook Slaves

I hate the night shift at Spellbook Slaves.  Well, that’s not quite true, I really don’t hate working at Spellbook, just the night shift is my least favorite shift to work.  Take last night, as an example.

I got in, just in time, at 11:00 PM (23:00 for you people that use the 24 hour clock).  The evening shift dude tossed me the keys and grunted something about “have a great night”.

Just as he left, a nice looking couple came in.  She was wearing what had to be mistress garb and he was in a dress coat and slacks.  Not what I normally get.  I made a mental bet that she was going to take the lead in this interchange.

“May I help you?”

She replied “Yes, we are looking for a blonde, with medium breasts and high scores in oral skills and at least average on anal.  Right dear?”

He looked at her, “What ever you say, ‘Mistress Theresa’.”  I could here the quote marks around “Mistress Theresa”.  And I won the bet with myself.  Not sure if that counts as a win, because I also lost the bet.

1st sale of the night.

The man turned to me “Theresa just finished her Mistress class and we thought we would get a new slave to celebrate.”

I typed in the criteria that they had given me and directed them to the screen where the 4 that meet their criteria that we had in stock were displayed.  “If you can make a selection I can will bring her up for your approval.  They spent several minutes before deciding  on Slave 5789-19.  She had a date of conversion of only a few days ago.    Day shift must due a lot more than night shift if we have had almost 6000 slaves this year.  Of course there were several large lots that added a couple of hundred at a time.  That still a slave intake of just over 17 and a half a day.   “What can you tell us about this slave, like what was her name and how did she become a slave?”  Mistress Theresa asked.  I brought up her history.  “Her name was Michelle Hall, and she was converted by a person of personal contact, a Mr. Edgar Reid.   Looks like based of the proof of contact supplied it was a one night stand that he recorded on his home security system.  She really should have stopped after being fucked and giving a blow job.  It was the anal that pushed her over the line.”    I clicked on his shop history.  “Looks like Mr. Reid has quite a history of converting ‘girlfriends’ as see she was number 7 in the past 2 years.  Any rate, Michelle was tested a couple of months before she was converted, no reason given, and scored high in oral, both male and female and slightly above average in anal.  She also has a certificate  of training as a cook and in house cleaning.  Hmm.  Cert date is the day before her sex tests.   It’s like she was trying to qualify as a house slave.  What ever.  Let me go get her from the pens.”  I triggered the “Will be back soon” sign on the door and locked it, for the out side.  Don’t want people coming in with no staff at the counter.  Not sure why we do this, but it’s in The Book that if the counter is empty, no new people are allowed into the building.   After finding slave 5789’s cell, I woke her “Rise and shine, need to be ready for sale, a nice couple has selected you.  After a few seconds she as up off her bed and looking at me groggily.  “A couple?  That’s nice, I think any way.  Did you tell them I was a cook and house keeper or what?”   I looked down at her “Yes, but only after they selected you from the 4 that met their criteria of ‘blonde, medium breasts and high oral and anal skills’.  Looks like they are buying a suck and ass-fuck toy, but you never know, come on, lets not keep them waiting.  Just so you will know, she is a Mistress, so make sure you act correctly for her.”

I brought her up front to the waiting customers, unlocking the door and turning off the “back soon light”.   Theresa looked at her some what critically while he just looked at Theresa.  “Will she do Theresa?  I mean as your starter slave?”    Mistress Theresa nodded yes.  “She will do.  You said she also has a cert in cooking?”  “Yes Mistress, she does, French and Italian specialties.” I reply.

He handed me a gold card, which I ran.  I didn’t apply any surcharges to the sale, because they didn’t act like the types that get the surcharges.  I handed the card back saying “She came to $950, with tax.  I’ve charged your card for that amount, thank you for choosing Spellbook Slaves for you slave needs.  Do you need a collar and leash for her? ”  Theresa pulled thin collar and short leash out of her purse and said “No, I came prepared.”  With that, she collared slave 5789 and led her out of the building.

A wife for conversion

Shortly after they left a man in a tux came in with a nude woman, who, based her apparent on age was his wife or mistress, not a daughter.

“I’d like to sell you my wife”

“Wilfred, can’t you just get a divorce?  Why do you have to sell me off?”  She asked him.

I ignored their by-play and asked for their ID.  Wilfred Moss and his wife Alicia.  State database showed them to be married and with out any children young enough to trigger the maternity clause.  “Thank you sir.  Does she have any certifications of worth?”  Mr. Moss looked at me.  “I don’t understand your question.”  “A certificate of worth is a certificate that shows she has some skills, for example from a cooking school or other trade school recognized by the state.  “I she has a fine art’s degree, does that count?”  “Depends on the degree, what was her specialty?  Graphic artists are in demand right now,  and of course dancers are always welcome, but there isn’t much call for mixed media types.”  He looked a bit pained  “Well, what if she doesn’t have any certificates?   “Well then her price will be based on her age and general condition.  If you will bring her over to in front of this work station, I can take a scan of her and run it though the computer to see what is what and who is who.”  As he positioned her in front of the camera, I entered her age.  She didn’t look bad for a woman in her early 40’s.   “Wilfred, don’t due this”.  I looked up from the station.  “You be silent or I will gag you.  A person with right of conversion has requested your conversion and there is no obvious reason to refuse the conversion.  This is your first warning.  Now stand on that plate  and face the camera”  She looked like she was slapped in the face, but stood straight and faced the camera.  A flash later I had her picture was waiting on the evaluation software to kick in the results.  The plate she was standing on feed in her weight and her height was calculated from her image.   A few seconds later I got a rating and price quote of $350.   I looked over to Mr. Moss.  I can offer $350 for her.   Unless you have any worth certs I’m afraid that is a high as I can go.  I’ve checked and her general fine arts degree is included in that valuation.   “Well, if that is what she is worth, I’ll take it.”    I made a few entries on my workstation and poof   Alicia Moss was now slave 5802-19.  I triggered the “Be back soon” sign, locked the door and  I took her back to the holding pen.   On return I asked Mr. Moss if he wanted store credit, a debit card loaded with $350 or cash for his now ex-wife.  “Cash will do nicely” he said.

I checked the clock.  It’s just after midnight, which means I’m in the gap between “Out on the town, let’s go to the slave shop” crowd, such as it is, and the “Bars let out, lets go to the slaver” crowd, which is always fun to deal with.   I decide to take slave 5802 back to her cell.  I trigger the sign and door and take her back. When I return, there is a crowd of women at the door.  I open the door and they all come in.  These women have on thing in common with each other.  Huge freaking tits and sort of thick bodies.  They type that looks best with a spit in her cunt and coming out her mouth.

5 soon to be long pigs

“Welcome to Spellbook Slaves,how may I help you ladies”

The tallest one, a blonde, says “We want to be turned into slaves before our husbands get home”

It’s going to be one of those nights.  “OK I can do that.  I need your ID and a urine sample from each of you.  Please go into the restroom one at a time fill the cup you will find in there up to the line marked on it.”   When you return please strip down to and stand against that wall.  Also I have to ask, are all of your breasts real?  Makes a difference on your grade.   They all tell me that they are real.  “May I ask why you want to be converted” I say to them as they return with their urine samples.   I test them all and they come back drug free and not pregnant, which makes them convertible, assuming they don’t have a minor child.  The redhead turns to me to say “We heard them say that they were going to take us to Hill’s Meat in the morning.  We decided that it was better if we converted ourselves before then.  “I see.  You do understand that converting yourself may or may not avoid the spit.  We do sell to several alternate meat suppliers in town, Hill’s being one of them, and let me tell you up front, that each of you has what is called a ‘meat prime’ body, which means the odds are high that you will not make to the end of the week with out being spit roasted.”    The shorter blonde looks me dead in the face and says “Even if we do get roasted at least our husbands don’t get the money or the meat”.  Yeah, one of those nights.   “OK, I can do that for you.  Let me run your ID’s to make sure none of you have a flag on file with the state.”

Frances Richardson, Jane Martin, Jessica Campbell, Heather Murphy and Annie Bennett all come back as convertible, with no minor children.  I run them through the machine to get a rating for them and they all come back as either Real Meat Prime (RMP) or Prime+ (RMP+).  Yeah, they aren’t making through the week.  In fact, I send an message to “Real She Meat”, “Slut Steaks” and, just too be mean “Hill’s Fine Meat” that I had 5 RMP/RMP+ ready for pickup.  As a seconded line I sent a message to the Eastlake School district saying we had a group of RMP/RMP+ for sale, figuring that they might take one or two for the butcher classes they were starting up.  For some reason this group of pigs pissed me off and I wanted to make sure they ended up as roasts.  Not sure what it was about them that triggered my blood lust, but it was definitely triggered.  I got an almost immediate reply from the school, saying that they were interested  in all 5 of them and asked if we could put a hold on their sale until morning.  I replied that we could do that.  I send a “meat on hold” message to the alternate meat providers that I had messages before I messages the school.  While the school doesn’t pay quite as well as  Hill’s and company does, they often will do a 2 for 1 exchange of students that they are converting for meat slaves.  And to be honest, 10 teen aged slaves will normally do better for us than 5 long pigs.

Daughter for Sale

After the long pigs are taken care of I have a long period of basic boredom, where I think strongly about going back a getting my rocks of in the mouth of the new slaves/long pigs in waiting.  Might even tell her that if she is a good enough cock sucker she might escape the spit.   Not going to happen, but it does make for a better, or at least more enthusiastic, blow job.  As I’m just getting ready to head back, the door opens and man leads in a young woman, nude, but collared and leashed.  He comes up to the counter, where is announces “My name is Allen Clarke and I want to sell my daughter, Megan, off.”   I look at Megan.  She a strawberry blonde with small tits and boy like hips.  There currently is a strong market for that body style, so I’m interested  in her.  “OK can you bring her over to the this station and let me see your ID’s please.  After scanning their ID the system returns that Allen does have right of conversion over Megan, and that she is a convertible woman.  “OK can I get a urine sample just to make sure she isn’t pregnant.”  I point her to the door into the restroom.  She goes in and comes out with a sample. I did a “Slave or Not” test kit into the sample and she comes back as clean and not pregnant.  The clean part doesn’t matter as it’s not a voluntary  conversion, but parental conversion.  “OK Megan, stand here and look at the camera.  No, don’t smile, keep your face neutral.  <Flash>  OK, just a second…”  She comes back with a $600 offer attached and a flag to notify for “Male Analog” clients.  “Well Mr, Clarke, I can offer you $600 for her, but I have to tell you that if you take that offer, she is going to be sold as an anal and oral sex slave to one of the gay bars as a ‘Male Analog'”.   “Why should I care what you do with her.  Sounds like she is getting what she asked for”.  I ask if he wants cash, store credit or a debit card for her.  He says that store credit will be fine.  I enter his data into the store records and tell him that he can use the store’s web site or come in to make his selection at his leisure.

After that, it really got slow.  Around 6:30, Mike the owner comes in, “Have a good night?” he asks “Well, we got one older slave, 5 long pig volunteers that the school board wants to buy or trade for and a male analog.  Sold one as a trainer slave to a new Mistress, so not that bad of a night all things considered.  Slower than snot after 3:30 however.”


Another day at Spellbook Slaves

Another pickup.



“Hello and thank you for calling Spellbook Slaves.  How can I help you today”

“I’ve got my wife in some light duct tape bondage right now, but she’s going to be able to get free soon, I’d like to sell her to you ASAP.”

“We can do that, please give me your address and I’ll send some one to get her.”

“Why thank you”.

“I’m going to send John to do the pick up.  Do you want cash or a loaded debit card for her?”  Based on your photo she looks to be worth about $1500″

“A debit card will be fine.  How long will it be?”

“I’m sending him now, can I get the address?”

“3845 S Lewis”

“John!  Got a possible problem pick up for you.  Please go to 3845 S Lewis and take the wife.  Once you have her, let me know and I’ll transfer funds to the card.”

Walk in Business

“Hello, can I turn my self in here?”

“Well that depends on what you are wanting to turn your self in for.”

“I’ve heard that if you are a slave you can’t be charged with a crime that you did before you were a slave”

“That depends on the crime, but in general yeah.  Care to tell me what you did?  I can tell you being converted will help or not that way.”

“I stole some money from my work.  Not a lot, just a couple of thousand, but they are doing an audit next week and they might find out that I did it.  The last time they found some one stealing from them they called the cops, had her arrested, bought her when the courts converted her and spit roasted her for a company picnic.   I don’t want that to happen to me”

“Was it stocks or bonds you stole?  Makes a difference because securities are covered by the feds and they don’t care about your status.”

“No, just money…”

“That’s a state matter then and grand theft is one of the things covered by “Slaves can’t be tried for their actions as a free women” clause.

“Well then I’d like to become a slave…”

Girl Friend to convert


“I’d like to sell you my girlfriend…”

This kid didn’t look old enough to have a girl friend, much less one that was old enough to convert.  “Can I see some ID, and proof that you are a person of personal contact with your ‘Girl Friend'”.  He digs out his wallet and shows me his learner’s permit.  He’s legal alright.

“I’ve got a bunch of photos of Amber giving me head on my phone, will that do?”

“Assuming 3 in the last 30 days, yes that will do.”  He brings out his phone and shows me a dozen or so shots of her giving head.  Of the dozen at least 3 show both her face and his, enough to indicate he was a PPC with the girl.  “Yeah, that will, do, assuming no other issues with her.”

“OK great, I’ll bring her by this after noon.”

<Later that day>

“This is the place that Coach Watson wanted me to check out.  Come in with me, ‘this will only take a second”

“This is a slave place, why would the coach send you here?”

“They sell stuff I might need”

“Like what?”

“Just come in with me”

“Oh, Fine.”

The walk up to the desk.  She looks to be of age, but I’ll check that later.

“This is Amber, I talked about her with you earlier today”

“Yes, I recognize her from your photos.  Still want to sell her?”

“Sell me!  You can’t do that we are too young.”

“Well, let’s see about that. Let me see your ID miss”

Amber hands over her license.  She’s legal, if just barely.  I set her license down “Well, in some states you might be too young, but here in Oklahoma, you are legal for conversions”

“Meric you said you loved me, why are you doing this?”

“Coach Watson wants us to convert our girl friends so as to make us ‘Real Men’.  All the team will be doing it before the first game.  The coach says he has some thing special in mind if we win that game, but we have to convert our girl friends first.”

“And you do what ever that pig of a coach tells you to do?”

“Pretty much.”

“Don’t do this, I’ll blow you every day, just don’t do this because your coach tells you to.  Please, I’m begging you, I thought you loved me…”

“Well, every morning before school?”

I could tell that Meric was starting to give in.  Need to push him towards converting her.  “Sir, if I might speak with you in private…”  I lean forward to speak to the boy and as I do so I trigger the door lock.  She’s not running out of here until we resolve this.  “I’ve heard through the grapevine that the Eastlake school system is making some sweeping changes to their student conversion policy, to take effect on the 22nd.  Do you know what status Amber’s parents have given her?  Or will give her?  It would be a shame for you to not convert her like your coach wants and she gets converted because of a school policy.  Not to mention the cash you would get if you converted her today”

What I didn’t tell him was that I already had a buyer in mind for Amber, Coach Watson had called in earlier today about his players might be bringing in their girl friends “And fuck toys”, to use his term.  I was expecting older, but what ever.  What I’m not telling Meric is how much Amber is worth, so I can let him “haggle” me up to a higher price.

“Please Meric, don’t do this.  I’ve got more to offer to you than Coach Watson does”

I look at Meric “You think she’s going to get you in to college?  Most of Coach Watson players get some sort of scholarship.  Just saying.”

Meric looks at Amber, then back to me “How much is she worth to you”

I look at her.  She’s worth 2 grand easy.  “How does $600 sound to you?”\

“Fifteen hundred”


“Miss I’m warning you another such out burst and I will be forced to take action against you.  A qualified person of personal contact has requested your conversion and is in negotiations for your conversion. By law I am now allowed to apply what ever level of non lethal force I need.  Now Be Silent.”

I turn back to Meric.  “How does nine hundred work for you?”

“Twelve Hundred”

“How about we say a grand even.  Cash money”

“Deal”  “Deal”

As we conclude the negotiations Amber turns and starts to run towards the door, not knowing that it was locked.    I pull out my taser and fire it at her.  She goes down like a ton of bricks.  I push the button a couple more times,  she twitches but is out for the count.  “Would you mind putting her in the holding cage while I get your money sir?”

A rental work slave

Ring Ring

“Hello, this is Spellbook Slaves, how can I help you today?”

“This is Connie Norris with Norris’s House Painting and I need to rent a slave or two for a big rush job I’ve got.   You got any that might be able to use a roller on a stick?”

We don’t get many calls for renting slaves, but it is something we do.  “Yeah, I’ve got a few that might work for you.  Rental rates are one hundred per day, but if she is not in the same or better condition when you return her, or you keep her for more than two weeks your card will be charged the full amount for the slave.

“That sounds like a deal.  I’ll be by to pick her up in a few hours.”

“That’s fine, we are open 24 hours and the time you pick her up is the time she needs to be returned by, for day count reasons.”

A teacher mistress breaks a teacher slave.

Flogged Teacher

“Mr. West! You need to go to Mistress Hanson’s room.  She’s got Ms. Wilkins chained to that flogging ladder of hers and and is flogging the shit out of her.”

“1 demerit for language…  But I’ll go see what she is up to.”

I walk down the hall to Vivian’s room.  As I get closer I hear whip cracks and a voice counting out strokes.   As I enter the room I see “Mistress Hanson” aka Vivian Hanson flogging Julia Wilkins, aka a math teacher here at Tesla Prep.

“Ah, Vivian, why are you flogging Julia right now?”  Never hurts to start off slowly.


<Fifty Seven my lady>

“I’m not”.  <SMACK>

<Fifty Eight my lady>

“Sure looks like it to me.”

“Nope, I’m flogging TS-001”

Ah, the old “not her name” trick.  I’ve used it a few times my self.  “OK, so why are you flogging Tango Sierra Zero Zero One then?”

“Because I can and  I want to.  To be more exact, because I want to and I was asked by Cory Welch to do so.”

“Cory Welch, you mean the dean of students ask you to flog the 10th grade math teacher?”

“Why, yes, that is exactly what I mean.”

“Care to expand on that a little?”

“Sure.  I need a break any way.  Don’t forget where we left off there slave, or I will start over on you.”

Vivian turns to me.  “Well, the long or the short version”.

“As long as needed”

“Well, then.  It seems that the board has decided to buy up any SINO slaves that happen to be on the staff.  We offered 120% of their retail value to their current owners and they become TS or Teacher Slaves.  She just happened to be the first, hence the zero zero one bit.  Mr. Welch asked me to break her into her new position and status this morning, so I’m trying to break her.”  Let me get back to what I was doing before she recovers too much.”


<Fifty Nine my lady>

OK, off to see my least favorite person in the world, the dean of students.

“Cory , did you tell Vivian to flog the skin off of Julia Wilkins this morning and don’t play games with names, I mean TS-001.”

“Well, not really,  I told her to break her into her new status.  I assumed she would speak to her and like that.”

“Well, no.  She’s not doing that.  She’s flogging her with a single tail, right across Julia’s tits.  She had gotten to the high 50’s when I came in and talked to her.  She still doing it, I suspect, unless the count was only to 60 or so.”

“Let’s go see what is going on then.  Sound like I need to take a personal look at this.”


<Seventy five my lady>

Oh, Dean Welch, I didn’t know you were coming down here today. As you can see I have this under control.

“Yes, I can see that.  Care to show me what you are doing?”

“Of course Cory.  What I am doing is giving her 100 strokes across her belly and tits.  Like this…”


<Seventy six my lady>

“Stop that for a minute.  Do you have any students that need to work off some demerits?”

“Why, yes I do Dean.  Megan Lynch, please present your self to the dean to work off your demerits.”

“She was scheduled for 20 lashes after school today, but I suspect she will do you just fine.”

Working off demerits

“Oh, yes, this is good. Go on with what you were doing Mistress Hanson…”


<Seventy Seven my lady>


<Seventy Eight my lady>

Well, crap.  This is getting just a bit out of hand.  I’m supposed to be the one torturing women and girls and getting head from random school girls.  Might need to see the board about this.  Of course Vivian does have a Mistress license and Julia was a SINO that found out that given enough money, the “In Name Only” part of SINO might turn into “for reals”.

“Well, you guys have fun, I’ve got a set of test to grade…”


<Seventy Nine my lady>

First things First

OK, First things First. Need to get my rocks off. I check the current standings of the girls in my Mistress Class. Cynthia Little. Looks like she’s my rock tosser. Also looks like she is next weeks snuff demo unless her grades come up a lot.

“Cynthia take your top off and come here and blow me.”

“Why Mr. West?”

“Because if your grades don’t come up by 25% by this time next week I’m going to live spit you as a demo that you don’t need big tits to make a good spit roast.”

“Yes Mr. West, I just wanted to know….”

“Less talk, more suck.”

OK, do I want to go to the board about my contract or not.  There is no telling about how the board will react to request to clarify a contract.  Hell, they might even cancel my contract, which would result in not getting as many school girl blow jobs.  Can’t have that.




Blow for bucks.

Blow for Bucks.

“Welcome to “Blow for Bucks”, the game show where five blowjobs in fifteen minutes can gain you fifty thousand dollars.”

“Well, Mark, who is the first player today?”

“John, we have  Sarah Moody, a house wife from Eastlake.  According to her husband this is a great chance to make the most of her limited skill set.”

“Well, we will see about that, now.  Let me go over the rules for Blow for Bucks.  It’s simple, the player starts with a line of 5 men, all fully erect, and has to make each one cum in her mouth, using nothing but her mouth.  She has fifteen minutes to do this, which really is pushing the clock.  If she finishes, she gets fifty grand.  If she fails she is sold into slavery.  The worse she does on the line up, in terms of number finished determines  what sort of slavery she is sold into.  Now, what she doesn’t know is  while all of the men have taken Viagra, at one might also be on Effexor, which has the nasty side effect of causing delayed orgasms in men.”

“And there is the starting bell John.  She’s really going to town on the first guy, deep throating like a pro.   You know if he’s the one on Effexor, she’s going to be a spit roast, because let me tell you, it will take all 15 minutes to get him off.  Oops, spoke to soon, looks like he’s not the one.  She’s moved on to the 2nd, and is doing the butterfly lick and now she’s back to deep throating.

“Well, Mark she’s not getting him off as fast as the first one, this could be the ringer.  Let’s go to the close up to see.  No, that’s either a lot of spit or some precum dribbling off her chin.   And there he goes, that’s 2 down in in 4 minutes, moving on to number 3.”

“Well, John, I’ve got Floyd Moody, Sarah’s husband with me now.  How do you feel about your wife blowing some 5 men in 15 minutes?”

“Mark, to be honest, I’m more than a little turned on by it.  I know she can do it, she’s done it several times before, including the tape that they wanted us to send in.  The little whore is a quite good cock sucker, I’ll give her that”.

“Little whore?  That an odd thing to call your wife…”

“Well, if the overpriced shoe fits, wear them suckers.  What she doesn’t know is she going to be slaved out regardless of if she wins or not.  If she win, I’ll get the 50 Grand and her sale price will go way up as a winner, I’ve seen the numbers, and if she doesn’t well, she graded as A prime, so I’ll get that much at least.”

“Well, that’s a surprise twist I didn’t see coming, How is the soon to be slave doing now John?”

“Well, Mark, she’s finished number 3 and is moving on to number 4, she’s got 8 minutes on the clock left.  If this was a fair game she might just make it.  Tell Floyd about the possible ringer there.”

“You don’t need to tell me about it, I know about the Effexor, that’s part of the reason she’s doing it this, instead of one of the whip shows, I know she can take 50 lashes in 10 minutes, I’ve done that, this is my dream, seeing her degrade herself for a lost cause.”

“Well, it must be number 5 or she’s damn good with the deep throat, she just finished the 4th guy and has 5 minutes on the clock.”

“4 minutes 30”

“4 minutes”

“3 minutes 30”

“3 minutes”

“2 minutes 30”

“2 minutes.  Looks like she’s in trouble.  Look at her head bob, there Mark.”

“I see it there John, she’s down to 30 seconds…   15 seconds …. 10 seconds…   Wait!  She done it!, he just blasted across her face!  What do you think about that Floyd?”

“Well,  I’m glad I get the 50 thousand,  and I’ve already got a bidding war going on for her, looks like her slave price is going to add at least another 8 grand, I’d call this a win-win.  I need to make a call to Spellbook Slaves!”

Blow for Bucks

Welcome to the 2nd heat in Blow for Bucks today!  I’ve just been informed that the ringer was not in the first group, which make this next one almost a given that she is going to lose.  So the question is does she fail early enough, like on the 1st or 2nd cock, to earn a spit, or does she make it to the just be sold as a failed suck slave.   Who do we have this time, Mark?”

“Well, John, we’ve got Jacqueline Ryan, a single student at Eastlake University.  In her tryout tape, she did 5 guys in less than 10 minutes, so if there isn’t a Effexor ringer in the batch, she should do well. And the bell just went off.  She’s on the first guy and doing the lot of tongue on the head of the cock thing.  I always like that.”

“Me too Mark, me too.  Wait, she doing deep throat now, this could be a game changer.”

“Well, Mark, she’s 3 minutes in now, and still on the first one.  Not sure what to say, other than “I think we found the ringer”,  Effexor might make your brain chemistry right, but it does it to your balls.”

“Well, technically it would be to the whole system, not just the balls.  They are still studying the effect as to find a way around it, John”

Did you just `mansplain`  ` I can’t cum ` to me there Mark?”

“<laughs>I guess I did<laughs>”

“Any rate, balls or system or both, she’s still on the first guy and is about 4 and half minutes in, it’s not looking good for Jacqueline, there Mark.  Care to take a side bet on her making it?”

“Right now, with her being 5 minutes in on the first guy?  I don’t think so there John.”

“She’s moving on to the second guy,  and has signaled that she will  return to the first after she finishes him.  Is that a legal move Mark?”

“I’m not sure, John.  They have stopped the clock and she has been told to stop sucking while the judges decide if that is legal.  And it’s been ruled not legal, she has to return to the first guy with the clock set at 6 minutes in.”

“You know Mark, I feel for the guys that aren’t on Effexor in the line up, I mean this is just asking for blue-balls.”

“Well, it’s a little know fact that the fluffers that got them hard will finish the job if need be.”

“Well, it was a little known fact, everybody knows it now.”

“Well, yeah, it’s not like it’s a state secret that they have fluffers for this show.
And she spent half the time of the first guy.  Either she sucks at sucking or he’s on Effexor.”

“Seven minutes left”

Six and minutes and 30 seconds.  Wonder how she’s going to taste after being spit roasted?”

“Bit early to say that, she might,  Wait she, no, she just stopped for a breath, she’s back on the guy.  Doesn’t look good for her”

“Six minutes left and she hasn’t gotten the first guy off yet.  If he’s not the Effexor ringer, I don’t know about her skills.  They look OK from here, but you got to wonder, I mean nine minutes, more or less of deep throat and he hasn’t gotten off yet?  It’s not like she’s doing the slow edging thing with him, she wants him to get off and he’s primed to go.”

“Five minutes left”

“Four minutes 30”

“Four minutes.  There is no way she’s getting out of this free, and alive might be a question for her.”

“Three and half, but look at her go, I haven’t seen a head bob like that this side of a Russian Porno.”

“Three minutes”

“Two and half”

“Two minutes on the clock”

“90 seconds”

“1 minutes”

“30 seconds”

“And that is it.  Jacqueline is a slave, the only question is where they are going to sell her to.”

“Oh, wait!  Is that Sarah Moody coming on the stage?  She’s going to be the relief for the other guys.  What a trooper!”

Snuffed for Bucks

“I’ve just been given a notice from the production staff, that Austin Baker, Jacqueline’s first and only cocks-man, was not on Effexor, he just and I quote here “did square roots in my head, I can do that for hours” , so yeah, she sucked at sucking.  I’ve also got a notice that The Snuff Channel bought her and is going to snuff her live on stage while Sarah brings off the men that  Jacqueline could not.  Looks like a simple noose slow snuff.   Want to make a bet about Sarah bringing off the guys before Jacqueline snuffs out?”

Well, no not really, but let’s be honest, a girl in college that can’t suck to save her life, do we really need to keep her alive?  I don’t thinks so, and I, for one, am damn glad to see her get the noose she so powerfully earned tonight.



WSA2000 in numbers.

I know facts and figures are boring, but this is on the final test.

The sex ratios at age 18, by continent

Africa 1:2
East Eurasia 1:10
West Eurasia 1:20
North and Central America 1:15
South America 1:17
Australia 1:15

The percentage enslavement, by continent

Africa 2%
East Eurasia 25%
West Eurasia 72%
North and Central America 68%
South America 80%
Australia 70%

USA enslavement types percentages for the calendar year 2018

Family Conversion 28% ~ 3,104,100
Voluntary Conversion 23% ~ 2,549,800
PPC Conversion 25% ~ 2,771,500
Judicial/Contract default Conversion 24% ~ 2,660,700

Population by the numbers.

  • Male Population of the US – 22,125,599.
  • Female Population of the US – 309,758,386
  • Mistresses and female holders of Slaver Warrant – 46,463,757
  • Free females – includes minors under 16 – 52,658,925
  • Enslaved females – 210,635,704  ~ 11,000,000 per year ~ one every 2.8 seconds

Population changes by the numbers

  • Approximately 1,600,000 snuffed per year – one every 19 seconds – total ~ 30,400,000 over the lifetime of the WSA2000
  • Approximate deaths not due to snuff per year – 2,628,000 – one every 12 seconds
  • Approximate births per year – 3,942,000 – one every 8 seconds.
  • Approximate international migrant per year – 927,500  one every 34 seconds.
  • Approximate population growth per year – 641,500 (42,766 male)

Family & PPC Conversion FAQ

Two daughters.

Q: Who in my family can I convert?

A: Wives, Daughters, Step Daughters.

Q: What are the age limits on converting a daughter or step daughter?

A: In most states 16 to 24.

Q: I want to convert my wife’s sister, how do I do this.

A: Under normal circumstances, you can’t unless you meet the Person of Personal Contact (PPC) requirements.

Q: And what are the PPC requirements?

A: Have private consensual sex three times in the last 30 days and be able to prove it.

Q: What is the definition of sex in this context.

A: Any penetration with a penis or strap on device in any of the mouth, anus or vagina.

Q: So masturbation doesn’t count but a blow job does.

A: Correct.

Q: How far apart must the sex acts be  in time?

A: At least 5 minutes, unless the orifice changes, then it does’t matter.

Q: If I have oral sex, anal sex and vaginal sex all in the same event that counts as all three sex acts needed?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: I had sex as part of a threesome (or other group sex) does this count?

A: No, multiple partners counts as a performance act and does not qualify you for PPC status.

Q: What if one or more of the partners are already slaves?

A: Still counts as multi partners and therefor a performance act.

Q: What if I have sex with a prostitute?

A: If a value of more than $25.00 changes hands it does not count as an act that leads to PPC status.

Q: Back to converting my wife’s family.  I’ve read that high dowries can lead to this.  Can you explain this?

A: The short version is it’s a contract violation if they don’t produce the dowries specified in the marriage agreement.  Normally this exposes only the mother of the bride and any sisters of the bride, but could expose cousins depending on living arrangements.

Q: What can a dowries be?

A: Anything of value.

Q: So, 2 goats and a sheep could be the dowries?

A: Yes, but unlikely.

Q: Can you explain school conversions?

A: Schools can issue a contract that a student at the school must meet select dress codes and behavior patterns.  Repeated violations of these can result in a default on the contract and expose the student to conversions.  Depending on the contract it may also expose the sisters and mother of the student to conversion as well.

Q: I understand that there are some women that can’t be converted with out a criminal court case against them.  Can you tell me what they are?

A: Pregnant women, mothers of male children under 14 and mothers of female children under 12.  Women under the state age of consent.  Women who hold a federal slavers warrant and women who have passed a Mistress class in the last 10 years can not be converted via PPC or contract defaults.

Q: Can a mother convert a daughter or is it father only?

A: Either parent or step-parent can convert a daughter or step daughter.

Q: What are the limits on a women volunteering to be converted.

A: She must be of sound mind, which means not on any drugs or have a BAC higher than the state DWI level.

Q: What about employees?

A: Of course the PPC rules still apply, but the normal conversion route for employees is contract default.  Employment contracts can expose the wife and daughters to conversion in some cases.

Q: I’ve heard that some companies were sued and the plaintiff gained some of the executives or executives wives and daughters as slaves.   Is this true?

A: Yes.  While less likely than a natural person defaulting on a contract, corporations can default on a contract.  This often exposes female executives and the family members of male executives to conversion.  Also female executives and the family members of male executives may be sold to pay corporation’s fines if so ordered by the judge over seeing the case.

Q: What are the limits on killing a slave that you own?

A: There is no limit.  The snuff tax was removed in 2016.

Q: Who can own a slave?

A: Any male over 12 years of age and any free women over 14 year of age.

Q: What are the requirements for getting Mistress status?

A: Be a free women over 14 years of age, and pass an approved Mistress training.  What is approved Mistress training varies from state to state.

Q: If someone passes a Mistress training in one state and moves to another is she still a Mistress?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you explain the “Hunter” class slaver’s warrant?

A: The hunter class warrant is a rare class of warrant that allows some clearly defined status of a free woman to result in a conversion.  For example, being fully nude in a public place that doesn’t normally allow nudity.  Being in bondage in public can also be a trigger for this.  Free women that end up in status that can lead to conversion, through no fault of their own, are exempted from those status.

Q: Can you explain contest conversions?

A: Contest conversions are a type of contract, where if you do not “win” the contest you are in default of the contract and are exposed to a conversion possibility.  Contest with less than a 50/50 chance of winning are tightly controlled at both the federal  and state level.  Contest with less than a 30% chance of winning have to clearly state that signing up for this contest is the same as volunteering for conversion.

Q: What level of force can a slaver apply to secure a non-voluntary conversion.

A: Any level short of lethal.  “Stun guns”, “Tazers”,  and “bean bag rounds” from shotguns, for example, have been declared as less than lethal.

Q: What happens if a free women is taken by a slaver but it is later found that she is not eligible for conversion?

A: She is freed.  She has no legal ground to sue the slaver responsible, but may sue the individual that created the conversion event.

Slave Wedding FAQ

Bride wore white and red

Q:At what point can I enslave my bride?

A: Any time after you have signed your marriage license.

Q: Does a slave wedding have to have bondage?

A: No, but it helps make it more real.

Q: Can I enslave the bridesmaids?

A: Only if you have had private consensual  sex with them 3 time in the last 30 days.

Q: Can I change my mind and not have a slave wife?

A: You can, but it cost $500 for the manumission tax.

Q: What are the tax benefits of having a slave wife?

A: Short answer, she doesn’t exist for tax reasons.  Any monies she earns or controls also doesn’t exist for taxes.

Q: What is SINO?

A: Slave In Name Only.

Q: Can I have my slave wife give head to the whole of the wedding party?

Brides give great head

A: She’s a slave, you can do any thing you want with her.

Q: Is a snuff required at a slave wedding?

A: No, but it sets a nice tone.

Q: Can I have more than one slave wife?

A: Legally yes, as she doesn’t exist legally, you can have as many as you want.

Q: My bride to be has a teen daughter, what are my options?

A: You can keep the daughter free, or you can convert her to slave status any time after the marriage certificate is signed.

Public Sex is a thing for slave brides.

Q: My wedding turned into a massive orgy.  Who can I enslave from this?

A: Any female of free status that you had sex with 3 times in the last 30 days that was not in public.  So if all the sex happened out in public, you can’t enslave any body.  If you took them to back rooms, that’s a different story.

Q: Do I have any rights over my brides female family, like her mother or sister?

A: By default, no, but there are ways to gain those rights.

Q: Tell me about these ways…

A:  First way, as per normal is have sex with them.  The 2nd way is by contract.  The standard contract is a high dowries , which if not meet could result in a default on the contract by the bride’s family.  A properly written dowries contract can gain you rights over not only her family but her extended family as well.

Hanging is always an option.

Q: I’ve gotten tired of my slave wife.  What are my options?

A: There are basically two options here.  Sell or snuff.  Which one is the better option is up to you.

Q: How do I divorce  a slave wife?

A: Again, sell or snuff.  Important thing to remember is that she has no demands on your other property, no more than your TV or car does.

Q: I, by accident, damaged or killed a friends slave wife.  Can I be arrested?

A: Yes.  For destruction of property.    She is like a TV set.  The owner can toss a brick into the TV set any time he feels like it.  You can’t unless he says you can.



Suck like your future depended on in it.

Suck like you mean it.

Kimberly, come here please. I’ve trying to make up my mind.  I’m going to keep either you or you mother, and sell the other off into slavery.  So get on your knees and give me a blowjob.  Suck me like your future depends on it.

Greg, you can’t be for real.  I mean you can sell mom, she’s your wife, but you are my step-dad, you can’t sell me.

Kim, you are very much out of it.  Step fathers have all the rights as your natural father would have, if any one knew who he was.  I can sell you when ever I feel like it.  And if you don’t get on your knees and start sucking like you mean it, I’ll feel like that now.

OK “Daddy”  Want me to call you that?

No, I want your little teen age lips on my cock.  And take your panties off too, I want to see your cunt while you suck me.

Oh… This isn’t your first blow job is it?

I’m a cheerleader, of course it’s not.  I’ve blown the whole offensive line.

Enough talk, more lip  on cock action.

Wife or step daughter?

Greg? I’ve found those papers you had me look for… OH MY GOD What are you two doing?

Oh, good, you are here.  Strip and get on your knees.  I’m trying to decided which one of you I’m going to keep and who gets sold into slavery to pay for my next vacation.  Oh, and I just found out that Kimberly is a big of a slut as you are.   Of course she just sucking off  11 guys at a time, not like she fucked them and didn’t know who the father was.

See Kim?  You dear old mom didn’t even hesitate, she’s on her knees and nude with out any back talk.  Of course she’s been broken to being a slut for longer than you have been alive, but you knew that.  Or did you?  Did she ever tell you that you were the result of a bare back gang bang?

Ah, yeah, dear you do give good head, but there is something about Kimberly,  something about teenage cock suckers that turns me on.

Greg, don’t sell me, I’ve got a life to live.  Sell mom, she’s already broken, like you said.  I’ll suck you off when ever you want.  I’ll even let you fuck me in the ass, I know mom doesn’t like that, I heard her talking about it to her friends.

Oh, yeah, suck on it.  Got any thing to say in your defense there Jeannie?

Yeah, I think you will find that I’m much better at sex in general, even if I don’t  like it up the ass.  But if that is what it takes to keep me out of slavery, you can fuck my ass right now.  While she watches.

OK… Let me see.  I’ve got an idea on this.  I will keep the one that makes me cum.  Each of you gets 30 seconds at a time, and the one that I don’t cum in the mouth of gets sold off.

So, Kimberly you start….

Oh, yeah, yeah do that.  Deeper… Deep throat me you little cheerleader slut.  Oh, times up.  Let your mom have her turn.

Oh, Oh GOD  Do that with your throat muscles again.   Oh GOD yes, do that.   Now lick the head, lots of tongue  action.  Time to switch…

OH Kim, you are good, the jocks must love it when you drop by.  Tell me where did you suck them off at?  NO not now, wait until you mother time.   And switch….

Jeannie, god you are good at that.  But I’ve had you way too many times.

Daddy?  The first time I sucked off the team was in the bus.  All of us cheerleaders did them.   Of course we only do it in groups,   so that counts as a performance so we can’t be converted.  Is it my turn yet?

OH GOD  Yes, it it.  Let me pull out of your mom and she can tell me about her latest gang bang.


You came on my face!

And on my belly!

Yes Jeannie, I did, but after I pulled out of Jeannie’s mouth.  So I didn’t cum in either of your mouths.  Well, I said  I was going to sell off who ever I didn’t cum in, so what do I do now.  I came, but I think it was more Kimberly’s telling about being a bus slut than any thing else….

Well, I’ve got more stories to tell, if nothing else I’ve been a slut longer than she has.

Well, enough of this.  I’ve got a phone call to make.  I’m keeping my word, so I’m selling both of you off…