Horrible Things for Hotties

“This is a quick zone assignment. Given a set of electronic tools and supplies, you have 45 minutes to complete a torture for your hottie.”

<45 minutes pass, but the viewers only see short bits of the elapsed time>

“OK let’s see what our torture technicians have come up with. What have you done here, Jeff?”

“Well, I was thinking about the basics of electronics, electricity, and went with a simple stripped power cable tapped to her nipples and plugged into the wall.”

“OK let’s see it in action!”

Jeff plugs in his “torture cable”. His hottie screams for about  30 seconds then collapses, falling off her chair onto the ground, where she lies, lifeless.

“OK, unplug it now.  Looks like you snuffed your hottie, so you are not going to advance as this was a torture assignment, not a snuff assignment.  Sorry about that. Moving on.  What have you done here Lewis?

“Well, as it happens I do know a thing or two about electronics so I bread boarded a simple square wave pulse generator which leads to these two copper wires.  What I need to do for the torture is pierce her nipples with the wires, solder them shut, then turn on the generator, which will supply a high voltage, but low amperage jolt to each nipple, each jolt lasting 2 seconds,  more or less and with a 3 second delay before changing nipples.  Due to the way that I’m grounding the system, at no times does the shortest path to ground pass through her heart, plus the jolt should be low enough amperage, that even if it does pass through her heart it should not be fatal.”

“OK, let see it in action.”

With that Lewis takes the two wires from the work bench and pushes them through his hotties nipples.

“I’ve cut them at a diagonal to make them sharp, but I’m sure this hurts.  Not really part of the torture, but a nice touch any way…

After piercing her nipples, he wraps the connection wires around the nipple piercing wire, about a quarter inch away from the nipple.

OK, now I’m going to solder the wire on to the piercing wire,   I do count this a part of the torture, because, well solder melts at about 370 °F, which should raise, at least, some blisters on her nipples from the conduction of the heat over the copper wires.  Normally I would put a heat sink on the wire to prevent it from transferring the heat to other parts of the system, but in this case I want it to happen.  I’ve stuffed a rag into her mouth so I will not be distracted by her screaming while I do this.  Don’t want to mess up this part of the project.  I’ve tied her to the chair with some CAT-5 cable so she will stay in place.”

Lewis begins to solder the wires in place. His hottie thrashes about and screams into the rag in her mouth.

“OK the first one is done”

Lewis moves on to the second wire and quickly solder it shut as well.

“OK I’m cheating here a bit, I’m just going to tape the ground wires to her tits, just about an inch from her nipples…  I though about making them sharp  and pushing them into her tits, but I couldn’t think of a way to keep them in when she jumps from a jolt, so I’m making  a circle from the stripped part of the ground wire and taping that down.”

“Looks like you have it all under control.  Want to turn it on now?”

Lewis pull the rag from his hotties mouth, then flips a switch on his circuit bread board.

“It will take about 5 seconds to start the R/C time parts of the circuit to ‘warm up'”

As soon as he finishes saying that, his hottie jerks and lets out a yelp.  A few seconds later she does it again.

“OK, how long do you want this to run?  This should last until the power is turned off with no permanent physical damage to her.  I’m not going to say no mental damage, because I suspect this will break her will in less than an hour.”


And we will back to Horrible Things for Hotties after these commercial messages.

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The Flogger 2020

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Flogger 2020 with wooden horse.

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Titanium Steel Ball-gag

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A teacher mistress breaks a teacher slave.

Flogged Teacher

“Mr. West! You need to go to Mistress Hanson’s room.  She’s got Ms. Wilkins chained to that flogging ladder of hers and and is flogging the shit out of her.”

“1 demerit for language…  But I’ll go see what she is up to.”

I walk down the hall to Vivian’s room.  As I get closer I hear whip cracks and a voice counting out strokes.   As I enter the room I see “Mistress Hanson” aka Vivian Hanson flogging Julia Wilkins, aka a math teacher here at Tesla Prep.

“Ah, Vivian, why are you flogging Julia right now?”  Never hurts to start off slowly.


<Fifty Seven my lady>

“I’m not”.  <SMACK>

<Fifty Eight my lady>

“Sure looks like it to me.”

“Nope, I’m flogging TS-001”

Ah, the old “not her name” trick.  I’ve used it a few times my self.  “OK, so why are you flogging Tango Sierra Zero Zero One then?”

“Because I can and  I want to.  To be more exact, because I want to and I was asked by Cory Welch to do so.”

“Cory Welch, you mean the dean of students ask you to flog the 10th grade math teacher?”

“Why, yes, that is exactly what I mean.”

“Care to expand on that a little?”

“Sure.  I need a break any way.  Don’t forget where we left off there slave, or I will start over on you.”

Vivian turns to me.  “Well, the long or the short version”.

“As long as needed”

“Well, then.  It seems that the board has decided to buy up any SINO slaves that happen to be on the staff.  We offered 120% of their retail value to their current owners and they become TS or Teacher Slaves.  She just happened to be the first, hence the zero zero one bit.  Mr. Welch asked me to break her into her new position and status this morning, so I’m trying to break her.”  Let me get back to what I was doing before she recovers too much.”


<Fifty Nine my lady>

OK, off to see my least favorite person in the world, the dean of students.

“Cory , did you tell Vivian to flog the skin off of Julia Wilkins this morning and don’t play games with names, I mean TS-001.”

“Well, not really,  I told her to break her into her new status.  I assumed she would speak to her and like that.”

“Well, no.  She’s not doing that.  She’s flogging her with a single tail, right across Julia’s tits.  She had gotten to the high 50’s when I came in and talked to her.  She still doing it, I suspect, unless the count was only to 60 or so.”

“Let’s go see what is going on then.  Sound like I need to take a personal look at this.”


<Seventy five my lady>

Oh, Dean Welch, I didn’t know you were coming down here today. As you can see I have this under control.

“Yes, I can see that.  Care to show me what you are doing?”

“Of course Cory.  What I am doing is giving her 100 strokes across her belly and tits.  Like this…”


<Seventy six my lady>

“Stop that for a minute.  Do you have any students that need to work off some demerits?”

“Why, yes I do Dean.  Megan Lynch, please present your self to the dean to work off your demerits.”

“She was scheduled for 20 lashes after school today, but I suspect she will do you just fine.”

Working off demerits

“Oh, yes, this is good. Go on with what you were doing Mistress Hanson…”


<Seventy Seven my lady>


<Seventy Eight my lady>

Well, crap.  This is getting just a bit out of hand.  I’m supposed to be the one torturing women and girls and getting head from random school girls.  Might need to see the board about this.  Of course Vivian does have a Mistress license and Julia was a SINO that found out that given enough money, the “In Name Only” part of SINO might turn into “for reals”.

“Well, you guys have fun, I’ve got a set of test to grade…”


<Seventy Nine my lady>

First things First

OK, First things First. Need to get my rocks off. I check the current standings of the girls in my Mistress Class. Cynthia Little. Looks like she’s my rock tosser. Also looks like she is next weeks snuff demo unless her grades come up a lot.

“Cynthia take your top off and come here and blow me.”

“Why Mr. West?”

“Because if your grades don’t come up by 25% by this time next week I’m going to live spit you as a demo that you don’t need big tits to make a good spit roast.”

“Yes Mr. West, I just wanted to know….”

“Less talk, more suck.”

OK, do I want to go to the board about my contract or not.  There is no telling about how the board will react to request to clarify a contract.  Hell, they might even cancel my contract, which would result in not getting as many school girl blow jobs.  Can’t have that.




Morning at Spellbook Slave.


Hello, Spellbook Slaves, how can I help you?

Why does my daughter have your card?

Because I gave it to her?  Gimme a break, tell me who you are and who you daughter is an I might have a better idea.  I hand out a lot of cards.

I’m Nicholas Hubbard and my daughter is Cheryl.  I came home this afternoon and found her passed out in her bed, sleeping off a drunk, with you card, ah, in a delicate place.

Oh, must have been the drunk girl that tried to convert herself last night.  I turned her down due to her being way over the legal limit.

Cheryl tried to turn herself into a slave?

Yep, while naked and drunk.  I wish she had been sober because the trend on her body style is going up.

But you turned her down. 

Yep.  Even a high value slave isn’t worth possible lose of my license.

I see.  Well, she’s 19 she can do what she wants and there isn’t any thing I can do about it any more.

You are aware that parents can covert their daughter up to age 24, right?

No, I didn’t know that I thought it was until 18.   You say her body type is going up in value?

Yep.  She’s 700 after taxes, easy.

Let me get back to you after I talk to my wife.

<Ring Ring>

Spellbook Slaves how can I help you?

Mr. West!  Just the  man I wanted to talk to.  This is Becky Burton, house mom at the delta-delta-delta sorority.  We met at the  university get together a few months ago.  You said to call if I needed help with my girls and I think I do.  Seems that 8 of them didn’t make grades this time around and national says we have to convert them.  If we use the school, well, I’d rather them not go that way.  But national says we can sell them to a licensed slaver after the paper work clears converting them due to contract default.

So you would rather sell them to us than use the school’s slaving service.

Yes.  The last group, from a different sorority, all got sold to either `Sucker` or to the Torture Channel.  While I don’t really care, I’m working on my own mistress license I sorta feel like that’s not the best use for these girls.

You know I’m going to sell them on and if Suckers or TTC makes me the right offer I will sell to them.

How often do you do that?

8 Delta Delta Delta girls with bad grades.

To Suckers?  Fairly often, assuming either the price is right or they have the right, ah, skills.  To TCC? Not recently, we had a bad break up around 2015 or so.  Not that I have any thing against torturing slaves, you under stand,  but they were cutting into my bottom line with a contract that gave them first refusal on all my slaves at a serious deep discount.  I declined to renew it in 2015, on the principle that I didn’t need a guaranteed sale for every slave I got if it cost me 50% of the normal sale price.  Any rate send me a photo of the converted girls and I’ll make you an offer….. 


OK.  I’m liking what I am seeing here.  I’ll make you an offer of 400 bucks each.

And what do you think they will sell for?

About a grand,  but $250 of that is federal tax.  Do you want me to come get them or not?

Oh, what the hell, come get them.

<Ding> Ah a walk in.

Welcome to Spellbook Slaves, how can I help you? Oh, excuse me.  What can I do for you Mistress?

Young Mistress

I just got my license and I want to buy a few slaves. Got any dumb sorority girl types?

Funny you should ask for that, I just got off the phone with the house mom for the Tri-delts and I’m picking up 8 ASAP.  Care to come along and get first pick?

I would very much like that.



Mistress Class:The Failures

OK, When this class period is over, you will either be a mistress or a slave. I’m going to start with I’m not really happy with this class. Exactly half of you failed and will be converted to slaves. I’m going to call names out and say left or right. I want you to go stand over by the wall on the left or right of the room as you are called.

Lucille Byrd – Left
Jeanette Gonzalez -Right
Becky Colon -Right
Johanna Adams – Left
Marta Fernandez -Right
Jessie Bates -Right
Jean Newton – Left
Florence Hammond -Left
Lila Vega – Right
Kristen Sherman – Left

Failed Mistresses

If you are on the right side of the room, congratulations, you have passed, and you are now a Mistress with all the rights that implies. You on the left, strip.  You are now slaves due to failing the class, which is a contractual violation with a conversion clause attached for forfeit.   Be glad this is a public school where only  one of you will be eaten.  If you were at some of the private mistresses schools you would all be hanging from a noose right now.   It is traditional for the top two members of the class to buy one of the failures.  That would be Becky and Jeanette.


Can I buy the slave who used to be named “Kristen”?  I want to start my stable with a fire crotch. 


Can I get the slave who was called “Lucille”?  I want a white girl and she’s about as white a white girl as they get.

Both of you can have them, just pay the man from Spellbook Slaves when he gets here.   It’s a nominal fee, but  you don’t get them for free.

This does leave on question, which one gets roasted for the graduation feast. Tell me as I call your name

  • Jeanette
  • Becky
    Yeah her. Jean I mean 
  • Marta
    Roast the bitch. Jean
  • Jessie
    My vote is Jean as well
  • Lila
    Let’s make it unanimous  Jean it is.

And she would be my choice as well.  Jean, you might have lived through failing, but assuming you were better than the rest of the class just because both of your sisters and your mother were mistresses isn’t a good idea.  Particularly when you don’t really have the head for business and to be frank lack the spark that mistresses need to survive in this world.  Plus, of course, being the only one that didn’t take me up on a blowjob to fix a bad grade offer pissed me off.  Becky blew me just to get a 95% raised to 98% just to make sure she had the highest score on that test.

So, spit roasted or parted out?  And if spit roasted, live or dead?

Why not part her out live?

Lila, do I detect a slight bit of bitterness?

Yeah, you might.  Do you know she literally drove past my house every day, yet couldn’t be bothered to take me home at any time.  Even after I licked her nasty ass cunt.  What ever you do to her,  I want it to hurt and last as long as possible, so yeah, part her out live, cauterize the stumps and let me buy her head and torso to be my personal toilet and ass wipe.

Anybody have a better idea on dealing with Jean?  No?  OK, part her out live, then, assuming she survives Lila can have her as a toy.


Why is there a girl in my closet?

Girl in closet

Debbi? Dear, why is there a girl in the closet?

Happy Birthday! Well, a month early, I mean.

But what if I don’t want her? I’ve never said I want a slave girl, you are all I really want.  You give great head and your pussy is still tight…

If you don’t want her, then snuff her.  All you have to do is just kick the stand out from under her, that is why she has a noose.

You think of every thing dear. I love you.

Love you too, now snuff her or let me know that you aren’t going to later tonight.  I mean after you fuck her ass.

You mean you bought me a slave because you didn’t want to get fucked in the ass any more?  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Well, sorta.  I also want some one to clean the house and wait on me hand and foot.  The shop says she is trained at cleaning, so I sorta want to keep her, but that’s up to you, honey.

Well, OK, I’ll let you have her to clean, but if she gives you even the slightest bit of trouble snuff the cunt.

Yes dear.

Debbi?  For my birthday I want a redhead…