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Grade A

So I’m sitting at the desk at Spellbook Slaves, sorta bored, nothing going on for the last 30-45 minutes or so, when a tall well built man walks in.  He approaches my desk and loudly proclaims “I want a Grade A slave”.  I could hear the capital letters.

“What are you looking for in your slave?”

“That doesn’t matter, I want a Grade A slave”

“Well it does matter.  Grade A has several meanings.  There is Grade A roaster, which really means ‘Hot chick I’d like to see snuffed by running a spit from pussy to mouth’.  Or some other violent means of snuffing.

Grade A Roaster
Grade A Roaster

Then there is Grade A appearance, which overlaps with Grade A roaster, but has a slightly different view of breast size and possibly BMI.

Grade A Appearance
Grade A Appearance


Then you have Grade A sex toys, which is for those that scored well in their sex tests.  And a related rating of ‘Grade A cocksuckers’, which should be self explanatory.

Grade A Cocksucker

And there is Grade A utility slave, which would be a highly trained slave in other than sex.

Grade A Utility
Grade A Utility

Then there is “Real Meat Grade A, which is a grade assigned to slaves that really would make good meat, normally a plumper slave.

Grade A Real Meat Girls
Grade A Real Meat Girls

Of course other than “Roaster” and “Real Meat” there can be some overlap.  Of course the more overlap the higher the cost.  A 10 out of 10 that has good sex skill and/or cock sucking skills mixed with a high utility score is going to cost a lot more than one that is just Grade A Real Meat.  So what are you looking for in a slave?”

“Whichever one you have that looks the hottest.  I want to show her off next weekend for my office party.”

“So that would be Grade A roaster or Grade A appearance.  We have several in stock for both.”

“Hmm.  Let me see the Grade A Roasters.  They are saying that they are roasting a slave at the party and I might want to volunteer her for it.”

Grade A Roaster Lineup.
Grade A Roaster Lineup.

“I’ll take the one on the right. Reminds me of a girl that I dated.  Bigger tits however.”

“You’ve selected Kali Williams.  She was converted by her husband ‘Because she can’t suck to save her life.’  Seems like that was the case as she’s likely to become a live roaster.”

“Yeah if she can’t suck cock might as well spit the bitch.  How much?”

“$1000 with tax.  That the current going rate for a grade A live roaster”

“Hmm.  Last party the dude that volunteered a slave got promoted a week later.  Not sure if it’s policy but I’ll take the chance.”

Horrible Things for Hotties

“This is a quick zone assignment. Given a set of electronic tools and supplies, you have 45 minutes to complete a torture for your hottie.”

<45 minutes pass, but the viewers only see short bits of the elapsed time>

“OK let’s see what our torture technicians have come up with. What have you done here, Jeff?”

“Well, I was thinking about the basics of electronics, electricity, and went with a simple stripped power cable tapped to her nipples and plugged into the wall.”

“OK let’s see it in action!”

Jeff plugs in his “torture cable”. His hottie screams for about  30 seconds then collapses, falling off her chair onto the ground, where she lies, lifeless.

“OK, unplug it now.  Looks like you snuffed your hottie, so you are not going to advance as this was a torture assignment, not a snuff assignment.  Sorry about that. Moving on.  What have you done here Lewis?

“Well, as it happens I do know a thing or two about electronics so I bread boarded a simple square wave pulse generator which leads to these two copper wires.  What I need to do for the torture is pierce her nipples with the wires, solder them shut, then turn on the generator, which will supply a high voltage, but low amperage jolt to each nipple, each jolt lasting 2 seconds,  more or less and with a 3 second delay before changing nipples.  Due to the way that I’m grounding the system, at no times does the shortest path to ground pass through her heart, plus the jolt should be low enough amperage, that even if it does pass through her heart it should not be fatal.”

“OK, let see it in action.”

With that Lewis takes the two wires from the work bench and pushes them through his hotties nipples.

“I’ve cut them at a diagonal to make them sharp, but I’m sure this hurts.  Not really part of the torture, but a nice touch any way…

After piercing her nipples, he wraps the connection wires around the nipple piercing wire, about a quarter inch away from the nipple.

OK, now I’m going to solder the wire on to the piercing wire,   I do count this a part of the torture, because, well solder melts at about 370 °F, which should raise, at least, some blisters on her nipples from the conduction of the heat over the copper wires.  Normally I would put a heat sink on the wire to prevent it from transferring the heat to other parts of the system, but in this case I want it to happen.  I’ve stuffed a rag into her mouth so I will not be distracted by her screaming while I do this.  Don’t want to mess up this part of the project.  I’ve tied her to the chair with some CAT-5 cable so she will stay in place.”

Lewis begins to solder the wires in place. His hottie thrashes about and screams into the rag in her mouth.

“OK the first one is done”

Lewis moves on to the second wire and quickly solder it shut as well.

“OK I’m cheating here a bit, I’m just going to tape the ground wires to her tits, just about an inch from her nipples…  I though about making them sharp  and pushing them into her tits, but I couldn’t think of a way to keep them in when she jumps from a jolt, so I’m making  a circle from the stripped part of the ground wire and taping that down.”

“Looks like you have it all under control.  Want to turn it on now?”

Lewis pull the rag from his hotties mouth, then flips a switch on his circuit bread board.

“It will take about 5 seconds to start the R/C time parts of the circuit to ‘warm up'”

As soon as he finishes saying that, his hottie jerks and lets out a yelp.  A few seconds later she does it again.

“OK, how long do you want this to run?  This should last until the power is turned off with no permanent physical damage to her.  I’m not going to say no mental damage, because I suspect this will break her will in less than an hour.”


And we will back to Horrible Things for Hotties after these commercial messages.

Do you have a slave that needs to be flogged?  But don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself?  Don’t want to pay outrageous fees to have Mistress do it for you?  Well, we have the answer to your problems.  Introducing the Flogger-2020 a newly designed system that isn’t just a spinning wheel with a whip attached, but is actually a snapping whip, with realistic arm like snapping action.  Imported from Germany, this system is the last word in hands off slave punishment!

The Flogger 2020

The secret is in the patented offset cam system, which combined with the state of the art computer control system insure a proper snap each and every time.  The Flogger-2020 can be fitted with a wide range of implements to deliver exactly the punishment your slave needs.  The system can be set for constant action, where the slave receives 1 stroke on a set time, ranging from one per 5 seconds to once a minute, or it can be set on random time, so the slave never knows when the next stroke will land.

Flogger 2020 with wooden horse.

The Flogger 2020 has a full 3 axis of mobility to the flogging head, so it can be used on slaves in both a standing position and on slaves in a more traditional wooden horse.  It’s ideal for all your flogging needs!

Call 1 866-555-FLOG that’s 1-866-555-3564 for more information on this ground breaking flogging system.  Operators are standing by waiting on your call!  Mention this ad and receive a $200 discount on they system.  Be one of the first 100 callers and get either a standing flogging post or a wooden horse for only $150 more!  Don’t wait, call now!  Call now and receive two videos showing the Flogger 2020 in action!

Titanium Steel Ball-gag

Ball gags.  Every body uses them, they are great for making you slave be silent,  but do you have the problem of your slave biting into them an destroying your gag?   That’s a thing of the past with the new titanium steel gag from Gag-a-million!  We don’t care how hard she bites with these, she isn’t going to damage them.  Made from armor grade titanium steel alloy they will withstand any thing short of 20mm autocannon rounds, much more than your average slave is going to have access to!

New year at Spellbook Slaves.

OK, I’m holding this meeting to let y’all know how last year went and how I think we can do better this year.  We averaged about 17 slaves a day intake and had about the same out go.  We had an average churn time of 5 days.  All those are good numbers, given the size of our market area, but I think, with a little work, we can raise the intake to 20 a day or more.  These are the ways that I think we can work on to make those numbers happen.

  1. Start being more aggressive about school buys.  I’m talking about all the schools, the Eastlake school weekly sales, the private school fund raisers and paying attention to sorority sales from all 3 universities.  Granted I don’t expect much from the religious schools, but it’s not unheard of.  John and Josh, I’m assigning you to the school beat, so to speak.  I expect one of you to make it to the weekly sales by Eastlake district and try to get as many of the university and private school sales as possible.  As fair as quality of the slaves go, I want any body that would be rated as ‘Grade B’ or better or has a real meat grade of ‘A’ or better, and yes, I know those two scales don’t have a lot in common.  Don’t get into bidding wars, but you need to be active about getting the buy.  If you have time you might check the school website for girls with a 4 demerits and make a preemptive call to their parents.
  2. I’m going to try to raise our profile in South Side.  I know that we get a lot of Southerners coming in for doing one form of family conversion or another, but I want to increase that.  I’ve set up a deal to have a kiosk on a couple of the golf courses during week ends,  both for sales and buys.  Fred and Philip,  you get that duty.
  3. Weddings.   I know they haven’t been in our wheelhouse before, but I think we can expand into that market, both by supplying slaves for the happy couple and for making the bride into a slave-wife.  I’ve got some feelers out to several of the ‘normal’ wedding planners about sub contracting the slave aspect of a modern day wedding.  Linda and Roberta, you get that duty.  I’ll give you the contact information after this meeting.
  4. Contract conversions.  I want a full court press on getting every one of those contracts do be handled by us.  I’m talking collections, gyms, the whole shebang.    I’ll be leading this one, but I expect I’ll be handing out stuff on an ad-hock basis for follow up work.

Staffing.  I’m planing on expanding staff.  I’m mainly looking at getting more of the Mistresses that graduate each semester on as staff.  I’m also going to increase the number of Mistress Trainees interns from the current 4 to maybe 8 or 10, depending on the quality of students.  Tesla will provide most of those, but that’s mainly due to the fact that I have day to day contact with the mittens there.  I’ll be expanding to the other schools, but I suspect that I might run into some problems with that, well, because the Mistress trainers at the other schools will be doing the same thing.

<Later that day at the Harkinson house. Megan is talking to her sister Joanne.  Joanne is getting married to Dillon Staton today.  Megan is to be Joanne’s maid of honor.  As they are talking  Megan pulls out a small 9mm pistol and points it at Joanne>

“Well, Joanne didn’t think I would get to do this as your maid of honor, but then again, well, let’s just say that this is a day I’ve been waiting for most of my life.  I’m sorry but I’m have to tell you that there has been a change in plans for your wedding.  Rather major changes, to say the least.  Listen to what I have to say or I shoot you. OK?”

“What are you doing?  What do you mean changes?  Where did you get that gun?  Tell me what’s going on please, why are you doing this?”

“Why?  Because I’ve always been in your shadow.  You got the grades in school with out needing to work for them, you got the boys to do things for you, you even got engaged to a man we both had our eyes on.  Did you know that Dillon and I were having an affair, even after he proposed to you?  That’s where I came up with this plan.   I suggested making you a slave to Dillon and he went for it.  Here is the thing.  I know you two have signed the marriage license, which is all it takes to give Dillon the right to convert you.    Right after it was signed, he went to Spellbook Slaves and had you converted.  That added $500 to the cost of the wedding, but all  in all it will be worth it.  Now here is the important thing, either you let me put you in bondage so we can have a nice friendly slave wedding or I put a bullet in your brain.  Because you are a slave, I can do that because I have the permission of your owner.  So what is it going to be sister mine?  Life as a slave or dead on your wedding day?  Or should I say our wedding day.  After the big public slave wedding you are having, Dillon and I are getting married.  Seems that a slave wedding isn’t legally binding.”

“No, don’t shoot me, I’ll be good, just don’t kill me, please…”

< Joanne puts on her wedding dress, then Megan ties up Joanne >


“Now doesn’t that look sweet.? The black ropes really set off your wedding dress.  Now let me gag you so you don’t make any more bothersome noises.”

<Megan pulls out her phone>

“Dillon, honey?  Yeah I’ve got her all ready to go for you.  I’m sorry but I tied her legs together, so you are going to need to come and get her, she can’t walk out the door on her own.   … Yes, I used the black rope you gave me.  Looks really good over her wedding dress. …  Yes of course I gagged her.  Didn’t really want to hear her whine about this. … You say that you have hired those slavers to come pick her up and transport her to the wedding site  How much did that cost?  … Free as long as it less than 2 hours use of the van? Great, I’ll wait here for them.  Love you too.”  <Megan puts her phone away>  “Looks like you are getting the full treatment, being transported to the chapel in a proper slaver’s van.  Being manhandled like you were a side of beef.  You should thank me, because I didn’t ask Dillon to snuff you after the service, because I bet he would if I had asked.  You never did ask me about those night school classes I took.  Turns out that I’m a Mistress now.  That means I don’t have to worry about being converted if Dillon gets a strange idea about having two sisters as slaves.  No, we will just have a quiet small little justice of the peace ceremony and take you with us on our honeymoon.   Really, being a Mistress is just like what it must have been like before the White Slave Act was passed.  Granted you have to pass the course, and failure to do so will result in your conversion, but all and all it’s totally worth it.  I would recommend that you get your certificate, but they don’t take slaves.  Sorry about that.”



School Project: Marly Anders – Girl to Sex pillow.

Marly Anders

<The Anders home, Tuesday night>

“Mr. and Mrs. Anders, my name is Nancy Campbell.  I’m a social worker for Eastlake School district and I’m here to talk to you about your daughter, Marly Anders. Is she currently in the house?”

“No, she’s out on a date. Should be home at 10:00, but I’ll lay long odds she will more likely be back around midnight.”

“Well, that’s good because I’m here to talk about the status change you and your wife requested for her and I would rather she not hear this. I see that yesterday you, Mrs. Anders, changed Marly’s status from the default status to ‘Should snuff’. This is a bit of a problem as Marly has been a model student and has no demerits at this time. This makes her status change some what academic as she doesn’t seem to be doing any thing that will generate demerits, much less five of them. She has high grades, not perfect but well above the minimum needed to avoid academic demerits and she obeys orders by staff willingly and quickly, including, if I read her report correctly, orders of a sexual or fetish nature.”

“Sexual or fetish? What do you mean by that?”

“I strongly suspect that she has given oral sex to one or more teachers, and was ball gagged plus put in bondage at least twice, based on the reports given. These were voluntary acts, not act done to work off demerits.”

“Well all that aside, Ms. Campbell, we really want her to be converted and, if need be, snuffed, by the school. She may be a model student, and it sounds like she has been more than that to some teachers, but she is far from being a model daughter. She talks back to my wife, and is, well, snippy even with me. She disobeys rules we have established for her, doesn’t do any chores given too her until she is asked three or fours times, doesn’t come home when we tell her to be home and is generally a royal pain. The reason we aren’t converting her ourselves is a bit of a family problem. My father-in-law really dotes on Marly and would most likely, well, cut my wife out of his will if we were to convert her publicly. When we read about the various status that the school had it seemed like a dream come true and a solution to our problems with her. But if what you are saying is true, we are back to square one. And to be honest it’s getting bad enough with her that we might just bit the bullet and convert her and worry about the will later.”

“There may be way around this problem. If you will pull her bus pass and make her walk to school it’s highly likely that she will be late enough times to trigger a 5 demerits conversion, or at least generate a couple of demerits.  Demerits have a tendency to snowball, so just having a couple will lead to have more and more, as the staff and faculty smell blood in the water, so to speak.”

“That sounds like a fine fix for our problems.”

“There is one other issue I would like to address with you about her. Normally, with her current status, assuming either a conversion request by you, or the event of her generating 5 demerits, she would be converted Thursday night and if not sold during the Friday school slave sale, snuffed. This, I assume is what you want for her at this time.”

“Pretty much, yes, that is what we want.  Ideally with out there being any fingerprints of ours on her conversion.”

“In that case, I have a 2nd option that I would like to get your approval on. We have three classes that deal with slaves as part of their studies, the Mistress in Training class, the Modern Home Economics class and the Butcher Training class. With your permission I’d like to have Marly act as, well a training dummy for those classes. The Mittens will hunt her down and effect a capture, the Home Economics class will do two things to her, one being the removal of her arms and legs and the second being fitting her into a sex pillow.  After she is converted to what amounts to a sex toy we will sell to the highest bidder. The Butchers in training will simply render her removed legs and arms into steaks and chops, which depending on how well they do, will be either sold or used in the school lunch system. If you don’t want her to be made into a sex toy, I understand, but the amount of money you will receive is much higher if she is sold as a sex toy and as meat than if she is just snuffed and her body sold to an alternate meat store. Much higher, by an order of 2 or 3 times higher, depending on what the market is doing with sex pillows. Right now they are fairly popular, which is why we are giving classes in making them in our ‘Modern Home Economics’ classes. And to be honest, most of her value as meat in in the legs and arms any way, as she isn’t, well, fat enough for doing a real whole body roast. Granted she would do well as a “Grade A” or even maybe as a “Prime” roast, that is more based on a fetish of converting a hot chick into meat. It’s not nearly as profitable if she is already snuffed. This course of action will have the effect of her not being snuffed, but I can tell you that what is left of her will have a very unpleasant and quite possibly short life. I don’t know how tightly you are tied to the ‘snuffed by the school’ aspect or if having her being sold as sex toy would work for you as well as having her snuffed.”

“So, let me get this straight here. You are offering to make our eldest daughter into a sex toy, instead of being snuffed, and have her be used as a training tool for 3 of your classes, and we will receive more money that way than if you just snuff her. Do I have that more or less correct?”

“Yes, you have it in a nutshell. I understand this might not fit with in your plans for Marly, but it might make for a better outcome all around.”

“How much of her sale money would we receive?”

“The standard percentage, which is to say 50%. Sex toy pillow are currently selling for about 700 to 800, and her meat would be another 75 to 100, depending, of course, on the trainee butchers doing a job good enough to sell. There is a possible downside in that if she dies during the conversion to sex toy, you would only get a fraction of her normal meat value.”

“Let’s go with your training dummy option, when and if she is converted. Sounds like that is a better use for her than just being girl meat.”

“I’m fairly sure that she will be a sex toy with in a few weeks”

<Tesla Preparatory School, Wednesday Morning, after the 1st bell has rung.>

“I’m sorry Ms. Anders but you are late, so I’m issuing you a demerit.”

“But for some reason my bus passed stopped working and I had to walk to school! That can’t count as a demerit! I had a reason to be late!”

“Do you have a note from either a doctor or your parents giving a good reason as to why you were tardy this morning? If not, then, I’m sorry it’s a tardy and you get a demerit. I strongly suggest you make it to school on time to avoid getting any more.”

< After school in Wilbur Rikkers’ class room>

“Please Mr. Rikkers you have to let me work off a demerit. I’ve never got one before and I don’t want any on my record.”

“Well, Tara Greenleaf just blew me, so I really don’t want just a blow job. How do you feel about getting a little corporal punishment to work off your demerit? 10 strokes with a rattan cane will count as one merit action.”

“I don’t know. I’ve never even been spanked before.”

“Well, if it was something you liked it wouldn’t be a merit action now would it be?”

“I guess not”

“OK, strip down so I can cane you.”

“What? I thought that spanking at school were done with the skirt on!”

“Spankings, yes, but this is a caning. If you want a spanking instead it’s 40 swats to equal a merit action. I’ve got a paddle, which do you want? 40 swats with the paddle over you skirt or 10 strokes with the cane on your naked flesh?”

“I’ll go with the cane strokes”

“OK, strip down then. Count them out as you take them. OK?”



“Say Thank you sir after each number.  Forget to do that and I’ll start over”

“Thank you sir!”

[Mr. Rikkers administers 9 more strokes with the rattan cane]

“AHHHHH ten! Thank you sir!”

“It was my pleasure, Ms. Anders, it was my pleasure.”

<The Anders home, Wednesday afternoon>

“Why are you late getting home today, young lady? And why are you walking funny?”

“Well, something went wrong with my bus pass this morning so I had to walk to school, so I was late, so I got a demerit, which I had to work off. Mr. Rikkers hit me ten times with a rattan cane to work it off. I would have just blown him, but that bitch Tara Greenleaf beat me to it, so I had to take corporal punishment to work it off.”

“Well, I hope you learned your lesson and will not be late for school again.”

“I did, mom. I did.”

<Thursday morning, Tesla Prep office>

“Ms. Anders, I don’t care why you were late, just that you were late.  This is two days in row now, with the same ‘I couldn’t ride the bus’ reason.  Really?  If you know you can’t ride the bus, just leave early”

<Lunch time, in Kelly Arden’s class room, Marly’s 4th hour teacher>

“Please Ms. Arden, is there any thing I can do to work off a demerit?”

“Well, Marly, yes, there is.  I’m going to gag you and hog tie you.  You will stay that way until the end of 4th hour.  I’m going to keep you up front on the table so the whole class can see you.  Please strip and put this ball gag in your mouth.”

“Isn’t there any thing else I could do?  I don’t really want to be naked in front of the whole class.”

“Well that depends, have you every licked your girlfriend’s pussy until she came?”

“No.  I’ve never done any thing like that.”

“Well, I can tell you that I’m not going to be your first experience with ladies.  Now strip down and let me gag you.”

[Marly spends the whole of lunch time and her 4th hour as a bondage subject.  As expected her classmates were amused by her predicament]

<The Anders home, Thursday afternoon>

“Well young lady, you aren’t walking funny so you must not have gotten another demerit.”

“Actually I did.  I had to spend lunch hour and 4th hour tied up like I was a Thanksgiving turkey and ball gagged.”

“Well that sound better than getting caned, at least to me.  It’s not like it’s the first time you have been ball gagged or any thing.”

“Yeah, but the times before were not in front of whole classroom full of kids I know.  I was embarrassed beyond embarrassed.  Did you find out what’s wrong with my bus pass?  I’m not risking having another day of getting a demerit and having to work it off.  If you don’t know for sure that the pass is working I’m leaving early for school.”

“You do what ever it is you need to do to get to school on time.”

<The Anders home, Friday morning>

“It’s raining!  Damn it I don’t want to walk to schools in the rain, where is an umbrella?  Damn it!”

<Friday morning, Tesla Prep office>

“Ms. Anders, you look like something the cat brought in.  Are you not aware that you must keep a neat and orderly appearance eat all time?  Plus it looks like your skirt is a bit long.  Kneel down so I can measure it.  As I though, it’s a full half an inch to long.  I am giving you two demerits this morning and direct you to make yourself presentable.”

<Friday Afternoon Alexander Bruggeman’s classroom”>

One Merit Action done

“Mr. Bruggeman, please let me work off a pair of demerits.  I got two this morning and I really don’t want to last until next week”

[The math teacher looks at Marly’s school record and see that her status is ‘Should Snuff’ so he know to use the term ‘merit action’, not merit.]

“Well, I’m not sure about two demerits, but I’m sure you can get at least one merit action done this after noon, take off your top and get on your knees and blow me.  And I’ll fuck you first thing Monday morning to for your second merit action.”

“Thank you sir. ”

[Marly gets down on her knees and takes out Mr. Bruggeman’s cock.  She licks the head, then takes it deep into her mouth.  After bobbing up and down a few times, she takes a deep breath then takes the math teacher’s cock in all the way into her throat.  She holds it there, and swallows a few times to gently massage his dick.  She comes back up and licks the head.  She repeats the the deep throat action 3 or 4 times until he grabs her by her ears and starts to wildly face fuck the hapless teen.  After a minute of  savage thrusting he pulls out his cock from her mouth and sprays a load of hot cum over her tits and face]

“Thank you for that.  Let me log your merit action to your school record.  Don’t forget to come to school early Monday.  Also, don’t forget there will be a quiz Monday, be ready to work on calculating square roots by hand.”

<The Anders home, later Friday Afternoon,>

“Have a good day at school today?  And care to explain why you are 45 minutes late?”

“Well, I got 2 demerits this morning because the rain made me look like I was not ‘Neat and Orderly’, and my skirt was too long by half an inch. I gave a blow job to Mr. Bruggeman to work off the 1st demerit and I’m going to let Mr. Bruggeman fuck me Monday to work off the 2nd demerit. ”

Monday’s school outfit

<The Anders home, Monday morning>

“Mom, Dad I’m leaving for school.”

“Nude? Why? What has gotten into you?”

“Well, if my one of my shortest skirts is too long, I’m not risking getting another demerit”.

“Well, OK then.  If you really think being naked in school will help, you do that.”

“Yeah, I think it will help.   Seems like there are a lot of girls going to school nude now.   There has got to be a reason for it.  Not wearing anything means that you can’t get a demerit for a clothing violation and it’s easier to keep a ‘Neat and Orderly’ appearance when you are nude.   I shaved last night so that not an issue.”

“Sounds like you are trying to justify going nude.  If you don’t want to go nude, don’t, but you do you”

<The Anders home, Monday morning, after Marly has left>

[Mrs. Anders calls the school]

“Hello, my name is Mabel Anders and I’m calling about my daughter Marly Anders.”

“Let me bring up her file on the system.  OK I have it up, what can I do for you?  I see that last week you changed her status from default to ‘Should Snuff’, is this in reference to that change?  Or is this in reference to the fact that she arrived in school nude today?”

“No, it’s not about the being nude, if she wants to be nude in school, she can be nude, but about her status, in a manner of speaking yes.  Marly has told me that she has gotten 4 demerits but has worked 3 of them off and is going to work off the 4th this morning.  This doesn’t fit with the schedule that Ms. Campbell gave us. ”

“Well, I see she has 3 merit actions, but hasn’t earned a full merit as yet.”

“Care to explain that?”

“Female students that have their status changed to ‘Should Snuff’ only early one fifth of a merit for each merit action.  So right now she only had 60% of a merit, and if what you say is correct, she will still only have 80% of a merit after she does what ever it is she is doing to get a merit action.  I assume she doesn’t know about her status change yet so she thinks that she is getting a full merit for each action.”

“Ah, yes, I see.  No, she doesn’t know that we changed her status, and I’d would rather her not know.”

“Well there is a problem with that.  We are legally required to inform students of their current status once a week.  We normally do this each Monday morning, in home room.  So she will know then.  As far her merit actions goes, we post those standing to the school web site every Wednesday night around midnight.  If she checks her standing she will see that she has less than one merit, but 3 or 4 merit actions and what ever her then current demerit total is.  I know that at least 3 of her teachers know that she is in should snuff status, because they have made entries into her file after the change in status.  Also, unofficially girls with Should Snuff status get more demerits than other girls.  Officially that doesn’t happen but in reality it does.”

“I see.  Is there any way you can not  tell her of her status?”

“Oh, I just noticed, her math teacher, Mr. Bruggeman, just registered a merit action.  That brings her up to 4 merit actions, but not yet a full merit.  To answer your question, yes there is way, but it requires you to revert her to default status, in the next 15 minutes, risking her earning a full merit, and then, say around 9:30 calling back in to change her status back to ‘Should Snuff’.  You would need to do that every Monday morning until she gains 5 demerits and is converted by action of the board on a Thursday evening.”

“Well, I guess we will have to do that.  Please change her status to the default status”

[The school secretary makes a few adjustments to Marly’s record]

“OK, I’ve done that.  Let me remind you that home room isn’t over until 9:15, and when the status is read out is up to the teacher in the class, so don’t call until after that time”

“Thank you and you will hear from me soon.”

<Anders home, 9:30 Monday morning>

“Hello, my name is Mabel Anders and I’m calling about my daughter Marly Anders. I’d like to change her status to ‘Should Snuff’ from the default status.”

“Yes Mrs Anders I would be glad to help you with this.”

<Wednesday afternoon, during the class break between 5th and 6th hour>

[Two girls look over the hall way and see Marly nude and talking to a teacher]

“Let’s bump into Marly and make her fall on to Ms. Cyrus so she gets a demerit.  I don’t like her coming to school nude.  I saw my boy toy looking at her like she was piece of pie, and you know how he feels about pie.  I’m not losing him to some slut that decided to go nude in school.”

“OK, but wait until she starts to walk away and trip her, so it’s not obvious you did it.  Wouldn’t want you to get a demerit.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m a mitten, so only Mr. West can give me a demerit, and he’s not going to for an accident in the hall way, well he might if he saw it, but if he does I’ll just take a 10 stroke caning to work it off.”

“I think  you want to get caned”

“Maybe, maybe not…”

[The girls move towards Marly.  One gets close and shoves Marly into Ms. Cyrus, causing the teacher to drop her class record book that she was holding.]

“Marly Anders!  There is no excuse for that!”

“But I was shoved, I didn’t just bump into you”

“OK, who shoved you”

“I don’t know is was from behind!”

“I’m giving you  a demerit.  Come back after school if you want to earn a merit action!”

<Wednesday afternoon,  6th hour>

“OK, we are going to watch a film on the life cycle of  the common American Toad.  Please pay close attention as details from this film will be on the quiz next week.”

[One of the few male students in the room, Joel Creekmore, leans over and whispers in his girl friend’s ear.]

“Don’t get mad, but I’m going to make that bitch Marly make a lot of noise…”

“And how are you going to do that? And why would I get mad?”

“I’m going to finger bang the bitch until she cums.  Ms. Renshaw will probably give her a demerit for interrupting the film.  Take notes for me, so I don’t miss any thing for the quiz.”

“OK, but keep your dick out of that slut.  I’m only letting you do this because I want her to get a demerit”

“I’m not going to fuck her, just finger her until she cums.  I’ve heard she is a screamer.”

“Oh yeah, from who?”

“Carlos Driggs went to see Mr. Bruggeman about some sort of class shit, but the door was locked, and he heard the Bruggeman fucking some one, and who ever it was very vocal about it.  He hid behind a row of lockers and Miss High and Mighty Marly came out of the classroom.  He had to go to home room right then, but he didn’t see any one else in the room, so either she is a screamer or she was watching one.   I want to find out.  Plus she’s freaking nude.  That’s like asking to get finger banged or worse.  I’m surprised that no one has done it yet today.”

“OK, just be careful that you don’t get caught”

[The Joel sits down in the empty seat next to Marly and spends a few minutes watching ‘The life cycle of the American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus)’.  Once the film is well under way, he reaches over and pushes a finger into Marly’s exposed cunt.  She pushes his hand away, but he pushes back and puts 2 fingers into the teen’s pussy, while rubbing her clit with his thumb.  Marly pulls his hand away, but he returns as soon as she lets go of his hand.  The young teen rolls her head back and doesn’t push his hand away the 3rd time.  He keeps up the action for several minutes when suddenly her cunt spasms around his fingers and she lets out a howl of pleasure.  Joel removes his hand and returns to his normal chair and sits up straight in it.]

[Ms. Renshaw stops the film and turns on the lights.]

“Who did that?”

[Several of the students in the class point at Marly.]

“She did Ms. Renshaw, it was her, Marly”

“Marly, care to explain?”

“Some one fingered me!”

“Oh, who?  There doesn’t seem to be any one close enough to do that.  So you expect me to believe that the invisible man had his way with you?  I’m putting you down for a demerit.  Now class, you have had enough, back to the toads.”

<After class>

“Ms. Renshaw, please don’t give me a demerit.  I’ve got to work one off this after noon, and I would not have time work off yours.”

“You should have thought about that before you fingered your self to a noisy orgasm.”

“I didn’t some one else did that”

“And you just let them…”

“I tried to push them away, but they just kept coming back…”

“You should have pushed harder.  I’m giving you the demerit.  See me in the morning if you want to work it off.”

Marly’s back

<In Ms. Cyrus class room>

“OK Marly, ready to earn a merit action?”

“Yes Ms. Cyrus.”

“OK knee on your hands an knees on that pillow.  I’m going to give you a dozen strokes across the back with this leather strap.  Are you ready for this?”

“Yes Ms. Cyrus”

“OK count out the strokes as I give them to you”

[Marly assumes the position.]


“One Ms Cyrus”


“Two Ms Cyrus”


“Three Ms Cyrus”

[Ms Cyrus picks up the speed of the flogging.  She lands the strokes on the hapless teen’s back as soon as Marly calls out the number of the previous stroke.  In less than 2 minutes she has completed the series of 12 brutal strokes on Marly’s exposed back and ass]

“Thank you Ms. Cyrus, may I leave now?”

“You may,  Please learn to be more careful in the hallways.”

<The Anders home, Wednesday afternoon>

“How was school today?  And what that on your back?”

“It was horrible.  Some one bumped into me making me hit Ms. Cyrus and she dropped her grade-book and gave me a demerit.  Then some one played with me during the dumb film about toads and when I made a noise Ms. Renshaw gave me another demerit.  I’m just glad I worked them all off, other than the one that Ms. Renshaw gave me and she said I could work it off in the morning.

“You didn’t explain about your back”

“Oh, Ms. Cyrus flogged me with a leather strap.”

<Thursday morning, Ms. Renshaw class room>

“I’m hear to work off my demerit Ms. Renshaw.”

“OK, take this stack of tests and run them through the Scantron machine and record the scores in the grade book.  After that, clean the book cases and put the books in order.  Once you have done that I’ll credit you with a merit action.”

<Eastlake school system conversion board meeting, Thursday night>

“OK our next and last case tonight is pretty much open and shut.  We have a student at Tesla Preparatory, Marly Anders, who has earned 6 demerits this week and only had one merit to cancel them out.  Actually it looks like she has 6 merit actions, but her status, other is ‘Should Snuff’ so the 6 actions only count as one and a 1/5 merits, so she is at 5 demerits effective tonight.  I see that she has a ‘use for training’ flag set in her records.  I move that Ms. Anders be converted and use for training by the school.  Any disagreements?  No.  Please note that Marly Anders has been converted to slave status effective this night.  Any other business?  No, OK, it’s time to leave folks, see you next week.”

<Tesla Preparatory School, Eastlake, OK, Friday morning, just before classes officially start, Mistress Training Class aka Mitten central>

“OK girls, today you are going to get to practice doing a public capture of a school policy conversion. Your target is Marly Anders, a student here at Tesla Prep. Due to the fact that you don’t have a slaver’s warrant and have not yet passed this class,  you can’t use a police grade taser, so each of you will be given a civilian model taser. The important difference is that the range is only 15 feet, not 35 feet like on a police grade taser. Also if you use the taser in ranged mode you will need to pay for the cost of the cartridge. The are about $40 each, so make sure you really need to use it before you fire it. If you can close with Marly, you can use the handheld feature to take her down, and all that does is use battery juice, which can be recharged. You have until the end of the 2nd lunch period to effect a capture of her. This is a group project and will be graded pass/fail. If you get her before lunch is over, you all pass, if you don’t you all fail. It’s this weeks test, so you might want to pay some attention to getting her. Any questions? No? OK you may begin your hunt as soon as the tardy bell rings.”

<Out in the hallways of Tesla Prep school, just after the 1st period tardy bell rings>

“I’m going to go change into ‘normal’ clothes, not Mitten wear, as so I can sneak up on her. I suggest the rest of you might want to do that as well.”

“That’s a good idea Krista, for you, but I’m going to stay in my Mistress garb so as to strike fear into her heart.”

“Lisa, you couldn’t strike fear in the heart of a baby chick, much less a student here. Speaking of being a student, does any one have a class with Miss Marly Anders? Ideally one for before lunch, so we know where to find her? No, Damn. OK Lisa, keep wearing your Mitten wear and go talk to the office about what her schedule is like so we know where to find her. Once we have that in hand we can make our plans. I mean there are 6 of us in this hunt, we should be able to take down a single slave with out much trouble, assuming we find out were she is.”

<Tesla Prep school office>

“I need to check the schedule of a student, it’s for a class project.”

“Any you are? And why aren’t you in class right now? Let me see your pass. We don’t normally give out that information to any one that just wanders by you know, even if it is for a class project.”

“I’m Lisa Sullivan and I’m a Mistress in Training and this is part of our weekly test. All I need to know is what her 1st and 2nd hour classes are. We are supposed to capture her and take her to the Mistress Training room. I’ve got my hall pass from Mr. West, which is good until the end of 2nd lunch period, here it is…”

“I could tell you are a mitten just based on the black mini and the leather wear. Hmm. Seems this is more than a pass, it’s also an excuse to miss classes. Back in my day, you couldn’t get that. Of course we didn’t have Mistress in Training classes then either.”

“Are you going to give me the info or do I have to call Mr. West and tell him that you are hindering a capture? You know that’s a felony in this state…”

“That only applies to people working with a signed order from a warranted slaver. That is one thing I do know about this whole enslaving thing. I know what the papers that give you that right look like and a signed hall pass is not it. But hold your horses, mitten, and give me her name.”

“Marly Anders”

“Marly Anders… Why does that name ring a bell? [checks student record on computer]. Oh, that’s why I changed her status to ‘Should Snuff’ last Monday, then this Monday I changed back to default before home room and then back to ‘Should Snuff’ during 1st hour.  Her mother wanted to make sure she didn’t know about the status change.  And what do you know, she has got six demerits, but only one merit so the board approved her conversion last night, so she is technically a slave now, she just doesn’t know it. OK, I guess I can give you her schedule. Hmm.  She has the training flag set, which would explain why you are getting her information, and were not told by Mr. West where and when you could find her. Looks like she is the next pillow doll, if I were make bet on it. Normally I wouldn’t give you her schedule, but with her current status… well, let’s just say not a full student here any more and the normal rules don’t apply to her. Let me print it off for you.”

“Thank you.”

“OK I’ve got the schedule, she is currently in room 203, that is Mistress Hanson’s room.  I don’t think we are going to need to sneak up on her as we can wait out side the door. So y’all might want to put your Mistress garb back on so it is obvious what we are doing is part of Mistress training, not, I don’t know, some sort of gang thing or whatever.”

“Gang thing? You have been watching to much reality TV shows.”

“Well don’t forget that Mrs. Hanson has a Mistress certificate and might take offense to what appears to be a bunch of normal girls capturing one of her students.  She is rather serious about that sort of thing.  Well, actually she just likes giving out demerits so she can cane girls.  And because she is a Mistress, I think she can give us demerits, so it might be a good idea to keep on her good side.”

“Yeah, your are probably right, Girls, lets change back to being Mittens.”

<Out side Room 203, Mistress Vivian Hanson’s  Social Studies classroom>

“Assuming she is in class, this is where she is supposed to be. How are we going to do this? Does any one know what she looks like? Lisa, did you get a picture of her from the school records?”

“Ah, no, I don’t think they keep mug shots in the records.  Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s check last years yearbook to get her picture. Let me see if it’s on line. [pulls out mobile phone, goes to school web site] Yeah, I found it. Let me see if I can search it. Damn it. Got to do it the hard way.”

“Well, they are in alphabetical order, so Marly Anders should be on the 1st or 2nd page of the junior class. Can’t be that hard.”

Marly Anders

“You ever used the online yearbook? It blows goats and not the way that goats like. Any rate, here she is. Assuming she still has the same hair cut, should be easy to find. Check out those ears. If I had ears like that I wouldn’t use that hair style. Maybe her boy friend likes having handles.”

“Or, you know we could go in and ask the teacher to point her out to us.”

“I don’t think that we can do that, I mean if we had a slaver’s warrant or finished our Mistress course, maybe, but right now, we are just another student as far as the teachers go.  And based on how the office clerk treated me, having a signed pass from Mr. West doesn’t mean all that much.  That just keeps the hall monitors and staff off our butts, plus, of course, covers our ‘absentee status’ for 1st to 3rd hour classes. Would suck to get demerits for missing a class while taking a test.  I don’t feel like risking the ire of a full Mistress, even if we are Mistress Trainees.  She tells Mr. West that we need to be punished or even snuffed and I’ll bet he would do it.”

“I don’t know about that.  Mr. West doesn’t seem like her very much.  But I’ve seen her break a cane over a girls ass, so I would rather avoid the option”

“Well, we need to decide fairly quickly, it’s just a couple of minutes before the class bell rings. Let’s split up, three on each side of the door so we have the best chance of getting her when she comes out.”

“That sounds like a plan. Dora and Becky, you stand over there with Lisa, Joann and Bobbie, you stand here with me. Get your tasers out, but don’t arm them, just use them as a contact stun gun. I don’t want to have to explain to my parents why they have to spend almost fifty bucks for a test I took. They would take that out of my spending money and I’ve got my eye on a killer skirt and blouse combo for graduation day.”

“Oh, look at you Krista, being all tactical and take charge. ”

“Shut up and get in position, we only have a minute or less”

[The class bell rings and the door opens, with students coming out of the classroom into the hall way. After most of the students have left, Marly comes out. She is promptly stunned by 3 tasers. The other students notice and there is some comments made, but most of them recognize that this is something to do with the Mistress class and don’t want to draw attention to themselves and step around the fallen girl.  Mistress Hanson notices the action of the mittens, but see that they are in Mistress in Training garb so just smiles a bit and gets ready for the next class.]

“OK Krista, now what? How do we get her back to the Mistress training room? I assume that is what we should do with her. Should have asked Mr. West about that.”

“Well, I’ve got a set of plastic cuffs which we can cuff her with, then just drag her along. Or we could carry her.”

“Or we could get a pole and take her back like a cannibal cartoon…”

“Great idea, Becky, but do you have a pole up your ass? Cause I don’t have one. Dora, you take my cuffs and cuff her then we will just drag her back to the training room. Hey, she starting to wake up, some body zap her again…”

<In the Mistress training room>

“Very good. You effected a capture in good time, and most importantly, got the right girl. Last year they got the wrong girl on the first pass at capturing one. I’ve got one question for y’all. Who was tactical leader on this op?”

“Ah, well, we didn’t have a leader so much as, well, we sorta just did stuff that Krista said to do.”

“Is that right Krista?”

“Yeah, that is it, more or less.”

It’s a good thing this was/pass fail then. If this was a graded op, not having a tactical leader is grounds for a whole grade level reduction. Keep that in mind for your next op.”

“You mean we are going to have some more ‘ops’ like this”

“Yes, Krista, that’s is what I mean. And you have to learn to work together and make some one in charge. Just food for thought.”

<In the Modern Home Economics class room, after lunch>

“OK class today is an extended class, taking up 4th, 5th and 6th hour.  If you don’t finish the project in time you will be required to stay in this class room until the project is finish as this is not a project you can just stop half way through and pick it up later.  Your 5th and 6th hour teachers have already been told that you will be here for the rest of the day, and the normal 5th and 6th hour students for this class have been given study hall for today.  Today you are going to learn how to make a sex toy out of a slave, and how to make a body pillow that will hold the toy after she has had her arms and legs removed. So, let me start off with, do any of you have problems with seeing blood or with knives? Tell me now because I don’t want you to pass out in the middle of this conversion. If you do have problems, that’s OK, I’m not going to down grade you, just you will be put on the pillow part of the conversion, not the removal of her arms and legs. OK, you four, go get the pattern for ‘Sex Toy Body Pillow’ from the pattern box and start cutting the cloth for it. Also, does any one have a strong personal relationship with Marly Anders? And I mean a positive relationship, not a negative one. If you do, you will be excused from this class and will receive a ‘Pass’ vs a letter grade for the day. No? No one? OK, let’s get started. The twelve of you not working on the pillow come gather around the big table.”

[Marly is strapped down, with a ball gag in her mouth. She has both leg and arm straps and two body straps holding her in place, as well as a strap going over her head, holding it tightly down]

“OK, you will notice that there has been some ‘Cut here’ lines drawn on her arms and legs. Of course, if you were to do this in real life they would not be there, but this is training, so we have marked where to start making the cuts. Now divide up into teams of three. Once you have done that, each team pick and arm or a leg and move to that side of the table.”

[The students divide up and move to their selected limb]

“OK, one of you take the bone saw, one of you get ready to clamp blood vessels and one of you hold down the limb. When I say ‘start’ you are to start cutting. When a blood vessel is exposed, please clamp it shut so she doesn’t bleed out all over the room. Failure to clamp a vessel will adversely effect your grade. Now this isn’t a race, take your time, but don’t dawdle. We want her limbs removed with as little fuss as possible. OK holders, grab you limb. Hold it close to the cut line, but not so close as to endanger your fingers from the bone saw. I’ve seen a holder get her fingers cut and it’s not pretty. OK clamps, have one ready and the rest with in easy reach. Cutters Once you have cut through most of the limb, stop with the saw and cut the remainder of it with a knife. You want to leave enough skin to make a flap that will cover the exposed stump. Every one ready? OK on your mark, GO!”

[With that the 4 teams start to cut her limbs. The major vessels are cut and clamped, preventing any major blood spray. Marly screams into her ball gag as her limbs are removed. After just a few minutes the cutters hit bone and the real work of removing a limb starts, however they all manage to cut through the bones and finish removing the limbs]

“OK, that’s all good. Now holders, unstrap your limb and put it on this cart, so they can be taken to the butcher’s class so they can make them into steaks, chops and soup bones. Clampers, now is the tricky bit, You are going to need to sew the clamped vessels shut. Once the vessels are sewed shut, you need to pull the skin flap over stump and start doing a whip stitch to close over the wounds. Take turns on doing the stitching. Once you are done, step away from the toy and let me grade your work.”

[The students all begin to do the sewing needed to seal the blood vessels shut and to cover the exposed flesh.]

“OK, let me look at what you have done. OK, left arm team. Some of your stitches are a little wide, but not enough to do over. Let me look at the arm and see how clean the cuts are. Looks to be fairly good. Over all, you get a B+ for your team grade. Right arm team. You have done well. If any thing your stitches are too tight, but that doesn’t really matter. Let me look at your cutting. “OK, there is some ragged edges here. Overall, B+ work. Left leg, let me check your work. Stitches seem to be the right size and shape, cuts seem to be clean. You get an A for your team grade. Right leg. Oh dear. You are going to need to redo part of these stitches. Your bone cuts are a bit ragged. Not enough to be a major issue that would require undoing her flap and re-cutting, but you are getting a C grade. OK, every one grab a cloth and the sterilizing solution and clean the blood off of her and the table. Once you have finished that let’s take her over to the sewing table and get her fitted into the pillow.”

<Friday, the three weeks later>

[At the Tesla Prep weekly slave sale.]

“OK, our next item up for sale is a sex doll modified slave.  What is that?  Well, she has had her arms and legs removed by students here at Tesla,  and has been fitted to a custom pillow.  She is easily removed for feeding and sanitation reasons.  When in the pillow her body is angled as the perfect angle for deep penetrating strokes of her cunt or ass.  This slave comes with the sex pillow,  vinyl coverings for the pillow for ease of clean up, a ball gag and a dental gag, and, as a special offer, you will also receive her leg steaks at no extra cost.   They were freshly cut from her leg after her legs and arms were removed from her body and have been flash frozen and hermetically sealed .  Due to the popularity of this type of slave, we have a reserve price on her of $500.   Don’t forget that half of the cost of the slave counts as a charitable deduction on your state and federal taxes as the funds go directly to the school’s general education budget.

Do I hear I hear $500.  Yes, do I hear 525? Yes 550?  Yes, 600? 650? 700?  750?  800?  No, 800 going once, no, I hear 850.  Do I hear 900?  No?  850 going once, going twice, and Fair Warning… SOLD to paddle number 438.  You may collect her, her accessories and meat from the Mistresses in training found to your left.

<Later that afternoon at the Creekmore home>

“Son, while I know you have been asking for a slave pet, we really don’t have the space for one.”

“But Dad, all the other guys have a slave pet, why can’t I have one?”

“Like I said we don’t have the space or facilities to keep a free range slave.   We don’t even have a dungeon room.  But never fear, I have found a way around the problem.  I’ve bought you a pillow slave.  Don’t have to worry about her running off or any thing, she doesn’t have arms or legs.  She’s in the girls room now.  Care to go have a look?”

[Joel Creekmore goes upstairs to the room his 4 sisters share and opens the door.  Laying on one of the beds is Marly, now nothing more than a sex toy.]

“Dad, this is Marly Anders, you know the one I told you about a few weeks ago!  I wondered what happened to her after that.  I though she had been transferred out of the school.  She’s screamer.  I can’t wait to try her out.  Is she staying in here or can I take her to my room and keep her there?”

“Well, son, she’s yours.  I’ve even signed her over to you, so she is legally yours, so you can keep her where ever you want to.  Of course you also have to feed her and keep her clean, wouldn’t want you to pick up any bad habits about slaves.”

“Can’t I just tell Debbi to clean her up?”

“You can tell your sister to clean her up, but it’s your responsibility to make sure that she is clean.”

“If I tell Debbi to clean her and she doesn’t clean her, can I whip Debbi?”

“Of course!  But you still have to keep the slave clean, even if you punish Debbi for not cleaning her, it still falls on you to keep her clean.”




The girl in red.

<Several months ago, at the Holloway home.>

“Your grades are horrible.   If you don’t bring them up I might sell you to a slaver” John Holloway says to his eldest daughter, Jordan.

But Dad, I don’t want to be converted.

“Did I ask if you wanted to be converted?  No I did not, I just warned you that if your grades don’t come up you are going to be enslaved.  I’m not paying good money to have you piss it away.  You either bring your grades up or I’ll be forced to deal with you in the manner I chose, which is having you be enslaved.  It can’t be that hard for you, after all your sister Joan has no problems with the same class load as you are taking.”

If it’s the money, why don’t you just put me in the public school system?

“No, I want you all to have a good education, which is why you all are at Dutch Hall, but I also want to see that you are applying yourself, not just hanging out with your friends and the way I see that is your grades.”

But Daddy, please?

“It’s real simple, get your grades up to at least a B average or it’s a life as a slave for you.”

<The present day, morning at the Holloway home.>

“Jordan, you latest weekly grade report is Not Good.  Low C average over all and two Ds Didn’t I warn you about this?  I’m calling a slaver to have you picked up from school”

But today is picture day, I’m wearing my red dress that you said I’m not get messed up and that’s not a final grade report.  I can bring them up with my finals, please daddy, don’t call the slaver. Please, I can bring them up.

“Nice try Jordan but even I know that you can’t bring a D average up at this point in the school cycle to a B average and you have that in two classes, and they are core classes not blow off electives, you are going to the slave pens, or what ever they do with new slaves.  Have a good life as a slave, because I have one less daughter now…”

<At Dutch Hall private school>

“I’m here from Spellbook Slaves, I’ve got a pick up order for a Jordan Holloway, she’s senior here.  Can you tell me where to find her?

“Oh, that might be tricky, most of the senior girls are out doing their photos for the yearbook now.  I think they were going to use Woodward Park for that.”

Well damn, I don’t want to make several trips all over Eastlake.  Can you check to make sure where she is?

“Yeah, let me make a couple of calls.”  The clerk I was talking to picks up her phone and calls some.  A brief conversation takes place that I really couldn’t hear “OK, yes she is with the girls taking photos out of school and the location is in Woodward Park.  Her sister Joan is in class now, if that helps any.”

Thanks, but no, I don’t have a pick up order for any one but Jordan.  If you can let the photographer know that I’ll be making a capture and that it is sanctioned, so I don’t have to deal with the police on a public capture that would be really good.

“I can do that”


“Sure you don’t want Joan, she’s nearly identical to Jordan and you wouldn’t have to go out the park to get her”

Nope, Mr. Holloway was quite clear he only wanted Jordan picked up, and it had to be today.  Something about the new moon, I didn’t follow what he was saying.

<At Woodward Park>

The Girl in Red

I hate needing to make a capture in public places.  There is just to many things that can go wrong, plus if you aren’t really clear about who you are getting, you may have to deal with the police thinking it is a kidnapping in progress, not a enslavement capture.

I’ve decided that as soon as I am sure that the target is Jordan, she gets tasered.   Yeah, it costs a few bucks for the cartridges, but it makes up it in dealing with a possible runner.  Plus I’m not buying the cartridges, so that is the boss’s problem not mine.  I arrive at the park and ah, park the van.

I see a group of girls standing around in formal dresses and gowns.  I suspect that is where I will find Jordan.    I’ve been told she is wearing a red full length dress, and, if possible, I’m not to mess the dress up beyond what a dry cleaner can fix.  Seems that her sister wants it for a formal.  I don’t understand south-side people some times.  They have money to burn but get twitchy about saving money by using hand-me-downs or shared dresses for their daughters.  What ever, they pay the bills and keep the lights on at good old Spellbook Slaves.  If they weren’t so slave happy for their wives and daughters there is a good chance that I would be out of a job and not being allowed to brutally capture young ladies and MILF types.  In an earlier time, I would be one of those guys that people would say ‘He kept to him self and was a quiet sort of guy’ when I made the nightly news.  Good thing there is a legal way to deal with that sort of fetish now.

I see a girl in a red dress.  I start moving towards her, with my taser in hand, but behind my back.  I get within 25 feet or so, and call out “Hey, Jordan!  I’ve got something for you!“.  Sure enough, the girl in red turns towards me.  Good enough for a capture, if I got the wrong girl, I’m covered as I have a capture document on me, signed by my boss and Mr. Holloway, but I would lose the element of surprise and I would have to go hunting for her.  I pull the taser from behind my back and –Zappa– let her have it.  I hit her in her arm, missing the dress, which  should make the boss and Mr. Holloway happy. She  twitches a bit then goes down like a ton of bricks.  Picture perfect tasering.  I walk up to her twitching body and slap a set of twist cuffs on her.  While she is still out I rummage through her purse and find both her state ID and her school ID.  Got that right teen in a red full length dress.  That’s good.   The other teens are all standing sorta shell shocked.  I look up at them “Go about your business, unless you want to join her.  This is a requested capture and if you try to interfere I can taser you as well.  Interfering with a requested chapter is a state felony, which means you would either be put in jail or converted yourself.  Now scram”  The crowd of teen girls all scatter, other than one who was standing alone from the group of them.  I notice that her dress is an faded off the rack blue light special, a good indicator that she might not be from the same social circle as the rest of them.  “I’m glad you got her.  She was a bitch to me and my friends” she flatly states.  “That’s nice, now go away.”  She hauls out her cell phone, takes a couple of shots of Jordan with the taser darts still in her arm and then says “Thanks.  You don’t know what this means to me” , then walks away.

Jordan starts to around after a few moments.  “Why did you taser me?  I wasn’t doing any thing wrong officer…“, she asks.  “I’m not an officer, I’m a collection agent for Spellbook Slaves and I tasered you because I didn’t want to chase you all over the park if you tried to run.  That being said let me state for the record this: Jordan Holloway, a person with right of conversion has requested that you be enslaved as of this day.  I am taking charge of you now.”  I reply.  She starts crying.   “Oh My God, daddy really did sell me to a slaver, I didn’t think he was serious…”  she sobs.    I pull her upright “Yep, he was serious about  it and I’m here to take you in“.

<At Spellbook Slaves>

OK Boss-man, I’ve got the pickup you sent me out on.  Had to go to Woodward park to get her.  Ah, I used a taser cartridge on her, to make sure she didn’t run  on me.

You are using a lot of those.  Almost 50% more than any one else.  If I didn’t know better I’d say you have a thing for seeing a young woman get stunned by electricity

What can I say.  I also don’t like to chase them down either.  Bad knees and all that”

What ever.  Oh, did her dress survive the capture?  Mr. Holloway wants it back, if possible.

Yeah, I hit her in the arm and she didn’t thrash around that much.  Got a few grass marks on it, but a dry cleaner should be able to fix it.  No tears or rips any way.  I took the liberty of removing it from her before I put her in the van.  Here it is.

That’s great, take her back to the holding cell,  It’s the new moon and those nuts at the dark temple often buy a teenager for one of their “Brides of the Dark Lord” of some thing like that on new moons.  If they do, she fits the description of the type of girl the use as a bride, so there isn’t any reason to put her in the pens.  Plus having a nude teen in the holding cell makes for a good ice breaker for some customers.  Shows what we are all about and all that.  If they don’t call by 5:00 then you can take her back to the pens.  Make sure it’s a bit cold in there so her nipples are nice and hard.  Not too cold, don’t want her freezing or any thing, just hard nipples.

<At The Dark Temple>

My dread lord, it has come time to perform a high dark mass and give a bride in death to the Dark Lord and we have no usable sacrifices.  We must obtain a new one for the Dark Lord.  We do have two harlots that will act as handmaids, just we have no bride.

Call the slaver and have them send us their youngest recent slave, one that hasn’t been a slave for more than 48 hours, I have it on highest authority that Spellbook Slaves should have one that meets our needs this day.

It shall be as you command my dread lord.

<Some time passes>

Let me examine these new bride of the Dark One.  Ah, yes, she will do nicely.  Are you a virgin by any chance my dear?

Ah, no sir, not for over a year…

Ah,I feared as much.  You can still serve the Dark One as his death bride.  Jameson! We must find a virgin of proper age and breeding to serve as the Dark One’s life bride.

I shall ask in the marketplace of flesh to find a bride to fill his needs.  I shall start tomorrow as the sun rises, if that pleases you, my dread lord…

Yes, that will do.  Send up the stone masons, we must prepare the altar for her sacrifice.

Please sir, don’t kill me, I can do much more…

The only thing that you could have done that would save your life, you cast aside.  Only the pure in body may serve as the life bride of the Dark Lord.

But sir, I have an over 90% rating in all of my holes, I can make you feel very good.  Let me show you…

You think that you can use your womanly wiles on me to prevent me from giving you to the Dark Lord?  I am stronger than you think.  I look at your temptation and cast it aside, like you cast away your purity.  I have decided that you will die as the sun sets today.  And because you tried to stop me from my sworn duties as the dread lord of the Dark Lord, I will have you suffer death on high altar.  The Dark Lord will feed on your beating heart.

A few hours later, Jordan is tied nude and spread-eagle atop the main altar in the Dark Temple.  The cult begins to chant first slowly and at a low volume, but increasing in volume as they chant faster and faster.

Take this sacrifice oh Dark Lord.  We give her unto you.  Take her as your wife. Take this sacrifice, take this sacrifice, take her as your wife.

Bring forth the handmaids!

Two nude blond slave girls are dragged to in front of the altar, where two nooses are lowered from the rafters.

The handmaidens of the dark lord

Hang them and let their death prepare the way for the bride.

With that the two hapless slaves are hauled up to slowly strangle.

Take them as your handmaids oh Dark Lord, take them, take them.” the assembled people chant.

As soon as the handmaids kick their last, the high priest picks up the bright silvered blade from the altar. “With this blade I offer this sacrifice to you as your bride in death“, holding the blade flat across his hands.

I consecrate this blade to act as your Dark Member as you take your bride in death

Jordan struggles to get free, but is unable to do so.  The high priest brings his blade up.

Bless this blade, bless this blade, bless this blade” chants the cult, faster and faster.  The high priest raises the blade above his head, then slams it down into Jordan’s chest.  He then cuts away at her ribs opening a hole big enough to expose her beating heart. He pulls the blade out, then reaches into Jordan’s chest cavity and pulls the still beating heart from her body.

Bride of the Dark Lord

Take this beating heart as you just due and take this body as your bride in death as is your rightly privilege .

“Take her!  Take Her! Take Her!” chant the cult members as Jordan dies, her eyes focused on her beating heart held above her head, the blood dripping onto her face.

As the dark mass ends, the hooded members file out of the altar chamber.  The high priest taps on man on the shoulder as he exits the room.  “Brother Holloway, I want to thank you for allowing your daughter to become this solar cycle’s dead bride of the Dark Lord.

John Holloway looks the high priest in the eye “I thank you for your words.  Maybe I can get her twin sister for the next life marriage, I think she qualifies in all respects, assuming that the Dark Lord doesn’t care about what she has had in her mouth when he judges purity.  It’s almost too bad the Jordan wasn’t pure enough, I would have liked seeing her being used as the altar for Great Rites.”

The Dark Lords cares only for purity of the womb, not of any other places

John nods his head “The next life marriage is next month, correct”

Yes, when the moon is full in the sky

“I shall attempt to make her ready.”




A night shift at Spellbook Slaves

I hate the night shift at Spellbook Slaves.  Well, that’s not quite true, I really don’t hate working at Spellbook, just the night shift is my least favorite shift to work.  Take last night, as an example.

I got in, just in time, at 11:00 PM (23:00 for you people that use the 24 hour clock).  The evening shift dude tossed me the keys and grunted something about “have a great night”.

Just as he left, a nice looking couple came in.  She was wearing what had to be mistress garb and he was in a dress coat and slacks.  Not what I normally get.  I made a mental bet that she was going to take the lead in this interchange.

“May I help you?”

She replied “Yes, we are looking for a blonde, with medium breasts and high scores in oral skills and at least average on anal.  Right dear?”

He looked at her, “What ever you say, ‘Mistress Theresa’.”  I could here the quote marks around “Mistress Theresa”.  And I won the bet with myself.  Not sure if that counts as a win, because I also lost the bet.

1st sale of the night.

The man turned to me “Theresa just finished her Mistress class and we thought we would get a new slave to celebrate.”

I typed in the criteria that they had given me and directed them to the screen where the 4 that meet their criteria that we had in stock were displayed.  “If you can make a selection I can will bring her up for your approval.  They spent several minutes before deciding  on Slave 5789-19.  She had a date of conversion of only a few days ago.    Day shift must due a lot more than night shift if we have had almost 6000 slaves this year.  Of course there were several large lots that added a couple of hundred at a time.  That still a slave intake of just over 17 and a half a day.   “What can you tell us about this slave, like what was her name and how did she become a slave?”  Mistress Theresa asked.  I brought up her history.  “Her name was Michelle Hall, and she was converted by a person of personal contact, a Mr. Edgar Reid.   Looks like based of the proof of contact supplied it was a one night stand that he recorded on his home security system.  She really should have stopped after being fucked and giving a blow job.  It was the anal that pushed her over the line.”    I clicked on his shop history.  “Looks like Mr. Reid has quite a history of converting ‘girlfriends’ as see she was number 7 in the past 2 years.  Any rate, Michelle was tested a couple of months before she was converted, no reason given, and scored high in oral, both male and female and slightly above average in anal.  She also has a certificate  of training as a cook and in house cleaning.  Hmm.  Cert date is the day before her sex tests.   It’s like she was trying to qualify as a house slave.  What ever.  Let me go get her from the pens.”  I triggered the “Will be back soon” sign on the door and locked it, for the out side.  Don’t want people coming in with no staff at the counter.  Not sure why we do this, but it’s in The Book that if the counter is empty, no new people are allowed into the building.   After finding slave 5789’s cell, I woke her “Rise and shine, need to be ready for sale, a nice couple has selected you.  After a few seconds she as up off her bed and looking at me groggily.  “A couple?  That’s nice, I think any way.  Did you tell them I was a cook and house keeper or what?”   I looked down at her “Yes, but only after they selected you from the 4 that met their criteria of ‘blonde, medium breasts and high oral and anal skills’.  Looks like they are buying a suck and ass-fuck toy, but you never know, come on, lets not keep them waiting.  Just so you will know, she is a Mistress, so make sure you act correctly for her.”

I brought her up front to the waiting customers, unlocking the door and turning off the “back soon light”.   Theresa looked at her some what critically while he just looked at Theresa.  “Will she do Theresa?  I mean as your starter slave?”    Mistress Theresa nodded yes.  “She will do.  You said she also has a cert in cooking?”  “Yes Mistress, she does, French and Italian specialties.” I reply.

He handed me a gold card, which I ran.  I didn’t apply any surcharges to the sale, because they didn’t act like the types that get the surcharges.  I handed the card back saying “She came to $950, with tax.  I’ve charged your card for that amount, thank you for choosing Spellbook Slaves for you slave needs.  Do you need a collar and leash for her? ”  Theresa pulled thin collar and short leash out of her purse and said “No, I came prepared.”  With that, she collared slave 5789 and led her out of the building.

A wife for conversion

Shortly after they left a man in a tux came in with a nude woman, who, based her apparent on age was his wife or mistress, not a daughter.

“I’d like to sell you my wife”

“Wilfred, can’t you just get a divorce?  Why do you have to sell me off?”  She asked him.

I ignored their by-play and asked for their ID.  Wilfred Moss and his wife Alicia.  State database showed them to be married and with out any children young enough to trigger the maternity clause.  “Thank you sir.  Does she have any certifications of worth?”  Mr. Moss looked at me.  “I don’t understand your question.”  “A certificate of worth is a certificate that shows she has some skills, for example from a cooking school or other trade school recognized by the state.  “I she has a fine art’s degree, does that count?”  “Depends on the degree, what was her specialty?  Graphic artists are in demand right now,  and of course dancers are always welcome, but there isn’t much call for mixed media types.”  He looked a bit pained  “Well, what if she doesn’t have any certificates?   “Well then her price will be based on her age and general condition.  If you will bring her over to in front of this work station, I can take a scan of her and run it though the computer to see what is what and who is who.”  As he positioned her in front of the camera, I entered her age.  She didn’t look bad for a woman in her early 40’s.   “Wilfred, don’t due this”.  I looked up from the station.  “You be silent or I will gag you.  A person with right of conversion has requested your conversion and there is no obvious reason to refuse the conversion.  This is your first warning.  Now stand on that plate  and face the camera”  She looked like she was slapped in the face, but stood straight and faced the camera.  A flash later I had her picture was waiting on the evaluation software to kick in the results.  The plate she was standing on feed in her weight and her height was calculated from her image.   A few seconds later I got a rating and price quote of $350.   I looked over to Mr. Moss.  I can offer $350 for her.   Unless you have any worth certs I’m afraid that is a high as I can go.  I’ve checked and her general fine arts degree is included in that valuation.   “Well, if that is what she is worth, I’ll take it.”    I made a few entries on my workstation and poof   Alicia Moss was now slave 5802-19.  I triggered the “Be back soon” sign, locked the door and  I took her back to the holding pen.   On return I asked Mr. Moss if he wanted store credit, a debit card loaded with $350 or cash for his now ex-wife.  “Cash will do nicely” he said.

I checked the clock.  It’s just after midnight, which means I’m in the gap between “Out on the town, let’s go to the slave shop” crowd, such as it is, and the “Bars let out, lets go to the slaver” crowd, which is always fun to deal with.   I decide to take slave 5802 back to her cell.  I trigger the sign and door and take her back. When I return, there is a crowd of women at the door.  I open the door and they all come in.  These women have on thing in common with each other.  Huge freaking tits and sort of thick bodies.  They type that looks best with a spit in her cunt and coming out her mouth.

5 soon to be long pigs

“Welcome to Spellbook Slaves,how may I help you ladies”

The tallest one, a blonde, says “We want to be turned into slaves before our husbands get home”

It’s going to be one of those nights.  “OK I can do that.  I need your ID and a urine sample from each of you.  Please go into the restroom one at a time fill the cup you will find in there up to the line marked on it.”   When you return please strip down to and stand against that wall.  Also I have to ask, are all of your breasts real?  Makes a difference on your grade.   They all tell me that they are real.  “May I ask why you want to be converted” I say to them as they return with their urine samples.   I test them all and they come back drug free and not pregnant, which makes them convertible, assuming they don’t have a minor child.  The redhead turns to me to say “We heard them say that they were going to take us to Hill’s Meat in the morning.  We decided that it was better if we converted ourselves before then.  “I see.  You do understand that converting yourself may or may not avoid the spit.  We do sell to several alternate meat suppliers in town, Hill’s being one of them, and let me tell you up front, that each of you has what is called a ‘meat prime’ body, which means the odds are high that you will not make to the end of the week with out being spit roasted.”    The shorter blonde looks me dead in the face and says “Even if we do get roasted at least our husbands don’t get the money or the meat”.  Yeah, one of those nights.   “OK, I can do that for you.  Let me run your ID’s to make sure none of you have a flag on file with the state.”

Frances Richardson, Jane Martin, Jessica Campbell, Heather Murphy and Annie Bennett all come back as convertible, with no minor children.  I run them through the machine to get a rating for them and they all come back as either Real Meat Prime (RMP) or Prime+ (RMP+).  Yeah, they aren’t making through the week.  In fact, I send an message to “Real She Meat”, “Slut Steaks” and, just too be mean “Hill’s Fine Meat” that I had 5 RMP/RMP+ ready for pickup.  As a seconded line I sent a message to the Eastlake School district saying we had a group of RMP/RMP+ for sale, figuring that they might take one or two for the butcher classes they were starting up.  For some reason this group of pigs pissed me off and I wanted to make sure they ended up as roasts.  Not sure what it was about them that triggered my blood lust, but it was definitely triggered.  I got an almost immediate reply from the school, saying that they were interested  in all 5 of them and asked if we could put a hold on their sale until morning.  I replied that we could do that.  I send a “meat on hold” message to the alternate meat providers that I had messages before I messages the school.  While the school doesn’t pay quite as well as  Hill’s and company does, they often will do a 2 for 1 exchange of students that they are converting for meat slaves.  And to be honest, 10 teen aged slaves will normally do better for us than 5 long pigs.

Daughter for Sale

After the long pigs are taken care of I have a long period of basic boredom, where I think strongly about going back a getting my rocks of in the mouth of the new slaves/long pigs in waiting.  Might even tell her that if she is a good enough cock sucker she might escape the spit.   Not going to happen, but it does make for a better, or at least more enthusiastic, blow job.  As I’m just getting ready to head back, the door opens and man leads in a young woman, nude, but collared and leashed.  He comes up to the counter, where is announces “My name is Allen Clarke and I want to sell my daughter, Megan, off.”   I look at Megan.  She a strawberry blonde with small tits and boy like hips.  There currently is a strong market for that body style, so I’m interested  in her.  “OK can you bring her over to the this station and let me see your ID’s please.  After scanning their ID the system returns that Allen does have right of conversion over Megan, and that she is a convertible woman.  “OK can I get a urine sample just to make sure she isn’t pregnant.”  I point her to the door into the restroom.  She goes in and comes out with a sample. I did a “Slave or Not” test kit into the sample and she comes back as clean and not pregnant.  The clean part doesn’t matter as it’s not a voluntary  conversion, but parental conversion.  “OK Megan, stand here and look at the camera.  No, don’t smile, keep your face neutral.  <Flash>  OK, just a second…”  She comes back with a $600 offer attached and a flag to notify for “Male Analog” clients.  “Well Mr, Clarke, I can offer you $600 for her, but I have to tell you that if you take that offer, she is going to be sold as an anal and oral sex slave to one of the gay bars as a ‘Male Analog'”.   “Why should I care what you do with her.  Sounds like she is getting what she asked for”.  I ask if he wants cash, store credit or a debit card for her.  He says that store credit will be fine.  I enter his data into the store records and tell him that he can use the store’s web site or come in to make his selection at his leisure.

After that, it really got slow.  Around 6:30, Mike the owner comes in, “Have a good night?” he asks “Well, we got one older slave, 5 long pig volunteers that the school board wants to buy or trade for and a male analog.  Sold one as a trainer slave to a new Mistress, so not that bad of a night all things considered.  Slower than snot after 3:30 however.”


Adding to the herd.

So you want to to become a human cow?  Did I understand you correctly over the phone?

No, I want to be milked like a cow and your dairy is the only one that does that sort of thing in the greater Eastlake metro area, or at least was willing to talk to me directly about it.

May I ask why?

Yes, it is simple, I changed my birth control pills and I started to lactate.  My then boy friend was, at first, excited about it and sucked me dry several times a day.  Then he decided that he really wasn’t that into it and left me.  I use a breast pump to drain them every evening, but it’s getting to be a problem and I don’t really want the milk to go to waste.  I’ve contacted several of the charities in town to find out if I can donate it, but they really aren’t in that business.  One of them suggested I try the human milk dairies in town and you were the only ones that would talk to me, as I said.

Well, you understand that all of the other hucows are slaves, so having a free woman act as a hucow is a bit out of our wheel house.

Please,  I really need you to do this, but I don’t want to be a slave.

Well, we could always try something.  First thing we need to do is see if your milk is up to our quality standards.  Lets go to one of the milking rooms for a test pump.

Thank you.

Testing the new milker

OK, please expose your breasts so we can hook you up to the milking machine. Normally you would be nude and on your hands and knees, plus would be tied down in the milking stall, but I think we can make this work with out doing all that.  Of course if we do take you on as a milker you will need to get used to being treated like, well, a cow.   While we can use the free standing machine to test you, it isn’t connected to the production system and we couldn’t use it on a a daily basis.

I understand.

OK, let’s hook you up.  Hold these over your nipples  until the suction takes effect.  You might want to keep holding them after that.   I’ve got to talk to my staff and my lawyer to find out how we can fit you it.

20 minutes elapses.

Well, the good news is your milk passes our quality check, the bad news is that unless you sign a contract with us, we can’t take you.  And I’ll be upfront, the contact they want you to sign will be one that converts you to being a real hucow slave if you don’t meet all the requirements.

Oh, God, I thought I was ready for this, because I use a breast pump before.  I had no idea what a milker would feel like.  I’ll sign your contract, hell I’ll let you convert me to full hucow status, just do that to me as often as you can.

OK, let me call up my friend as Spellbook Slaves and we will add you to the  herd.