New year at Spellbook Slaves.

OK, I’m holding this meeting to let y’all know how last year went and how I think we can do better this year.  We averaged about 17 slaves a day intake and had about the same out go.  We had an average churn time of 5 days.  All those are good numbers, given the size of our market area, but I think, with a little work, we can raise the intake to 20 a day or more.  These are the ways that I think we can work on to make those numbers happen.

  1. Start being more aggressive about school buys.  I’m talking about all the schools, the Eastlake school weekly sales, the private school fund raisers and paying attention to sorority sales from all 3 universities.  Granted I don’t expect much from the religious schools, but it’s not unheard of.  John and Josh, I’m assigning you to the school beat, so to speak.  I expect one of you to make it to the weekly sales by Eastlake district and try to get as many of the university and private school sales as possible.  As fair as quality of the slaves go, I want any body that would be rated as ‘Grade B’ or better or has a real meat grade of ‘A’ or better, and yes, I know those two scales don’t have a lot in common.  Don’t get into bidding wars, but you need to be active about getting the buy.  If you have time you might check the school website for girls with a 4 demerits and make a preemptive call to their parents.
  2. I’m going to try to raise our profile in South Side.  I know that we get a lot of Southerners coming in for doing one form of family conversion or another, but I want to increase that.  I’ve set up a deal to have a kiosk on a couple of the golf courses during week ends,  both for sales and buys.  Fred and Philip,  you get that duty.
  3. Weddings.   I know they haven’t been in our wheelhouse before, but I think we can expand into that market, both by supplying slaves for the happy couple and for making the bride into a slave-wife.  I’ve got some feelers out to several of the ‘normal’ wedding planners about sub contracting the slave aspect of a modern day wedding.  Linda and Roberta, you get that duty.  I’ll give you the contact information after this meeting.
  4. Contract conversions.  I want a full court press on getting every one of those contracts do be handled by us.  I’m talking collections, gyms, the whole shebang.    I’ll be leading this one, but I expect I’ll be handing out stuff on an ad-hock basis for follow up work.

Staffing.  I’m planing on expanding staff.  I’m mainly looking at getting more of the Mistresses that graduate each semester on as staff.  I’m also going to increase the number of Mistress Trainees interns from the current 4 to maybe 8 or 10, depending on the quality of students.  Tesla will provide most of those, but that’s mainly due to the fact that I have day to day contact with the mittens there.  I’ll be expanding to the other schools, but I suspect that I might run into some problems with that, well, because the Mistress trainers at the other schools will be doing the same thing.

<Later that day at the Harkinson house. Megan is talking to her sister Joanne.  Joanne is getting married to Dillon Staton today.  Megan is to be Joanne’s maid of honor.  As they are talking  Megan pulls out a small 9mm pistol and points it at Joanne>

“Well, Joanne didn’t think I would get to do this as your maid of honor, but then again, well, let’s just say that this is a day I’ve been waiting for most of my life.  I’m sorry but I’m have to tell you that there has been a change in plans for your wedding.  Rather major changes, to say the least.  Listen to what I have to say or I shoot you. OK?”

“What are you doing?  What do you mean changes?  Where did you get that gun?  Tell me what’s going on please, why are you doing this?”

“Why?  Because I’ve always been in your shadow.  You got the grades in school with out needing to work for them, you got the boys to do things for you, you even got engaged to a man we both had our eyes on.  Did you know that Dillon and I were having an affair, even after he proposed to you?  That’s where I came up with this plan.   I suggested making you a slave to Dillon and he went for it.  Here is the thing.  I know you two have signed the marriage license, which is all it takes to give Dillon the right to convert you.    Right after it was signed, he went to Spellbook Slaves and had you converted.  That added $500 to the cost of the wedding, but all  in all it will be worth it.  Now here is the important thing, either you let me put you in bondage so we can have a nice friendly slave wedding or I put a bullet in your brain.  Because you are a slave, I can do that because I have the permission of your owner.  So what is it going to be sister mine?  Life as a slave or dead on your wedding day?  Or should I say our wedding day.  After the big public slave wedding you are having, Dillon and I are getting married.  Seems that a slave wedding isn’t legally binding.”

“No, don’t shoot me, I’ll be good, just don’t kill me, please…”

< Joanne puts on her wedding dress, then Megan ties up Joanne >


“Now doesn’t that look sweet.? The black ropes really set off your wedding dress.  Now let me gag you so you don’t make any more bothersome noises.”

<Megan pulls out her phone>

“Dillon, honey?  Yeah I’ve got her all ready to go for you.  I’m sorry but I tied her legs together, so you are going to need to come and get her, she can’t walk out the door on her own.   … Yes, I used the black rope you gave me.  Looks really good over her wedding dress. …  Yes of course I gagged her.  Didn’t really want to hear her whine about this. … You say that you have hired those slavers to come pick her up and transport her to the wedding site  How much did that cost?  … Free as long as it less than 2 hours use of the van? Great, I’ll wait here for them.  Love you too.”  <Megan puts her phone away>  “Looks like you are getting the full treatment, being transported to the chapel in a proper slaver’s van.  Being manhandled like you were a side of beef.  You should thank me, because I didn’t ask Dillon to snuff you after the service, because I bet he would if I had asked.  You never did ask me about those night school classes I took.  Turns out that I’m a Mistress now.  That means I don’t have to worry about being converted if Dillon gets a strange idea about having two sisters as slaves.  No, we will just have a quiet small little justice of the peace ceremony and take you with us on our honeymoon.   Really, being a Mistress is just like what it must have been like before the White Slave Act was passed.  Granted you have to pass the course, and failure to do so will result in your conversion, but all and all it’s totally worth it.  I would recommend that you get your certificate, but they don’t take slaves.  Sorry about that.”



Slave Wedding FAQ

Bride wore white and red

Q:At what point can I enslave my bride?

A: Any time after you have signed your marriage license.

Q: Does a slave wedding have to have bondage?

A: No, but it helps make it more real.

Q: Can I enslave the bridesmaids?

A: Only if you have had private consensual  sex with them 3 time in the last 30 days.

Q: Can I change my mind and not have a slave wife?

A: You can, but it cost $500 for the manumission tax.

Q: What are the tax benefits of having a slave wife?

A: Short answer, she doesn’t exist for tax reasons.  Any monies she earns or controls also doesn’t exist for taxes.

Q: What is SINO?

A: Slave In Name Only.

Q: Can I have my slave wife give head to the whole of the wedding party?

Brides give great head

A: She’s a slave, you can do any thing you want with her.

Q: Is a snuff required at a slave wedding?

A: No, but it sets a nice tone.

Q: Can I have more than one slave wife?

A: Legally yes, as she doesn’t exist legally, you can have as many as you want.

Q: My bride to be has a teen daughter, what are my options?

A: You can keep the daughter free, or you can convert her to slave status any time after the marriage certificate is signed.

Public Sex is a thing for slave brides.

Q: My wedding turned into a massive orgy.  Who can I enslave from this?

A: Any female of free status that you had sex with 3 times in the last 30 days that was not in public.  So if all the sex happened out in public, you can’t enslave any body.  If you took them to back rooms, that’s a different story.

Q: Do I have any rights over my brides female family, like her mother or sister?

A: By default, no, but there are ways to gain those rights.

Q: Tell me about these ways…

A:  First way, as per normal is have sex with them.  The 2nd way is by contract.  The standard contract is a high dowries , which if not meet could result in a default on the contract by the bride’s family.  A properly written dowries contract can gain you rights over not only her family but her extended family as well.

Hanging is always an option.

Q: I’ve gotten tired of my slave wife.  What are my options?

A: There are basically two options here.  Sell or snuff.  Which one is the better option is up to you.

Q: How do I divorce  a slave wife?

A: Again, sell or snuff.  Important thing to remember is that she has no demands on your other property, no more than your TV or car does.

Q: I, by accident, damaged or killed a friends slave wife.  Can I be arrested?

A: Yes.  For destruction of property.    She is like a TV set.  The owner can toss a brick into the TV set any time he feels like it.  You can’t unless he says you can.



A Wedding

It’s another day at Spellbook Slaves. Just past lunch a dapper looking gentleman walks in and heads right to my desk.

I need to convert my soon to be wife and two of her bridesmaids.

I can help you with that, I reply.  First do you have a marriage license?   If you do, converting your fiance is just a matter of a little entry work and of course, paying the tax and fees.  The bridesmaids on the other hand, well, unless you have proof that you had sex with them 3 times in the last 30 days or they volunteer I really can’t help you.

I’ve got both.  I mean I’ve had sex with both.

Do you have some proof?

Does phone video count?

Yep. Let me see it.

The amount of bad porn I have to watch is one of the down sides of this job.  I watch the video on the phone and take note of the date stamp.

OK that will do it, assuming I can ID the women in the video with the bridesmaids.  How do you want to do this?

What are my options?

Well, I can serve notice to them at the wedding, you can have it be part of the service or I can get to them before the wedding and serve notice then.

Can you tie them up and gag them before the wedding?

Sure, that’s not an issue.  Tell me where to find them and I’ll have them ready for you.  However, there is the matter of the end use of the slaves.  Are you keeping all three or what?

Ah, yeah, that was the point.

OK then I’ll need $250 each for the tax and $150 each processing fee.  So call it $1,200 total.

Bride and Bridesmaids
Bride and Bridesmaids


Monique Coleman, Candace Barber and Tammy Pittman?  I have a signed and tax paid notice of conversion of the three of you.    You are now the property of a Mr. Wendell Greene, assuming there is no impediment to your conversion.  Be advised that at this time I am authorized any level of force needed to process your conversion.   Mr. Greene has requested that you be bound and gagged for the service.  Do you understand?

Monique, the bride, turns to the other two women.  “I told you that fucking Wendell was a bad idea, I don’t care if we had an open relationship or not, he was my fiance, you should have had a little respect and not fucked him  Now look at where you are.  I knew I was going to be converted, but I didn’t think he would get greedy at take you two as well.  Serves you right.”